Who Tells Your Story?

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Now, more than ever, in the climate we’re in, our stories need to be told. And our stories include loving, joy, revolution, dancing, crying, raging, surviving, and so, so much more. We have so much to tell, and it’s so important that we do.


Drawn to Comics: In Praise of Patreon

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Patreon is sort of like a virtual tip jar, or a Kickstarter that keeps on going each month, and it lets you support all your favorite creators so that you can let them know you appreciate them and so that they can keep doing what they do.

First Person

Broad City, Ilana and Space Enough for Bothness

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I remember the day I found out that Ilana from Broad City wasn’t biracial. I Googled around until I found evidence that there were others like me: biracial girls who felt a little bit incredulous; just a hair shy of betrayed. To this day I haven’t been able to convince whatever part of my brain that initially projected that identity onto her to unclench.