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White Gay Man Publishes Epically Stupid Response To “Stop Stealing Black Female Culture”


“Friess reacted to Mannie’s request that white gay men stop referring to themselves as ‘strong black women’ by threatening to withdraw hypothetical support of black women’s political and social issues (none of which he actually names)! That’s not allyship, that’s just another example of a person in power offering abstract and highly conditional support to an oppressed group of people with whom he claims a false and unrequited kinship.”


It’s Time for White Feminists to Stop Talking About Solidarity and Start Acting


“When will white feminists take collective responsibility for educating themselves? When will they understand the power at play that sings in their skins? We don’t exist in a vacuum and women of colour don’t exist to hold their hands and explain in painful detail why their behaviour continues to hurt us. Intersectional feminist politics are not for white women to co-opt as their own.”


“R&B Divas” Star Monifah Carter Marries Longtime Girlfriend, Makes History


“Since most music industry folks go to great lengths to hide same-gender loving artists, it was great to have the opportunity to see how industry insiders on the show reacted to the relationship between Monifah and Terez. Their overwhelming support showed that people were not as unwilling to accept a season finale in which Monifah Carter had a same-sex relationship as many think. The stereotype of the homophobic R&B community was breaking down before our eyes.”


“The Switch” Is More Than Just A “Transgender Comedy”


“But just when you think you know where it’s going, the story turns. What emerges is a series feels less like a ‘transgender comedy’ and more like a distinctive TV show that just has a bunch of trans casting. And while aspects of transition are covered, they occupy a more background role. For instance, Sam and Sü discussing living plans over black market electrolysis, or a shot of mail-order hormones.”