Anonymous Sex Toy Review: G-Chatting About The Hitachi Magic Wand

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It’s our twenty-sixth Autostraddle Anonymous Sex Toy Review! Over the last few years, we’ve been propositioned frequently by sex toy companies wondering if we’d like to review their toy in exchange for, you know, their toys. In 2011, in addition to “saying yes to the dress” we started saying YES to the sex toys!

This week, two reviewers took on the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Magic Wand

Ah, the Magic Wand. Betty Dodson christened this the “Cadillac of Vibrators” in the 1970s and it wasn’t even supposed to be used on genitalia. None the less, it became a fast favorite sex toy for it’s ability to get people off in, like, 30 seconds or less. Since then, it hasn’t been ousted from its place at the top. Babeland is including this toy as one of “Babeland’s Best” for its 20-year anniversary, and we heartily agree. It’s one of the best. Two of us tested it out for you and then g-chatted about our experience. Happy Anniversary, Babeland! And happy vibrating, queermos!

Anonymous Writer A: i am here now. hello. hi. i am eating scrambled eggs.

Anonymous Writer B: Hello! I am drunk and eating carrots and hummus. LET’S TALK ABOUT CLIT VIBRATORS! *eats a carrot seductively*

Anonymous Writer A: okay yes. let’s talk about this back massager, because true life i used it on my back 3x before even touching my clit.

Anonymous Writer B: Ahahahahahahaha. Dude, I couldn’t wait, mine went right on my clit. How was it on your back?

Anonymous Writer A: it is AMAZING on the back and neck. really really excellent. also nice on the thighs.

Anonymous Writer B: That’s what the packaging said to do with it. With their amazing 80’s pictures.

Anonymous Writer A: yes! i basically followed the pictures and was not disappointed. but okay then i put it on my clit and i felt really good about that too.

Anonymous Writer B: Did it relax you or sex you up when you used it on places that weren’t your genitals?

Anonymous Writer A: ummmm both i think. relaxing and sexy feeling. what was your experience? tell me your feelings.

Anonymous Writer B: Okay, so my feels. My first impression when I took it out was: “Wow. They haven’t updated this sucker, huh? This straight up looks like a prop from a 90s space movie that required a giant white ice cream cone that plugs into the wall.” And then I turned it on and I was like: “We can work with the looks.” And then I made my girlfriend listen while it was on because that shit is loud and we were visiting her parents (and no, I couldn’t wait another day). So I was like, “Can you hear this? Can you hear this thing?” And she was like, no. So then I tried putting it on my clit and I was like TOO MUCH! So then I used it through the covers, then through my pajamas, and finally on my clit, and I think the progression made my clit super happy because I came, like, 12 seconds after that. Hitachi, as with all their other products, was efficient. Then I turned to my girlfriend and was like, “This is the most important thing to happen to my sexuality since coming out.” The end. Tell me all your feels!

Anonymous Writer A: oh my god well! yes, i was shocked by the size and like, the texture of the head. i couldn’t quite believe i was holding it in my hand. one of my favorite sex bloggers, circa 2009, used to talk about the hitachi like the godspell so it felt like a very important moment to finally own one. anyway! like i said, the first few times i used it as a back massager and i was PARANOID my roommates would be able to hear it.

Anonymous Writer B: Turns out no one can hear it, right? That was our experience.

Anonymous Writer A: i mean, i did not ask.

Anonymous Writer B: It’s loud enough that we only think people can hear it, I think. I’m not positive though.

Anonymous Writer A: i’m still paranoid they did hear it. i used it with my fan on and hoped no one heard but i’m actually still unclear and do not want to ask. anyway! after the first few times of using it like a back massager i got ready for the real deal. i put it straight on my clit and holy hell! i like the slow speed much better than the fast speed – the fast speed felt like it was gonna burn my clit off and i just didn’t even register the feeling but the slow speed is pretty fast and really powerful, obviously.

Anonymous Writer B: I like the slow speed better too. The fast one sounded too much like a jackhammer for me to comfortably introduce it to my vulva. But that might have just been in my head.

Anonymous Writer A: yeah i mean you weren’t missing out. it doesn’t feel good. so i put it on my clit and it felt amazing. i like really hard pressure on my clit and my problem with vibrators, historically, is that they feel tickley, not “gonna make me cum”ish. i did not feel that way with hitachi; we had some power between us, the wand and i. HOWEVER i did not achieve orgasm. but i think that’s more me than the product because i only orgasm a specific way that includes rubbing and friction and lying on my belly and i wasn’t doing that, i was on my back.

Anonymous Writer B: This thing is big enough that you probably could do something with rubbing/friction

Anonymous Writer A: yes i think i could orgasm with it i just have not yet. i also liked kinda nestling it into the folds of my outer labia and just letting it hum slightly below the clit.

Anonymous Writer B: Ha! I was going slightly above! At the moments where my clit was like, “back the fuck off,” it felt really nice to do it indirectly.

Anonymous Writer A: yes absolutely. weird question: how exactly are you supposed to clean it?

Anonymous Writer B: Omg, I was wondering the same! I have Babeland Toy cleaner so I just grabbed a tissue and used that. But it’s not, like, boil-able because it’s electric. So I’m wondering if there’s a way to totally disinfect it or if it’s really only a one person toy, or a toy for people who are fluid-bonded. We should probably ask Babeland.

Anonymous Writer A: yes.

Anonymous Writer B: They’re super receptive to such questions.

Anonymous Writer A: probably google, also. like maybe they answered it already.

Anonymous Writer B: Gimme one sec, I bet I can find it.

Anonymous Writer A: yes i’m looking too!

(Many seconds tick by.)

Anonymous Writer A: first i just googled “how to clean your hitachi” and i got a bunch of stuff about projectors and television and bulbs.

Anonymous Writer B: Okay, it says easy to clean on Babeland’s website, but it doesn’t specify how.

Anonymous Writer A: ugh i just found an article about other vibrators.

Anonymous Writer B: It’s hard plastic, so I bet it’s a 10% bleach solution like the ladies at the Brooklyn Babeland suggests for other hard plastic toys. But we can ask to be sure. In fact, I recommend that readers try asking Babeland sex educators a few questions – they know just about everything.

Anonymous Writer A: they clearly used the hitatchi name for seo purposes. annoying!

Anonymous Writer B: Okay, so bottom line. Would we recommend this to Autostraddle readers? I vote fuck yes.

Anonymous Writer A: FUCK YES. FUCK YES FUCK YOURSELF WITH THIS! ahem. or do a gentle backrub. whatever.

Anonymous Writer B: AND! What’s more is my girlfriend and I feel like this could also be a couples toy.

Anonymous Writer A: oh absolutely.

Anonymous Writer B: If you don’t mind having this ruddy great thing between you, it’s big enough that two parties could put it between them and hump the everliving fuck out of it, which we intend to try.

Anonymous Writer A: oh interesting, i didn’t even think of that. i more meant, it’s a couples toy as in you could trade off: use it on each other, watch each other use it, etc. which i guess you can do with any toy, so maybe nevermind.

Anonymous Writer B: Dude. Watching each other use it. Best. Thing. Ever.

Anonymous Writer A: haha yes! my partner didn’t really wanna use it on herself but she masturbated while watching me and it was very excellent for everyone involved.

Anonymous Writer B: Well it looks intimidating and if you just aren’t that into vibrators, it’s definitely not for you, you know? But I feel like Hitachi is to vibrators as Dyson is to vacuum cleaners. There just isn’t one more powerful. So if you like vibrators, you should have one. A Hitachi, I mean. Not a Dyson.

Anonymous Writer A: oh yes. absolutely. and if vibrators usually feel like “not enough,” this will be ENOUGH for sure. i would call it a “must have” frankly.

Anonymous Writer B: Me too, and I don’t call any toy a “must have.”

Anonymous Writer A: like i’m shocked i’ve been masturbating for so long without it.

Anonymous Writer B: Right?! I legit turned to girlfriend after and was like, how have we not had this forever? HOW HAS THIS ESCAPED MY TOY COLLECTION FOR SO LONG?! And when I say I don’t call any toy a “must have,” I mean I don’t usually tell people there is a “must have” because I’m all, You Do You but You Should Probably Do You With a Hitachi.

Anonymous Writer A: i feel pretty strongly that everyne could benefit from this in some way. EVEN IF ONLY AS A BACK MASSAGER.

Anonymous Writer B: And there are attachments. There’s one that looks like a flamingo that I really want.

Anonymous Writer A: right! do you know about those?

Anonymous Writer B: I have it on good authority that we should all get dimmer switches because they’re super awesome. I only know about attachments from feeling them with my hands in a Babeland store. But if you want a g-spot vibe, and you want a powerful one, there is legit nothing like a hitachi with an attachment on it. I’m not really into penetration myself, but the cool thing is you can also mitigate some of the force and get a different texture with an attachment.

Anonymous Writer A: hmmmm. okay next up: g-chats about the hitachi once we’ve both used attachments. yes? see you in a few weeks?

Anonymous Writer B: Ha, yes. Plan!

You can get your Magic Wand from Babeland and you can peruse the other 20 Year Anniversary toys (there are tons and tons!). In fact, we’ve reviewed one already.

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  1. Ahhhh “writing styles,” the “fingerprint” that makes things not so anonymous, which thus made this article that much more entertaining, LOL!

  2. Sometimes I think Autostraddle is reading my mind. Yesterday, I was considering buying a Hitachi. Today, this review pops up.

  3. I have my strong suspicions about who is who, but all the same, this was amusing.

    “Anonymous Writer B: If you don’t mind having this ruddy great thing between you, it’s big enough that two parties could put it between them and hump the everliving fuck out of it, which we intend to try.” #BuyingIt

  4. My hitachi wand sparked and lit on fire last week and shut the power off in two floors of my house. It was scary/hilarious/devastating. And now I need a new vibrator.

  5. This article made me laugh so much I had to walk away from my desk at work and laugh in a private area

    The Hitatchi is a fricking GOD as far as i’m concerned, and yes, using them as a couple – amazing!

    if you don’t have one, you’re doing your lady parts a disservice

    get one. now

  6. “Anonymous Writer B: If you don’t mind having this ruddy great thing between you, it’s big enough that two parties could put it between them and hump the everliving fuck out of it, which we intend to try.”
    My girlfriend and I may or may not have done this and it is pretty god-damned amazing. One of the only ways we can both get off together and there’s still room for boobs and lots of kisses. I mean…if we’ve tried it, of course.

  7. Also, I’m kinda into penetration and my partner’s not, so attachment in me while she kinda humps the back end. Kisses. Boobies. Holy shit is all that I can say there. Damn. Now I miss her and hate distance even more.

    • Bewwwwbbbbsssss

      (I must get me one of these)

      (Hitachi Magic Wand I mean. Already have a lovely pair of bewwwwbbss)

    • Frankie – i feel your pain

      Distance sucks ass and after reading your post i was all ‘man i wanna get some loving from my girl’ then remembered… WE’RE NOT IN THE SAME STATE

      epic sigh :(

  8. Oh it’s worth it girls.
    First, it came with a year warranty, which is great for me because before all my vibrators broke within 6 months.
    For the first month my clit was like HEEEY THAT’S A LITTLE STRONG.
    Then you either get used to it or figure out how to use it better. I can’t really tell.
    But I love that thing, I’ve had it for a year and a half.
    It also doesn’t cramp my hand/wrist, which is not something you can say for bullets.

  9. I had one of my own that lasted ten years before I managed to wear it out. Now my lovely lady and I mostly use the replacement in tandem. Talk about the most fantastic and intense way to achieve simultaneous orgasm two girls could ever hope for. I love that it’s electric, so no worries of batteries dying. Also, the head is super easy to cover with a condom for the safety aspect. Do yourself a favor and buy one now. Your friends will just have to understand when you don’t emerge from your house for a few days.

  10. Ok, BUT….. What if you use the Hitachi so much that your clit gets used to it and just rubbing or even feeling your girl’s tongue on your clit doesn’t get the job done anymore? I used to have a similar vibrator, an off brand , a long time ago, and I used it so much that nothing else would work to make me orgasm. I had to give it a break for a good week. But don’t get me wrong. I love vibrators and I really want to try the Hitachi. I need that good strong orgasm again. ;)

  11. I have a finicky vagina, like the reviewer that didn’t get off, but my experience was different: this thing actually made it so my girlfriend can get me off now. This thing makes it so I gush like Niagra Falls. It’s a different kind lf orgasm than the lying-on-my-tummy, very-specific-pressure kind, but it’s very, very nice.

    Guys. Get a fucking magic wand. It will change your life, I’m serious.
    (Watching your partner use it is also the best thing. THE FACES, GUYS, THE FACES)

  12. I have one of these. I love it, and highly recommend it. You can have your partner fingerfuck you while you use the wand on your clit. Out of this world!

  13. I will n+1 the suggestion of the Hitachi between two people – it’s amazing!

    Question: Mine is starting to smell like burnt plastic. Is it potentially a problem or am I hallucinating?

    • That just seems to happen after a while…it did to mine too, and it’s still buzzing (C;

    • There is a very powerful motor in the head, which can certainly burn and/or cause burns if you aren’t careful. True story: I had taken Ambien one night and started using the vibrator and then I passed out without shutting it off. It wasn’t directly on my lady parts, but between my thighs. I probably slept for about four hours, with it on high speed. When I woke up, the head was extremely hot and I had 2nd° burns on the tops of both inner thighs. The burns had *huge* blisters that got infected. Awkward to explain to a doctor or friends …

  14. but you guys, how would this even work on a penis?! this article is a little too lesbian for this site.

    • First of all there no such thing “too lesbian for this site” on autostraddle, and second of all, I can assure you that this works the same way on a penis as it does on a clit.

  15. I added the Wanda (yes I name my sex toys, deal with it lol) to my collection about 3wks ago and all I have to say is it’s heaven in a box (pun intended!) I too found it quite powerful in the beginning, but now I just use it a bit through my underwear on slow and then remove the boundary and put it straight on my clit. I’ve even worked up enough tolerance to turn it on high, which should be used with lube as it is quite intense, but absolutely mind blowing!!!!!! It’s the vibrator that’s just keeps giving!!!!!! I’m up to 12 orgasms in a 20min period, can’t get much more epic than that!

  16. You are so cool, Lindsay! 12 orgasms in 20 minutes? Wow! You have me beat. I might be able to get 5 within that time.

  17. I can attest – great for partner sex. My partner and I have mainly used it with me on my back and her on top, the hitachi in between. She wields it…and rides me…and it’s super sexy. Highly recommended.

  18. Great question about how to clean the Magic Wand! The head of the wand is vinyl and it is porous. One option is to use it with a condom and then you don’t have to wipe it down at all. Toy Cleaner is another option so Writer B did the right thing. If you don’t have Toy Cleaner, soap up a washcloth and wring it out really well, then use it to wipe off your Magic Wand. Call us anytime! 866.525.1439

  19. My first orgasm EVER was thanks to a Hitachi Magic Wand.. I was 13, and I stole my mom’s (I put a condom over it!)…

    All I can say to sceptics, is… You haven’t lived yet

  20. I got mine in the mail today. Let me give you a back story I have never been able to cum during sexual intercourse without rubbing my clit for a while. This is my very first vibrator. I got it so that I can enjoy it on my own. When I first opened the package I just wanted to see how it works, how heavy it was, how to hold it, if I will even get any pleasure. To tell the truth I have never been happier in my life with any result ever. It only took we a couple of seconds to cum and not only cum but SQUIRT like crazy. I would have never imagine I could squirt especially not over and over again within 4 minutes. I only needed the speed on low. The results are mind blowing. I could not move my legs to stand up without getting wet all over again. To give everyone a tip when pleasing yourself I find it best to press on your clit on the side of the wand. When u began to cum let it touch the clit lightly and rub up and down. You will not regret buying this I promise. As a girl who could never be pleased or cum during intercourse, I recommend to every woman. I am very grateful

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