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Follow Your Arrow: Virtual Assistant Lizzy Goddard on Entrepreneurship and Chronic Illness


“In 2013 I was too ill to work, living on disability benefits, and had just dropped out of my masters degree. I was introduced to the world of lifestyle design, which then led me to the world of online business. Here were all these people, working from home/travelling, and running fun businesses from their laptops. About 2 months in I was making more than enough to live off, had doubled my rates and was hovering around fully booked…and now I’m a full-time, accidentally permanent VA!”

First Person

Game Over: Diary of a SAD Girl #2


This week, it’s a cartoon. Next week, maybe I’ll write you a poem in the sky from inside a hot air balloon! Or, you know, just use my words. It’ll be an adventure. Me, you, and my Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light, slogging through the snow and sunless days together.

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Fool’s Journey: Cristy C Road’s Next World Tarot is the Deck of your Queer Punk Dreams


“Aside from bringing another deck to the world, I’m excited to create a deck that illustrates a blend of mind and body outcasts. The deck originated as a ‘queer deck’ but its definitely grown since that. I want to focus on people’s cultural and subcultural backgrounds, I want to blur fundamentalist spirituality, but maintain a lot of the traditional concepts behind the images.”