Yo! That’s Not Cool: I’m For Real. VOTE.

I don't care if you're tired of hearing this. VOTE. Vote on behalf of those being suppressed. Vote on behalf of immigrants who still believe in the American dream. Vote. Use your voice for the voiceless.

I make comics, cartoons and bad decisions in Los Angeles. You can call me Britt.

Brittney has written 20 articles for us.


  1. In michigan and some other states, voting is ‘use it or lose it this year.’ In MI: we need ‘Yes’ on Prop 2 (end gerrymandering that keeps elections uncompetitive) and Prop 3 (makes voting more accessible) so voting is easier and more powerful in the future.

    Also in just about every state there are down-ballot positions that have a big effect on voting access – secretary of state, board of elections, etc. (E.g. vote Benson for SoS in MI).

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