Also.Also.Also: Shura Is a Lesbian and Other Quite Lovely Stories for Your Monday

Well Happy Monday you gorgeous old bird! My very vocal and stray cat (and therefore tragically not technically MY cat) paid me an early morning visit today, hollering and meowing and slamming himself against the screen door until I came to his rescue with food. Do you know the great personal strength it requires to not bring this filthy cat into my home and force-cuddle him on my sofa until he loves me? With his bottlebrush tail and jet black coat! I truly believe he could love me! His name is Bojangles, thank you for asking. Here is a short video of him eating.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Four days left to support Happy Birthday, Marsha! in post-production!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ What It’s Like to be a Lesbian Couple With a 20-Plus-Year Age Difference. Don’t say Shannon Keating never gave you anything!

+ How Baby Isabella Went From This Lesbian Couple to an Alleged Child Abuser. “Kansas authorities are under fire for allegedly discriminating against same-sex families wishing to adopt or foster children, after a case of alleged child abuse thrust the issue out of bureaucratic secrecy and into the spotlight.”

+ I’m only five days late getting this to you, but what’s time when you’ve got space, hm? Think about it. Electropop Star Shura Comes Out as Gay Ahead of Manchester Gig.

This is Shura and she is a lesbian.

This is Shura and she is a lesbian.

+ The Torah and Transgender People, Actually.

+ Two Dozen Religious Universities Are Legally Allowed to Discriminate Against LGBT Students by Joanna Rothkopf. How neat!

+ Hari Nef and What You Still Don’t Understand About Being Trans.

+ Logo Reveals the Top 25 Trailblazing Companies for LGBT Support and I reveal my deep affinity for arrabiata sauce with goat cheese ravioli. Now you know everything.

+ An LGBT Activist Becomes One of China’s First Rhodes Scholars so that’s pretty cool for her.

Doll Parts

+ Look what you get for waking up on a Monday: Your Worst UTI Stories!

+ Boxes of Love: Cheryl Klein is Keeping It Real in Online Mama Groups.

+ Ada Lovelace Lego?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ At first I was like, “They all definitely know about the Willow Smith album, so I don’t need to put it in the AAA.” But then I saw that it includes an ode to Adventure Time and then I knew that it was in fact my duty to put it here: Willow Smith Released Her Debut Album wheeee!

Never forget


+ Excuse me this is very lovely. The Soul of an Octopus: How One of Earth’s Most Alien Creatures Illuminates the Wonders of Consciousness by Maria Popova.

+ This is an absurdly beautiful cake. I wish I was face-to-face with this cake. I would weep.

+ Are All Invasive Species Really So Bad? by Rachelle Saunders.

+ When the Government Tells Poor People How to Live by Alana Semuels.

+ YOU GUYS, LOOK. How to Turn the World Upside Down!!! Now we just need to turn our floors into actual lava and we’ll be living our childhood dreams.

And Finally

Why don’t you make a mallet today? You could! You could very well make one of three types of mallet on this day. Look at the potential you carry in your soul. Is it that of the mallet-making variety, your potential? Might it be? It might, I believe. It just might.

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  1. I just read that “Boxes of Love” article about online mama groups. Yes to the pangs of sadness when people post info of their pregnancies on social media and the inability to stay away. And to the roller coaster ride of feelings with trying to become a mother. Add to that I work at jobs that support parents and their kids, about which I am very passionate. And I know that kids are a lot of work, so sometimes I appreciate that my wife and I don’t have kids. But still. So many feelings.

  2. so the way I see it, if you have gotten close enough to bojangles to take a video of him eating you have already been accepted into his heart and you are meant to cuddle forever obviously. ugh please let us know how this story develops as I am now completely invested and this simply can’t be helped I’m sorry.

  3. Your stray cat looks a lot my totally-not-stray cat (not the one on the left, the other one). Only in black. I feel this is very important to tell you.
    Almost every day I see things that look like Pythagoras (cat’s name) even when it’s a turtle… But I think this one really looks like him. Only a lot less ginger-y.

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