100 Things Autostraddle Staffers Are Thankful For This Year

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It’s Thanksgiving Day and our Autostraddle team is feeling super duper thankful; here are 100 reasons why!

1. Autostraddle commenters! Autostraddle readers! THE PERSON LOOKING AT THIS RIGHT NOW, BASICALLY. Y’all are our lifeblood, and I love each and every one of you. (Carmen)

2. This Autostraddle family who pulled me into their warm embrace when I joined the team a year ago and have loved me wholly every moment since then, changing the shape of my entire world. (Heather)

3. I’m thankful for my knee-high Google socks. My tootsies are warm and geeky. (Lyn) 

4. I am, first and foremost, and at every moment of every day, grateful for my dog and his fuzzy little butt. (Carmen)

5. I’m thankful for Heather Hogan, who’s made my life better and brighter and too many ways to count. (Mey)

6. The Autostraddle community and my other friends, who reach out to me when I’m at my most depressed. (Mey)

7. Every season of A Different World being added to Netflix. (Erin)

8. I’m thankful for my cats who have not peed on my clothes in almost two months. (Alaina)

9. I’m thankful for all the feelings I have had this year in spite of my determined resolve not to feel feelings. (Audrey)

10. A-Camp! (Bren)

11. Electric heated blankets. (Rachel)

12. OtterBox iPhone cases. 

13. My girlfriend, who did triple-duty this year as my fellow puppy mama, driving instructor, and partner-in-crime. (Carmen)

14. My very perfect fiancée. (Ali)

15. The Nothing in the House Pie blog. (Aisha)

16. My partner, Stacy, by whose side I always feel the safest and the happiest and the calmest and the very most me-est. (Heather)

17. Emotion by Carly Rae Jepson. (Mey)

18. Steven Universe and how Mey insisted that I watch it. (Heather)

19. The times my cat sleeps sweetly in my lap instead of biting my face.

20. That all the stray cats on our block somehow know to come and chill at our house. (Aja)

21. I’m thankful for my girlfriend’s tongue. Because, yes. (Lyn)

22. SCOTUS’ marriage equality ruling and Autostraddle/my friends understanding it was just one more stop, not the final battle. 

23. I am thankful for the dangling roots I have trailing behind me all the way to Nicaragua. (Audrey)

24. Working for a website where trans women write about (or at the very, very least consult on) trans topics, and center the discussion on TWOC. 

25. That the Bobbis survived and that you you loved them enough to help make it so. (Heather)

26. Teeth. (Laura M)

27. “Timber” by Pitbull feat. Kesha

28. Authors who aren’t afraid to tackle intellectual topics and approach difficult  emotional arenas with all the nuance they deserve. (Ali)

29. Gracious tippers.

30. Free refills.  (Isabel)

31. I’m thankful for all the little separate communities that I call my families.  I have about four separate groups and that makes my little heart full of joy. (Nikki)

32. All of the Autostraddle Senior Editors, especially Riese, who not only gave me my dream job, but also who made it possible for me to get my legal name change this year. (Mey)

33. Working as an intern for one of the coolest, indie queer website in all the land. I don’t think I would of made the jumps and leaps and bounds that I did this last year personally as a human in this world had it not been for this intern opportunity.  I will be forever grateful to have a position that day by day builds my confidence level.  (Nikki)

34. The writers and artists and letterers and colorists and editors and everyone else who makes all the comics I love. (Mey)

35. My mom, who has always been my greatest ally and champion, even when I’m being a diva. (Maree)

36. Generous pours. (Erin)

37. I’m thankful for my kids- they make life brighter, funnier, and more interesting. (Lyn) 

38. Pumpkin spice lattes. I’m not sorry at all. (Carmen)

39. That my girlfriend thinks I’m funny. (Aisha)

40. Inside jokes with my girls. (Aja)

41. The park near my house. (Maddie)

42. Demi Lovato. (Laura M) [Yes, I second this one. (Mey)]

43. Rye whiskey. (Ali)

44. PUPPIES! And also kittens, but mostly puppies. (Bren)

45. That so far my doctor hasn’t taken a real hard line on me cutting down on coffee. (Rachel)

46. That Glee is over forever and I never have to recap it again. (Heather)

47. Secret Twitter. (Mey)

48. This Ravenclaw Common Room SoundscapeRavenclaw 4ever! (Ali)

49. Google Maps. (Heather)

50. Shondaland/TGIT (Isabel)

51. How many people have joined A+ to help us all buy groceries and pay rent, and been so warm and supportive as A+ members, and made Cobalt memberships such a smashing success! (Rachel)

52. “What’s good, Miley?” 

53. Sadie and Karly, Autostraddle’s TV interns! (Heather)

54. Dogs in t-shirts.

55. Netflix’s decision to make TV and fuck broadcast network Standards & Practices. 

56. My fiancée’s family, who have welcomed me in with their entire hearts even though I’m way too enthusiastic and make them play boardgames. (Ali)

57. My funny, kind, amazing roommates, Taty and Claudia. I feel really blessed to live with them. (Laura M)

58. Boardgames. (Ali)

59. J.K. Rowling on Twitter. 

60. Gotta thank Jenna Lyons for finally making a fancy hat I look and feel good wearing! Thanks, J. Crew! (Aja)

61. President Obama’s DEALWITHIT.GIF attitude during his final year of the presidency. 

62. Burt’s Bees lip balm. (Heather) 

63. My mom, and my mom reading Autostraddle. (Hi Mom, I love you!) (Rachel)

64. I’m thankful for Black and Pink for giving me the opportunity to find a new pen pal who has become one of my greatest friends. I’m so happy we’re in each other’s lives! (Alaina)

65. I’m thankful for my turtle! (Maddie)

66. My Autostraddle family. (Ali)

67. Whoever decided capes were a 2015 fall trend. (Audrey)

68. The power of Twitter to bypass traditional methods of communication/getting news and effect real social change. 

69. Stef’s original drawings in her Vapid Fluff columns. 

70. I’m going to have to say puppies too. Specifically, my puppies. (Aisha)

71. Seamless.

72. NYC’s ASPCA and all the resources and training programs they offer to help people help animals. (Heather)

73. Poppy bagels. (Crystal)

74. Cat Vines. 

75. The women who started #BlackLivesMatter

76. The fact that I DO have clothes they were just all at my parents’ house. Also: my parents. Such goofballs. (Aisha)

77. The ability to review the photos people tag of me on Facebook before my grandma sees them. 

78. Alternative Lifestyle Haircuts (Nikki)

79. That Dogmeat can’t die in Fallout 4. 

80. Harry Potter Weekends (Isabel) 

81. Girls in snapbacks. 

82. Climate scientists and their hard work to prevent humanity from wrecking itself. (Ali)

83. Every time Scully says “sure, fine, whatever,” with thinly veiled disgust (Rachel)

84. Carol, man. Carol, Carol, Carol. (Heather) 

85. All the people who teach me things, from my friends and family, to Autostraddle readers and writers and editors, to the kids I babysit. (Maddie)

86. Candles (Alaina)

87. That Amy Poehler came back for more Wet Hot American Summer. 

88. That I’m in the graduate program I’m in (The New School, Creative Writing Department) and that I can take this time in my life to write a novel. I am my happiest every day I’m writing.

89. Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen Page Ellen-ing together on TV and making the world a more Ellen-y place. 

90. The fact that pigeons can be trained to detect cancer. (Aisha)

91. Samira Wiley’s Instagram.  

92. Those little mice who find land mines! (Alaina)

93. Trader Joe’s really loose definition of “humus.” 

94. Kind friends and readers who let me learn in public without public shame. (Ali)

95. #BooRadleyVanCullen (Heather) 

96. That my cat sticks her tongue out sometimes involuntarily when you scratch that one spot above her tail. (Rachel)

97. How Drunk History has had at least one woman storyteller per episode this season and one historical woman. (Heather)

98. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. (Heather) 

99. The Great British Bake Off (Ali) (co-signed by Alaina) (co-co-signed by Heather)

100. In-N-Out grilled cheese, animal style. (Carmen)

Please share your Thanksgiving thanks with us in the comments, then hit up our Thanksgiving Open Thread and find out what to tell during football today.

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  1. Thankful that Autostraddle was one of the first places I landed in the first rush of “oh-my-God-what-is-happening-to-me?” coming-out-to-myself.

  2. I started listing the numbers that made me go YES (starting with 52) but then the list got too long. So now I’ll just be like – I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH AND YOU MAKE THE WORLD AN INFINITELY BETTER PLACE WITH WHAT YOU PUT OUT INTO IT.

    • Also, 99- I write recaps of GBBO for my work place (we’re all obsessed) – would that be something AS was interested in next year for GBBO 7? I can’t promise it’ll be as good as this year, without my queen Nadiya.

  3. It’s not even my Thanksgiving, but I’m gonna get real deep here for a second, and say that I’m thankful for Canada’s social safety net, and specifically, for Employment Insurance, which has allowed me to be out of work for the last six months while I desperately search for my first permanent job out of law school. I know that EI is inaccessible to a lot of people, and I am thankful that I made enough money in the year prior to needing EI that I can access so much of it now.

    I’m also thankful for my parents who have resisted the urge to badger me about why I still don’t have a job every time I talk to them. They are trying really, really hard to not bug me about it, and I’m grateful for that.

    • Employment Insurance: Same here in the German system.
      It’s allowed me to crawl my way out of burn out the last nine months and catch my breath.
      “The One” Job is like “The One” in relationship terms, that mythical creature that we all believe in, yet don’t really think exists and you only know in your heart of hearts after you’ve been hanging out for a while, if it’s a fit. Good luck!

  4. I’m desperately thankful for Autostraddle’s Bisexual Feelings Forum.

    I’m also thankful that I had enough in my savings account to cover a surprose $600 vet bill last night. And i’m thankful for vets that are open late the night before Thanksgiving!

  5. Thankful for this list, and Autostraddle in general, for warming my lil Canadian seasonally-depressed heart, even though I already celebrated Thanksgiving like a month ago.

  6. I’m thankful for my health, and for access to healthcare that I’ve been using recently.

    I’m thankful for the health of my pet.

    I’m thankful for the help of my family in getting me a plane ticket home in december.

    I’m thankful for the love and support of my partner whom I can always count on.

    I’m thankful for the grace of those who’ve come before me in my career and who’ve given opportunities, support, and trust to someone who is just starting out.

  7. I am thankful for Autostraddle, everything in this list, my amazing brother, and that I met someone in a completely random situation this year and she has become one of my best friends and she even got me a job (and she’s also a Badass Queer Lady). I am also really thankful for boardgames because it was because of them that I met my partner, and also have bonded so well with my friends. I am thankful for my therapist, psychiatrist, and Prozac. And I’m thankful for my new dinosaur pajamas.

  8. To all you #99-ers loving GBBO, the next question is: have you seen The Great Pottery Throwdown? It’s not quite reached the peak tension of a soufflé challenge, but it’s a strong first season so far. Also there’s lots of BGM of brass-band covers of pop songs.

    I’m not American, but I’m declaring thankfulness for the next five days that I will be spending drinking wine. Also, I am thankful in advance for Yvonne’s next Taco Tuesday. YVONNE WHERE ARE YOUR TACOS?!!

    • ITS AMAZING OMG. What’s funny is I’ve got pottery class on Tuesday night and I usually get home JUST in time to catch the new episode. And the week after we end up talking about it in length with everyone in class :p

  9. “46. That Glee is over forever and I never have to recap it again. (Heather)”

    And that Glee ended before Hamilton got popular. I praise Vanderjesus and Angelica Schuyler for this every day.

  10. As always I’m so thankful for autostraddle and all you amazing, lovely, badass people. This site changed my life and continues to give me happiness and hope almost everyday. I love you guys and I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I wish I could give everybody a hug. <3

  11. My gf is devastated to learn that Ali has a very perfect fiance. She has been crushing on her so hard for ever! I however, am very pleased with this revelation :)

    I love you all and am so thankful for Autostraddle and the online crushes and silly arguments you all have fostered in my life. !!HaPpY HapPy Gay Turkey Day!!!

  12. I’m thankful and excited for all the queer parties and events happening in Vancouver, BC, this weekend! And the lovely people I get to attend them with <3

    Also for Pun Dog, who should definitely be in my emergency kit because it never fails to make me laugh.

  13. I was kind of slightly devastated (like I’m trying not to be) and this list made my heart smile thank you so much. Always thankful for Autostraddle.

  14. Im so thankful for this whole community. How much youve all taught me and how youve all helped me grow.

    Stef and B my camp mom and dad. Youve both helped me grow into the best camper nurse person camper turned camp nurse staff person.

    You are all my second family. I love every single one of your witty comments. And I hope we all are still around next year for more things to talk about.

    My camp family. You guys. You guys!!!! All the love forever.

  15. I’m thankful for AS and all the team’s work, for my life with all its up and downs, for learning and growing, for beauty and awe.

  16. I’m thankful AS exists and for a certain picture of semi-currentish kinda sorta AS staffer that made me feel like I was going going to burst into flames looking at them popped up on my baby gay friend’s dash. If they hadn’t been so face meltingly hot to me I never would have found my way here and started working on living again rather than just surviving because if they could do so could I.

    I’m thankful that Riese cares so much about informing people on how their digitally published sausage is made, why some things are the way they are, why the way some places do things shouldn’t be done because those fuckers can afford it and indies barely can. And the Facebook creeps her the fuck out too.

    I’m thankful y’all really care and try to amplify the voices that get drowned out in the white monosexual cis percussion section that the queer narrative often is. All the sections need to be heard for the band to go through the music. Just don’t ask me which part of the rainbow letter brigade band is the brass section because all of us can be as bold as brass in our moment of need.

    And Carmen I like you gurl, but oh diosa your taste in food just keeps disturbing me the more I learn of it. IRL we could be friends, but I could not share a fridge or kitchen with you. Some of it tho would be for your own safety for the fact I’d end up using you as test subject in culinary experiments.

  17. I’m grateful for my community. I spent most of my life feeling weird, different, on the margins. I didn’t find my people in high school, or even college. But in the past few years I’ve found an amazing community where I truly belong, and it’s the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had.

    I’m grateful for coming out. For being able to be honest with myself and my family. For the girl who sleeps next to me, and holds my hand in public.

    And to Autostraddle, which made the first two things possible. I cannot thank you enough.

  18. Love it, and plus one to every item on the list.

    Also grateful for Autostraddle as a whole. Seriously, can’t believe it was just this year that I came out, it feels like I’ve been a welcome part of this community forever! I love you guys so much :) xx

    Thankful for my queer friends, my brothers and sisters, helpful tumblr and WordPress bloggers, my decent job, my Youth Allowance, all the opportunities I’ve had through volunteer organisations, the support I’ve had to travel, study, and explore my career options, OITNB, a great start to SPN s11, new Sherlock meta, HTGAWM, Wifi, hot showers, fanfic writers, Hello by Adele, Hozier, just amazing music in general, Skype, and lots more.

  19. I’m thankful for the fact that I’m going to college last year and just turned in my first set of applications this morning. (I know, it’s no longer thanksgiving, but…)

  20. 1st of all, “REALLY LOVE” #21 and #9 , well, not being American I don’t usually have a view on Thanksgiving but this year I have to as I have just started HRT and am now on the way to full girlhood after a life of captivity.so am thankful that I have been granted the courage to jump off the cliff.
    Also am thankful to you at Autostraddle for just being.
    Thankful that I am a Lesbian and last but the most important,thankful to have found the most stunningly beautiful girl that I have totally fallen for.
    Thank YOU !!!

  21. Laura is the absolutely best roommate ever and I’m so thankful for her and I wanna live with her forever and ever and ever and ever (LAURA I LOVE YOU)

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