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Laying Down My Bullshit and Dancing at Dawn


“In Berlin people talk about it, expats especially, in hushed, reverent tones. The sound system, which is supposed to be one of the best in the world. The DJ acts you’ve never heard of with names like Fuck Buttons. And that magical moment in the morning when the blinds at Panorama Bar are yanked open and the suddenly-illuminated, all-night revelers start to cheer.”


Witch Hunt: What’s Your Witchsona?


Some of our favorite artists draw themselves as witches, Rachel makes you a playlist for your ritual healing bath, KaeLyn crafts an amulet, Maree reminds us why Practical Magic is so good, Maddie weighs on on witchy commerce, Heather talks about black cats, and so much more!

First Person

When Real Life’s Getting More Like Fiction Each Day


When I say I was obsessed with RENT, I mean obsessed. I grew straight out of American Girl Magazine into the world of wildly risqué musical theatre. My mother tended to encourage the things I was interested in, but this one… well, it baffled her a bit. How could a good church girl from the suburbs of Connecticut relate to this musical?