You Should Go: Queer Ladies Speed Dating At Strand Bookstore, Valentine’s Day Edition

Can I get all my single ladies (and grrrls, and bois, and actually everybody who is single and living in New York and currently reading Autostraddle dot com) to put your hands up?

this has nothing to do with speed dating but come on how could i deprive you all of this perfect beyoncé situation? via

this has nothing to do with speed dating but come on how could i deprive you all of this perfect beyoncé situation and i alluded to “single ladies” in my opening sentence so this is a totally legitimate editorial choice

Excellent, thank you. Now, all of you with your hands up, get very excited, because the oh-so-popular Queer Ladies Speed Dating at The Strand is returning, just in time for you to meet a human to hang out with on Valentine’s Day!

You may remember that Autostraddle’s own Heartthrob Gabby and DJ Carlytron hosted the last round of queer speed dating at The Strand and I went and took photos and it was the cutest thing anyone has ever seen. Well this time around Carly has left us for California, but never fear — Katrina KC Danger, of PHRESH CUTZ and the How To (Respectfully) Pick Up Chicks workshop at A-Camp, will be stepping in to fill her sexy dapper shoes! Gabby hasn’t abandoned us for sunny skies and backyards with lemon trees (ugh, I hate you Californians) so she’ll be back on duty, and everyone knows Gabby and Katrina are a total Dream Team, so you speed daters will be in very good hands.

here's an example of katrina being in good hands because gabby is holding her, which totally proves my point and also allows us to gaze on the adorableness that is the lesbromance of gabby and katrina

here’s an example of katrina being in good hands because gabby is holding her, which totally proves my point and also allows us to gaze upon the adorableness that is the lesbromance of gabby and katrina

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 6 at 7pm. It’s hosted in the Rare Books Room at The Strand, which is a gorgeous space even when it’s just filled with old books, so imagine how enticing it is when it’s also filled with attractive queers! Speaking as someone who has attended this event before, I can promise that it’s low-key, low-stress and super fun for everyone involved. You’ll be given activities and specific questions to facilitate the “getting to know you” process, there will be prizes (!) and if nothing else you’ll meet some local queers who like to read. Plus, there will be champagne and yummy boozy cupcakes from Prohibition Bakery and I’ll be there with my camera so there is a distinct possibility that you’ll be Famous On The (Autostraddle) Internet the morning after. (This is where I’d like to insert a funny joke about The Morning After but as my girlfriend loves to remind me I’m just not that funny, so if you’d like to help me out please feel free to do so in the comments!)

So, let’s review! There will be booze, treats and books. Autostraddle weirdos are hosting. It’s fucking cold outside. What are you doing next Wednesday that’s more important than meeting cute queer girls who like to read? Yep, that’s what I thought. We’ll see ya at The Strand.

omg this could be you

omg this could be you

Queer Ladies Speed Dating at The Strand will take place on Wednesday, February 6 at 7pm. Tickets are $25 and are available for purchase here or at the door. Strand Bookstore is located at 828 Broadway; the event will be held in the 3rd floor Rare Book Room. And FYI for those of you who date guys and gals (or for those rare cis straight dudes who apparently occasionally read this website!), The Strand is hosting another speed dating event on Thursday, February 7 for dudes and ladies. Same time, same place!

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  1. I’m totally psyched about this and totally there and totally optimistic about the future, in general!!!

  2. I had a hell of a time getting through the online ticket purchase because the page kept crashing. Guess the site was overloaded! I’d like to think this is the work of many enthusiastic Straddlers.

  3. I hate this column because it’s always only NYC stuff which makes me jealous that I don’t live there.

    • i’m sorry! it’s just that i live in new york. send stuff that is happening elsewhere and we’ll totally tell you to go there, too! also, note to everyone asking if this can happen in your town/city: YES! make it happen! true life, this is happening at strand because a queer lady employee was like “yo this would be rad” and her boss was like “if we build it will they come?” and she was like “YES” and then all the queer ladies came (ahem) and then it kept happening. so if you believe this would be popular in your town ask a bookstore to donate their space for one night, promise you’ll take care of everything, tell us about it, we’ll tell people to go, the bookstore will be so impressed, and this will keep happening. we are in charge of creating our community for ourselves! let’s fucking do it!


  4. I went to the very first one, and had so much fun that as soon as I found out about this I signed right up! Can’t wait!

  5. I got super excited by the sound of this — I’m quite new to New York (moved to Brooklyn from Berkeley a few months ago) and am still marveling in the fact that awesome things in NYC like queer lady speed dating at the strand are things I CAN go to! Except that of course, I realized I still can’t actually go. Because I have a dress rehearsal of Macbeth to run. But next time!

  6. Sounds fun! What’s the average age range? I know you’ll all ages are welcome, but seriously: will someone in her mid-40’s feel like a grandparent?

    • honestly i’d say the average age was 21-30. there were a few people in their 40’s but not a lot. that said, the group is random and different every time, so who knows, this time there may be tons of ladies in their 40s! also this reporting is just from what i saw with my own two eyes / heard from the humans i chatted with — the strand staff was actually in charge of signing everyone in and handling matches and such, so they’d have more accurate figures.

      you’re right, i love saying that all ages are welcome (’cause they are!) and i hate implying that anyone over 30 won’t have fun or find a match (’cause you might!) but i understand wanting to know what to expect before signing up, and the above data is the most truthful answer i can give. hope that helps!

  7. This was TONS OF FUN. Let’s do this every week, guys. Like every. week.

    I got a little overwhelmed and only wrote down like half the number of names I meant to. Eeeek.

  8. are we supposed to have received our matches yet? did I write my email too illegibly? did nobody like me?

    (I had a really great time but am now working myself into a frenzy over it)

    • Well if no one liked you, then no one liked me. We can cry into our sleeves about it together. (I haven’t gotten any e-mails about it, in other words).

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