Also.Also.Also: Lesbian Migrations and Other Stories for Your Week

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Happy new week! One day closer to the end of this election and also one day closer to Halloween. Best of both worlds!

I love you. You’re doing great.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Historical Lesbian Migrations.

+ The LGBT Community Will Vote for Those They’ve Lost to Hate — And Those Still Suffering.

+ For Some Women, Bumble Doesn’t Know the Difference Between a Date and a BFF.

Doll Parts

+ Men, You Can Survive Without Us. Please Try.

+ Shea Diamond’s Breakout Video “I Am Her” is a Declaration of Black Trans Power.

+ Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Apologized for Criticizing Anthem Protests.

+ This Staten Island Restaurant Employs Grandmas Instead of Chefs.

+ One Creates Oneself: The Feminist Who Loved Makeup.

+ Documentary Film Producer Arrested at NDPL Protest.

+ After FIFA Lifts Hijab Ban, Muslim Women Soccer Players Hit the Field.

+ Find Your Voice and Carry a Big Sign.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Standing Rock: Facing Increased Repression, Water Protectors Hold Their Ground.

+ At Least 24,000 Inmates Have Staged Coordinated Protests in the Past Month. Why Have You Not Heard of Their Actions?

+ How Do We Respond to Threats After Endorsing Clinton? This is How.

+ Danny Elfman Wrote a Horror Movie Score Specifically for the Footage of Trump Looming Over Hillary. It’s the little things, you know?

+ Living as a Man, Fighting Breast Cancer: How Trans People Face Care Gaps.

+ Why Do Smells Trigger Memories?


And Finally

It comes for us all. As well as:

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    • Ugh of course it’s NY Times.

      There comes a point where you feel the need to read something, but can’t be bothered because you know it’s going to make you punchy and your schedule does not time for more punchy feels than usual.

      Wanting to deconstruct a thing, but needing to not self-destruct in the process

    • I can’t never understand the logic and rationality that NYT is using for publishing this kind of shit. What a fuck kind of merits this hateful crap has? Except hate and fearmongering, of course. That woman is even defending the Alliance Defending Freedom.

      So I always ask myself, if I went to the NYT with an opinion piece that says that the earth is flat and that the sun rises in the West and I had some far fetched facts and crackpot ideas to proved it, would the NYT go for that?

      • A “diversity” of opinions and how they teach English majors to write.
        I don’t have eloquence to explain it, but it’s this thing where you chose 2 view points that oppose one another and no matter how shit one of the view points is you just go with because view point A needs view point B. Argument, counter-argument.

        That bleeds into the culture of the New York Times, a point of view on relevant or “hot topics” in the public consciousness no matter how vile or potentially destructive should be heard and published. If an view point exists it’s valid to them.

        So um yes if they felt it a hot topic in the public consciousness they would publish an opinion piece on the Earth is flat and the sun rises in the West no matter how far fetched the facts and crackpot ideas the writer used to prove it they would indeed go for it.
        But if you a nobody with no degree in writing, or any sort of public profile like a fervent super odd ball “preacher” of the Flat Earth movement, no they would not go for it.

        Freedom of speech can be a mixed blessing as even hate speech is protected to extent, but at the same time the right to speak and publish sexual, “obscene” or “immoral” things is protected against people who want to shut us up.

  1. That NYT article about the trans man is just riddled with poor langue. Born a girl, really? NYT no one is born a full born child, we are all born a baby and then assigned a gender, in most cases by a medical “professional.” The title’s not the best either, but that’s more of a personal issue. Ugh at the NYT.

    Side note for as awful as the show Nip-Tuck was with regards to LGBTQI people(remember there was the intersex predator), they did a solid job(correct me if I am wrong) portraying breast cancer for (cis)men, which was really the fist time I saw that on tv(and kind of had me worried as a flat chested trans person).

  2. Journalist Amy Goodman who gave us the report “Dakota Access Pipeline Co. Attacks Native Americans with Dogs and Pepper Spray” has also been arrested. Originally the warrant was for criminal trespassing, but the charge was changed to rioting days before she was due in court. When asked what fucking grounds there could possibly to arrest working journalist the prosecutor Ladd Erickson responded, “She’s a protester, basically, everything she reported on was from the position of justifying the protest actions.”
    And also this gem of remark “I think she put together a piece to influence the world on her agenda, basically. That’s fine, but it doesn’t immunize her from the laws of her state.”

      • Only when it comes to semi-automatic rifles it seems.

        But snark aside there are people in this country who are starting to view journalists not as journalists because covering the side of a story they don’t like clearly shows a “lack of objectivity” and presence of “an agenda” which makes them “not real journalists”.

        There’s big difference,yeah a person could argue, between 24 news stations theses days vying for ratings versus an on the ground journalist reporting from an on going situation, but the First Amendment to the United States Constitution hasn’t changed since when ever Ladd Erickson was in grade school and might of been taught the Bill of Rights.
        Only 10 of those, freedom of the press is in the First and it’s like the 3rd item of it.


        • Every time someone says things “can’t get that bad under Trump” they ignore thousands of cases of shit like this and other violence. Trump winning will be a referendum on hate, intolerance, and illegal behavior. Things could go pear-shaped really fast and it’s bothering me how many people are convinced the woman with the amazing record is a threat, but Super Cheeto the white supremacist 1%er is our savior.

  3. In other, slightly more relevant, news: Smells that evoke huge memories for me.
    Dog paws, night air (which has an entirely different smell to daytime air, and I need someone to explain why), the residual burn from fireworks, any incense ever, strawberry lip balm, coal tar soap, anything rose scented, freshly cut grass on a hot day.

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