Also.Also.Also: A Cat That’s Older Than Some of You and Other Stories For Your Weekend

Listen, I’m going to get so much shit done this weekend, I won’t even recognize myself on Monday. I hope you’re planning to spend the next couple of days living your dreams, too, whatever those might be! Maybe your dreams involve an Autostraddle Babe-B-Q meetup? If so, tell all your friends I said hiiiiii!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ You have to support this very important project! Playing Gay: How America Came Out on Television. Heather interviewed Dannielle Owens-Reid about the documentary a couple of weeks ago and they only have a few days left, with matching donations through Saturday. GO NOW, GO.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ First Person has honored Gabby Rivera as their Person of the Week! She’s our Person of Every Week.

+ More thoughts on this fucking senseless and horrific epidemic: Trans homicides surpass total for 2014 as community warns of crisis.

+ The Challenge of Being Transgender in a Nursing Home.

+ How Do You Meet Other Lesbians Abroad? The fine folks at Lez Backpack have rounded up some advice for you! Sidenote, if you’re not following them on Instagram, definitely do that now.

+ Enjoy this Stonewall parody trailer, featuring a direct quote from Mey‘s interview with Miss Major. (Not a completely credited direct quote, mind you, but um.)

Doll Parts

+ Give Your Money to Women: The End Game of Capitalism. File under: This Is Everything.

This is capitalism: words and white guilt don’t improve my life, but capital does.

+ Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: A Native Perspective.

+ 50+ Films About Women That Will Change The Way You See The World.

+ There’s a Rape Problem at Music Festivals and Nobody Seems to Care.

+ This list is seriously missing some Waiting to Exhale (or really any film about women of colorrrrr??) (?!!!) [!!!!]. 11 Great Films About Female Friendships.

+ Bring on the Menstruation Revolution. Don’t mind if I do.

+ An Uber for sex workers that’s nothing like actual Uber, thank goodness.

+ Amandla Stenberg: The New Agenda.

After igniting fierce debate with her pop-culture polemic, The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg has emerged as one of the most incendiary voices of her generation – but she insists that her fight has only just begun.

+ Lea Delaria‘s new David Bowie cover album is amazing.

+ The Shocking Truth About Planned Parenthood.

+ My Coming Out: The Lingering Intersex Taboo.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Hi hello this is all I want to do with the rest of my life I think: Designer Kaya Tinsman Rips Apart Raccoon Carcasses to Make Etsy Earrings.

+ I know this has been on your mind a lot lately, so now you can relax. Science Says It’s Fine to Have Fewer Friends in Your 30s.

+ Interrupting Bernie: Exposing the White Supremacy of the American Left.

+ Research finds educational television programs aren’t succeeding in reducing kids’ prejudices.

The results suggest moms and dads would do well to get over their discomfort and have that talk. Watching Dora go exploring won’t change your kids’ attitudes toward Hispanics, but linking her in their minds with the Mexican-American family down the street just might.

+ Sesame Street’s heading to HBO and all the HBO streaming situations. On one hand this is weird, but on the other hand, HBO is a lot like PBS, in that it’s independent, doesn’t have commercials, and actually does have a pretty solid and creative children’s lineup [in the morning, on HBO Family].

+ Wait, the Xena reboot might not include Lucy Lawless?

+ Pesticides make spiders drunk.

+ Speaking of, kinda: When did Rose Wine Become, Like, a Thing? Oh man.

+ Toxic River Spill Flowing Across Navajo Nation is Three Million Gallons, Not One.

+ Stuffed Animals in a Ghost Town.

+ Excuse me this is very important: Corduroy Is Crowned Oldest Living Cat.



+ Also Stef saw this and thought of you! Japan Gets a New Stationmaster Cat.

+ Unfinished Letters From the Most Popular Kid at the Psych Ward.

+ This one’s from Maddie: Eagle Fine.

+ Data to Date: The Rapid Rise of Social and Streaming.

+ Bring It On: The Complete Oral History.

And Finally

KaeLyn wants to make sure you have this video in your life: Tokyo Vanity‘s “That’s My Best Friend”

Other songs for your Friday:

Janelle Monáe & Wondaland Records’ “Hell You Talmbout”, honoring black Americans killed by police.

Lana Del Ray‘s “High By The Beach”, just because.

Kinky Friedman & Willie Nelson’s “Bloody Mary Morning”, just in case.

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  1. I feel so blessed to have Autostraddle as a social justice news resource. The articles “Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline Report: A Native Perspective” and “Interrupting Bernie: Exposing the White Supremacy of the American Left” were sooooo needed. Very important reads. Thank you Laneia!

  2. Yes that cat is older than me.
    Amandla Stenberg give me hope in this sad sick world.
    Rue was little black girl whose life mattered and sparked a revolution, it’s poetic in the best way the person who portrayed her on the big screen is fighting for the revolution in real life. Gives me me chills.

    So much in this roundup I bookmarked it and I gotta say Laneia working metal and bone is like nothing else. To me it is not possible to forget the bone was a part of a living thing, even if you hardcore bleach and paint it. The grooves and holes that supported muscle and soft tissue never really leave. And there’s just something about the weight and fragility that makes things…tender…in a way no other substance or medium can.

    I wish I could teach people how to wire wrap bone, it just puts thing in perspective.

  3. That ridiculous Tokyo Vanity‘s “That’s My Best Friend” video is every bad black woman stereo I fight against everyday in one shitty video and I am dumber for having seen it.

  4. The issue w/ Sesame Street leaving PBS is a class issue, from the critique I’ve seen of the move. PBS is public access while HBO is not, and while episodes will be available publicly it’s MONTHHHHS later.

    Also, I’m a sucker for death stuff and bone jewelry, so I’m excited y’all included that article. :) Less stoked that her website is “Little Gypsy Bones” seeing as that’s a slur for Roma people. Unless she’s Romani herself…?

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