Also.Also.Also: From Dinosaur Beer to National Geographic’s Gender Revolution

Hello please enjoy this day-late link roundup, just for you and all your friends! It’s 736 lightyears long, so grab a snack.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support the Lesbian Avengers 25 Mobile Exhibit!

+ Take this survey to share how the recent election and marriage equality are affecting you! There are what, a million trillion studies on the health and wellbeing of cis men? And a noted lack of similar studies on the health of queer people like us — lesbians and bisexual women and trans people. This team of researchers from the Midwest, East Coast, and the South has reached out to us personally because they want Autostraddle readers to be involved in their study (and future studies!) that focus on just that: your health and wellbeing. This particular study was originally only focused on the effects of marriage equality on your life, but they’ve expanded the research to include your feelings re: this recent presidential election.

We are currently working on a project to try to better understand how marriage equality impacts the health and well-being of LBQ women and transgender people. Stress from discrimination and stigma have been shown to increase risks for poor health, but we still need more research! We want to learn whether the legalization of same-sex marriage and other positive policy changes make a difference in your health and life experiences. Given the possible impact of the recent election on the LGBTQ community, we also want to know how this is affecting you and what your concerns and worries are about the future.

Take the Marriage Equality and Recent Political Events Study and sign up to be included in future studies at the end of the survey, then pass it on to the rest of your people. Thanks weirdos!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ 190+ Business Tell Tennessee ‘Don’t Try Anti-LGBTQ Laws Here’.

+ Louisiana Judge Throws Out Executive Order to Protect LGBTQ Rights.

+ ‘195 Lewis’ is a New Series About Being Black, Queer and Polyamorous in Brooklyn.

+ Autostraddle’s very own Yao Xiao, talking about her art, being Chinese and queer and living in New York and identity and just generally being very cool and talented!

+ In case you’re about to find yourself in West Midtown Atlanta some time soon and would like to eat amazing food prepared by a lesbian chef: Deborah VanTrece’s Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours Reopens.

+ Life as a 4L — Lesbian, Latina, Lady and Lawyer — and the Complexity of Identity Perspective.

+ At Stonewall, Lynch and Maddow Discuss Future of LGBTQ Rights.

+ Increased Anxiety Seen Among LGBTQ Youth Since Presidential Election.

+ Probably want to go out and get your copy of National Geographic’s upcoming Special Issue: Gender Revolution.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ You’ve already read this so just take its inclusion as me reiterating your excellent choices. My President Was Black: A history of the first African American White House — and what came next.

+ This was so fun to watch play out yesterday. First, Trump Grill Could be the Worst Restaurant in America, and then Donald Trump’s Restaurant Feud With Vanity Fair Goes Way, Way Back. Sometimes the universe gives you little gifts, you know?

+ Here’s a Very Depressing Story About Everything the Clinton Campaign Reportedly Failed to Do In Michigan.

+ 7 Questions NPR Would’ve Asked Donald Trump at His Canceled Press Conference. This is like when your ex blocks you on facebook and you still write status updates detailing every shitty thing they put you through for the last six months and how even though they paraded around with that new girl whatever her name is at Courtney’s going away party in August, they can still come pick up their books whenever, any time, you’re not stopping them. They’re in a box with some other things and you know how much that one first edition means to them. You’re just saying.

+ The Media is at Risk Under Trump. Now What?

+ Donald Trump Interviewed Mitt Romney Just to Torture Him, Roger Stone Says.

+ AIDS and the House That Trump Built.

+ What Do Trumps Cabinet Picks Have in Common? A History of Misogyny. ?? ?? ??

+ The Putin Paradigm.

+ John Podesta: Something is Deeply Broken at the FBI. Sure as shit is, John!

+ Researchers Are Preparing for Trump to Delete Government Science from the Web. Perfectly normal day at the office.

Doll Parts

+ How the Park Service is Failing Women.

+ Male Tears for Fears: Embracing Ironic Performance Misandry.

+ Obama Bars States from Denying Federal Money to Planned Parenthood.

+ A Note to My Fellow White Women About the Barred Inauguration March.

+ A Story from Roxane Gay’s Upcoming Collection, ‘Difficult Women’.

+ Wonder Woman Won’t Be the Face of UN Gender Equality Campaign. Presumably a room full of white men learned there are real, living women with the capacity to fill this role. Amazing.

UPDATE: Wonder Woman Has Empowered Me Since I Was Four. She Was a Great UN Ambassador has me feeling a different way, actually! Now I’m leaning more toward Nicola Scott’s take. Look at that — the power of writing.

+ Why Do Innocent Women Confess to Crimes They Didn’t Commit?

Keep Up

+ Rewire’s Legislative Tracker Tool is now keeping up with all proposed Religious Imposition laws in the United States. This is a searchable database with a focus on intersectionality and should, sadly, be extremely useful over the next four years.

+ We Wanted To Find Troubled Jails, So We Counted The Bodies.

+ The Dark History of How False Balance Journalism Enabled Lynching.

+ LA Bans Criminal History Checkboxes on Job Applications.

+ Columbia Grad Students Vote to Unionize.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ “Jackie” the Scammer.

+ How Web Series Have Broadened TV’s Talent Pool.

+ Hi there’s gonna be a beer that celebrates Sue the T-Rex and will only be available at the Field Museum, so this story combines three things you probably love a whole bunch, according to (queer) science.

+ Cheese plate. Want one.

And Finally

SORTING HAT SPIDER ! Eriovixia gryffindori, to be exact.

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  1. I’m so excited about that National Geographic issue. (Also, I just love that cover picture of Avery, mostly because it reminds me of how much respect I have for her mother, Debi, who is such a fierce and effective advocate for trans kids.)

  2. Thank you for helping us spread the word about our study on marriage equality and the election! We already have over 200 responses, and we just launched it this week! You all are amazeballs!!!

  3. I have mixed feelings about the Wonder Woman appointment and subsequent removal. I would’ve preferred to see a real woman in the role, but I find the slut shaming in the petition against the appointment to be disgusting.

    Empowerment to me means includes being able to make a personal choice on what to wear. The Americanization of Wonder Woman’s costume is over the top, and I can understand why someone may feel that part of her outfit is culturally insensitive. However, the petition authors appear to be implying that only women who have less than some arbitrary amount of skin coverage are playing into female objectification, which is a blatantly false and dangerous statement to make.

    The objectification, abuse, and sexual harassment of women and girls is not caused by what clothing they may choose or choose not to wear. It is the direct product of the attitude of and actions made by objectifier, abuser, and harasser. If a woman chooses to wear a hijab in public as an expression of her faith, that’s empowerment. If a woman chooses to wear thigh high boots because they make her feel powerful, that’s empowerment. If a woman is shamed into dressing a certain way, that’s not empowerment, because it absolves the objectifier, abuser, and harasser of their personal responsibility to treat women and girls with dignity and respect. There is literally no single outfit that a woman can wear that will stop others from objectifying her, until someone invents an invisibility cloak.

    Wonder Woman is an iconic character that helped pave the road for many other strong female characters in pop culture today that we know and love. No, she didn’t build a school for underprivileged orphans, but I believe that seeing positive role models for women and girls in pop culture (and I’m not just talking about Wonder Woman here) is an important and necessary part of fostering positive attitudes towards women and girls in society.

    So yeah, Wonder Woman wouldn’t be my first choice as an ambassador. Still, it’s annoying to me that more people take issue with the clothing choices of a female character that helped push pop culture norms, than with choosing a fictional bear (who’s actually kind of a jerk and doesn’t wear pants) to represent friendship.

  4. Disappointed in the lack of representation of AFAB individuals on the Nat Geo cover, especially considering it is these individuals globally who are more likely to experience FGM, corrective rape, forced marriage, denial of abortion rights, and a myriad of other oppressions.

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