Also.Also.Also: Celebrate Your Lesbian Herstory and Fear Your Climate Future, Is the Lesson Here

This week’s focus in my Passion Planner is KEEP IT ORGANIZED, HIT THOSE DEADLINES, STAY HOT. The “stay hot” part is a joke about how it’s 1112349 degrees in Phoenix this summer but also it’s important to remind yourself that you are looking SUPER CUTE TODAY. Nice work out there, everyone!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ A Magazine for Lesbians Was Illegal 70 Years Ago. She Created One Anyway. HELL YEAH SHE DID.

Before “The L Word,” before the Advocate, before Autostraddle, queer women had Vice Versa. For nine issues, from the first in 1947 to the last in February 1948, Lisa Ben compiled reviews and poems and articles into bound copies, dedicating her work to “those of us who will never quite be able to adapt ourselves to the iron-clad rules of Convention.”

+ Lesbian’s Employment Discrimination Case Appealed to Supreme Court.

+ Investigators Searching for Arsonist Who Torched a South Dallas LGBT Community Center.

+ Anti-LGBTQ Accommodation Law Stands in North Carolina, For Now.

+ Fighting for LGBTQ Rights in Retirement Communities.

+ Memories from the Lesbian London.

+ ‘Building A Bridge’ Between the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community.

+ Black, Gray and Gay: The Perils of Aging LGBTQ People of Color.

+ Queer Cinema Pioneer Barbara Hammer Announces Lesbian Filmmaking Grant!

+ In This British Community, LGBT Men and Women Are Having Traditional Weddings to Hide Their Sexuality.

+ Take a Tour of Queer Life in Britain in the New Special, 50 Shades of Gay. Y’all what is this title, come on.

+ New Australian “Marriage” Contract Allows Lesbian Couple to Finally Marry.

+ Map Shows Steep Decline in London LGBTQ Venues Since 2006. Love an uplifting map on a Monday, don’t you?

+ Teen Drinking Down Overall, But Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Teens Consume At Higher Rates, Study Finds.

+ How Can Midwives Help Queer and Trans Families Feel Safe.

+ New York City Unveils Plans For Largest LGBT Senior Residence in America.

+ Seeking Refuge in Kenya, LGBTQ Ugandans Find Themselves in Limbo.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ The Past 24 Hours in Trump-Russia News, Explained. Hold me.

Doll Parts

+ Remembering Sheila Michaels, Champion of “Ms.” and Equality.

+ Black Femmes’ Needs Are Ignored in Healthcare Debates, Yet They Have Much to Lose.

+ This is from allll the way back in 2014, but wow, much like myself, it’s aged really well. Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ What Do We Think Poverty Looks Like?

+ For Emma, Forever Ago Turns 10.

+ We Could Resurrect the Wooly Mammoth. Here’s How. No.

+ Support Cards for Incarcerated Loved Ones: “Because Hallmark doesn’t have an abolition section.”

And Finally


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  1. Laneia, it is only 1112329 in Tucson if you feel like escaping! But seriously I was just in Minneapolis for a week and it was awful stepping out of the airport :(

    Your climate change link is real relevant, because I feel like none of us will actually be able to live here much longer.

  2. Cards for incarcerated loved ones is giving me all the feels, and navigating to the actual black and pink website is giving me a lot of thought to munch on. Its hard sometimes to remember that people that are incarcerated are also human. They sometimes might not be the best human, but they’re still human.

  3. That marriage contract makes me so angry – from what I can work out it is literally a will and an enduring power of attorney (which you can get for $600) that they are charging $2000 for bc why not take advantage of people who are discriminated against ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Me too.

      I’m Australian and in a long term relationship. We’ve had enduring power of attorney and wills and our superannuation organised to our mutual benefit for years.

      And while the Australian government is yet to allow us Equal Marriage rights, we are guaranteed In law the same relationship rights and recognition as DeFacto heterosexual couples. Up to and including Aged Pensions and all of the legal rights pertaining to shared lives and property.

      This so called Marriage Contract sounds like some sort of an expensive scam. I’ll see what I can find out about it.

  4. I’m actually kinda amused at the irony of an article talking about the thawing permafrost and release of carbon, while simultaneously being opposed to to an article suggesting we bring back a large herbivore, which could combat the same effect.

    We need animals like elephants and bison (and mammoths) to create grasslands. Deforestation isn’t the only issue. Erasure of our grasslands has significantly altered environments on more than one continent.

    Is it the sort of thing that can save everything and everyone? No. We’d need systemic change. It is, however, not as bad an idea as it sounds; nor is it Jurassic Park.

  5. I love the lesbian magazine :) I never knew lesbianism used to be illegal in some places though :( thought it would always have been seen in a sexist way as ‘oh you know how girlies are, even soppy over their best friends if they can’t get a husband’.
    I love that AS got a mention. So proud :)
    That Fifty Shades of Gay is great. For uk ppl: channel four od has also brought back Sugar Rush & 1994 Brookside :) along with other things I’ve not seen before. Worth signing up. And if you change gender, they know sex isn’t gender so they change the stereotypical ads but still advertise products for dealing w thrush. It only allows binary options though.
    That ms thing makes me think of my mum who’s a ms but too lazy to get her head around non binary gender. I told her about wanting the preface ‘m’ which is increasingly used for nb ppl. She said it would confuse the older generation. I said using ms in the eighties would confuse older ppl too. I’m still proud of her using ms though. When I see ms I think ‘strong adult woman’.
    Mrs and mistress used to be equivalent to ms around the eighteenth century but then the patriarchy made it so only married women got such an honorific & ‘mistress’ became increasingly sexualised rather than meaning ‘woman in charge’ eg ‘school mistress’.

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