But Next Year, Adam Lambert Will Win a NewNowNext Award For Sure

alex_rieseToday on Autostraddle: Riese & Laneia read lesbionic young adult novels, Part TWO! And you should too! Also, obvs: Carly’s Tuesday Televisionary and our NYC Anti-Gay Rally coverage.

Last night A;ex, Robin, Intern Nicole and I (Riese) went to the Logo NewNowNext awards. I haven’t been able to watch the tape yet but I think it will involve a lot of tomfoolery and hijinks. We were at the end of the red carpet because of the patriarchy, but luckily I’m an experienced Obnoxious Person and I wrangled every vagina I could possibly find into our lair. KAZAAM! AND! You can see some of Robin’s awesome New Now Next photos right here.

Riese Rants about Adam Lambert:

6a00d8341bf6c153ef01156fa6577c970c-800wi-1Not to sound like a bitter gay or anything, but yes, I do believe Adam Lambert lost because he’s gay. I’m sure lots of people thought Kris was better, whatevs, that could be true your uniformed opinion your opinion. But at this point in time, how can anyone doubt the overwhelming power of the American people to rally around a ballot box for the purpose of ensuring gays don’t get what they want? These homophobic people are very good at voting against us, even when we are Rockstars. I’m sure Maggie Gallagher herself voted 50 times! C’mon peoples! Also, never doubt the power of a million tweens crushing on Kris Allen. Tweens aren’t messing around.

(Also, check out our Autostraddle Rountable on the ‘Is Adam Lambert Gay?’ topic here).

Anyhow, Adam don’t mind, ’cause he’s gonna be a star anyway. Here’s an interview from Good Day Wisconsin (what?) this morning, in which he’s totally cool about everything and looks toward the future, which we love!

+ Lindsay Lohan ‘Plans to Marry Samantha Ronson (@ Showbiz Spy)

+ Yes, Glee Is The Gayest Non-Explicitly-Gay Show Coming to TV: (@queerty)

+ I can’t even begin to imagine the mathematics on this one: Top 10 Sexiest Women of Twitter | First Ever 50 Hottest Women Tweeters List (@ Bikini Buys)

+Marie Osmond loves her gay daughter. I wonder who else loves her gay daughter. (@ok magazine)

+ Is she serious? I’m so confused by this: Why bosses are right to distrust women who don’t want children… If she’s half of a lesbian couple who ‘borrows’ the wherewithal, I might cross my fingers that the child is not teased at school – but I understand. Even if she’s a 66-year- old pregnant pensioner, threatening to turn motherhood into a freak show, I might (indeed, I do) think she’s monstrously selfish and dangerously wrong – but again, more or less, I understand.” (@ Daily Mail)

+ I love it when The View yells at people. Seriously I do. Here Whoopi calls out Glenn Beck:

How You Like Us Now?

Last time: 125

NH Legislature Fails To Pass Gay Marriage Bill: But did not kill the bill altogether. (@ On Top Magazine) -40

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to correct inequalities for gay and lesbian diplomats at the State Department, said California Representative Howard Berman (D) Wednesday. (@OnTop) +10

New Hampshire legislature may revisit same-sex marriage issue: New language is needed to specify that religious organizations can decline to take part in any marriage ceremony without incurring fines or risking lawsuits.(@CNN) +10

Judy Shepard Meets With Obama (@ the Advocate) +15

For a minute .… (@queerty) -5

Mainline clergy OK with gay rights, cautious on gay marriage: Mainline Protestant clergy are generally more likely than most Americans to endorse gay rights, but only one in three supports same-sex marriage, according to a new study (@Pew Forum) +5

It’s time to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
“What’s clear to me, a gay man who served for four years in the military, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, is that the most sensible change would be a full repeal.” (@ Wall Street Journal) –5

Total: 115


crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
I’ve become fascinated by an interactive visualisation project called ‘The Dumpster’. It essentially depicts the failed relationships of 20,000 American teenagers in 2005.


alex-iconfrom Alex:
I have two goodies today, y’all. Firstly, I’m definitely putting one of these cruelty-free taxidermy deer heads on my wall when I actually get an apartment. They’re so cool. (@inhabitat)

Secondly, because sometimes dafont.com just doesn’t cut it – here are 35 Free Good Quality Fonts. Sketch Rockwell is a must-have. (@iShift)

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  1. I’ve never watched AI so I can’t judge. Ha! Who am I kidding, I can judge! I turned it on to see that other dude singing and was like, “Meh.” Of course, I also saw Lionel Richie which burned my eyes and ears so much that I had to turn the channel. Anyway, I’m bummed to hear that the cute queerish guy didn’t win.

    As for the Twitter Babes…Ana Marie Cox should be on that list but, clearly, the list wasn’t compiled by queer nerdy women.

  2. listen up, riese! when you say things like this: “but luckily I’m an experienced Obnoxious Person and I wrangled every vagina I could possibly find into our lair KAZAAM!”, it makes me infinitely happy, which prepares me for reading the How Do You Like Us Now bit. i appreciate that.
    Adam’s gonna be on Broadway! and you’ll go see him! and you’ll tell us how beautiful it was! it’ll be so great :)
    Dick Cheney is making my brain bleed.

  3. Adam Should Have Won! Kris won because of the K K K Kristian “hate vote”. America proves again what a bigoted homophobic nation this is.

  4. Let us not forget, riese.. you were even famous enough to be interviewed by AfterEllen last night! that girl was hot.. okay fine it was me.

    • That’s true, I can’t wait to see that interview! You pretty much got an exclusive because no one else was clamoring for the scoop with me. You’re a lucky lady, Alexi. Also, me and your Mom are having a walk-off in pointy shoes, it’s ON.

  5. I dont watch AI and I’m pretty upset with it right now simply because people didn’t come to my fundraiser last night so they could stay home and watch it!

    That bikini list is awful. Seems like it was compiled by a couple of teenage boys who like bimbos with big (fake) boobs. There were only a few people (like Felicia Day) on that list that I’d agree with. Also, does it make me super creepy for adding Kristen Stewart to people I follow…

    Alex, some of those fonts are strange and unreadable. My last semester design teacher would have a conniption fit over them! ;) Usually I’m a san serif kind of girl but I do like Karabine quite a lot.

  6. One day, in a not too distant future, Adam Lambert will open for Lady Gaga and we will be forced to admit that there is such a thing as magic.

  7. Adam was robbed. He was so much more talented and innovative than Kris. Kris had a nice voice (much like every other soft rock musician) and seems like a great guy, but Adam’s the one who will be able to take music in a new direction. I’m totally fired up about this ridiculous show. Especially since my boss criticized Adam as a “drag queen” and looking like “Elvis.” First of all, there’s nothing wrong with either of those descriptions, and secondly, who cares? We keep getting reminded that this is mainly a singing competition, right? Whatevs, I just can’t wait for Adam’s album to come out. For some reason, the Wisconsin stations have been all over covering the Idol stuff–not just Danny Gokey who’s from Milwaukee.

    I also love when the ladies of the view, especially Barbara, lay into someone.

  8. I just asked myself: If I had to listen to one of these guys for over an hour, who would it be? Adam by a mile, even with Danny thrown back in. Actually Danny would be my second choice, not Chris.

  9. from the working mothers article:
    “It’s not the mothers, usually, who run the office bitch-fest.”
    keepin’ it classy, carol.

  10. Just saw the Special K font from Alex’s link… now I’ll have to listen to some Placebo.

  11. Im not sure what new now next is. But yay for it. Yay for that and for autostraddle and for cookies.

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