Also.Also.Also: Demi Lovato Punching at Michelle Rodriguez and Other Stories

What I need in this life — I daresay what we all need in this life — is an agreeable machine that creates and serves a delicious, nutritious breakfast for me while I work. I wake up, I have ideas, I want to write them down straight away and get started on my day and yet, I am so hungry. I am so hungry right now, world! There is not a sandwich to be seen on this desk! Not a bowl of yogurt or even a shred of toast! There is only an empty coffee cup where my hopes and dreams used to be. When will I learn to set my alarm 30 minutes earlier?

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Don’t you want to back Charlotte Shane‘s Prostitute Laundry? I really feel like you do. Will you understand what I mean when I say that I think this is the most orderly and concise set of Kickstarter rewards I’ve ever witnessed?


+ Help Lexi Attend Cosmetology School!

+ Support What I’m Made Of: A Feature Documentary.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Sorry about how you’re gonna pass out from cuteness :( Kristin Russo is back with PBS’s First Person series, and this time she’s talking with Ebony and Denise about their “Olivia Has 2 Moms” channel.

+ From One Lesbian of Color to Another: Don’t Express Your Transphobia In My Name by Jezebel Delilah X.

+ Here is a thing you will enjoy! Constance Leathart: The forgotten ‘aviatrix’ of WW2

+ A Lesbian Reporter Walks Into A Pray the Gay Away Convention by Sarah Viren.

Doll Parts

+ Laura Wooley is writing a year-long series about menstruation and she needs your input! Learn more and submit if you can, please and thank you.

+ Just in time for the freaking weekend: The Best of Netflix’s “Strong Female Leads” Categories.

+ The Prominence and Plight of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System.

+ 32 Horror Movies That Aren’t About Women Being Sex-Murdered!

+ Going Against the Grain: Women homebrewers are on the rise in Baltimore.

+ I heard you like Demi Lovato and Michelle Rodriguez.

+ Do you wanna watch this?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ 8 Cities Have Cancelled Columbus Day in Favor of Indigenous People’s Day.

+ Butt Dials a Strain on US Emergency Systems.

+ Ok but which TV show first referenced the internet, hmmm?

+ What, If Anything, Do Catholics Have In Common?

+ This Lil Bub album that you’ll probably want.

+ What are you doing this weekend?

+ Let’s learn about Norwegian forest cats.

And Finally

Turtles grooming a warthog! And you thought your day couldn’t get any better.

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  1. I probably have a lot of thoughts here, but I had to stop and comment how much I loved Kristen doing Ebony and Denise on first person, I absolutely love their channel, love seeing them mentioned here on my favourite website. … Now I can continue reading :)


  3. So psyched for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! My mom bought me a copy of the book a few years ago because she knows I’m sort of obsessed with Jane Austen. I was fully prepared to hate it but ended up loving it instead. My days as a purist are done.

  4. That 32 Horror Movies That Aren’t About Women Being Sex-Murdered! list is kinda weird since the 2nd movie on the list “Basket Case” has the main female character raped to death. I guess the list is supposed to be ironic?

  5. The 911 butt-dials article is well timed. I called 911 earlier this week (to report a small grass fire my mother and I saw on our way to dinner) and was surprised that I initially reached a recording asking me to say “help” if I had an emergency. I understand they want to screen out butt-dialers, but what if someone was having too much of an emergency to be able to say “help”??

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