Also.Also.Also: Dolly Parton, Drunk Animals, and Other Stories to Start Your Week

Happy holiday week, Americans! I had soup for breakfast because the only time it’s been remotely chilly in Phoenix is just before the sun rises. Sometimes in this life you just have to make the most of what you have, and if what you have is an 80 degree day that starts off at 50 degrees, well then that is when you eat the soup.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ This is enjoyable! You will enjoy it!

+ Ugh excuse me but Eugenia and Corinna AND TINY WALTER are the most adorable family and they have a cute as heck living room to boot! Watch this video and feel your heart warm up like it’s floating in hot chocolate. Your heart is a marshmallow! What a day you’re having.

+ Dorothy Snarker asks, Is This the End of the Model Gay Character?

+ Why the White Narrative Can’t Save Us: On Being Queer and Asian.

+ North Carolina School Suspends All Clubs After Parents Complain About LGBT Club.

+ Here are the top places to work if you are a queer human person, as you likely are.

+ The Challenge of Being Gay, Married and Mormon

+ Gay and Lesbian Community Center Launches Homeless Youth Count.

Doll Parts

+ Homicides of Transgender Women in U.S. Reach Alarming High.

+ Transgender Woman Arrested at Trans Rights Demonstration. Not an Onion headline.

+ Rojava’s Democratic, Feminist Revolution a Source of Hope Among Horror.

+ Angelina Jolie Says She ‘Loves Being in Menopause.’ I keep thinking I’m in the early stages of menopause (I’m not) (I’m also doing that thing where I think it’s a grey hair but it’s really just a very very blonde hair and before I know it I’ve lost half an hour staring at my head in the mirror, but whatever) so really I’m just leaping at the opportunity to talk to you about menopause even in this small and insignificant way. Don’t read the last paragraph of that post though, you don’t need to read that.

+ Veronique Hyland interviewed Mariah Carey for The Cut and you’ll be like, “Yes this is good.”

+ How the Legal Weed Industry is Squeezing Out Women Growers by Kate B. Maxwell.

+ Just wanted to make sure you knew that you can use the code EARLY20 to get 20% off everything in the Dolly Parton store this week.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Paris, Beirut And Mizzou: Yes, We Can Care About Multiple Injustices At Once by Ijeoma Oluo.

+ We’re Breaking Up: Rebecca Solnit on How Modern Noncommunication is Changing Our Experience of Time, Solitude and Communion, in which Maria Popova gets you right in the guts.

+ Do you wanna build a paper flower tree on your wall??! I HOPE YOU SANG THAT LIKE ANNA.



+ This is a neat thing! Now You Can Subscribe to Your Camera Roll in a Monthly Magazine via the Recently app!

+ 14 Regrettable Works of Dino-Themed Entertainment. Glorious.

+ The Etymology of Shorty in Hip Hop: “An absurdly nerdy look at how hip-hop invented the most important slang of our time.”

+ Here’s a topic you can bring up at your family function this week: Do Animals Get Drunk?

+ Or maybe you want to regale your family and friends with The Origins of 15 Holiday Foods and Drinks!

+ Or there’s always A Few Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Thanksgiving!

+ Several states are encouraging people to get outside this Black Friday and perhaps you’d like to do just that.

And Finally

Nacho cake.

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  1. I’m skeptical there are more trans women being murdered (or, at least, that it hasn’t been proven), rather that more of the crimes are being accurately reported due to the Internet. It’s like saying “wow, there’s more trans people these days” when it really has to do with visibility and accessibility to support services and health case.

    There continue to be a large proportion of the murders of trans women where the victims are identified as men and no mention is made by the police or media as to how the person lived or presented themselves. It often take weeks or months to actually identify them as trans (almost always instigated by third parties). Moreover, there are many missing trans women who, previously, weren’t even publicly identified as missing or trans who are now, sadly, being seen as murder cases. Again, the issue of murdered trans women of color wasn’t a major story on most LGB media much less mainstream media until 5-6 years ago when it was conveniently ignored or put on small stories on the back pages. A few rare cases like Gwen Araujo were picked up while dozens of others received little to no coverage.

  2. one of my most favorite things to eat for breakfast is grits with cheese toast but I really need my grits to be super watery and I am just going to think of that as breakfast soup from now on because that has such an air of sophistication and adventure and I feel like my life will be better for it.

    also what does it mean that I am already feeling jealous of phoenix winters and we just had our first snowfall? lots of breakfast soup and crying are a few things it probably means.

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