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It’s another lovely holigay season on the internet, but this one is especially special for us: our hotly anticipated redesign will be debuting the first week of December! We have so much shit in store for our first month out and we’re really excited. To celebrate this fantastic and promising time, we’re having a holiday contest to expand and enhance our vibrant community.

Here’s how you enter:

  • If you haven’t already, register for an account on Autostraddle.
  • Comment on this post — THIS ONE RIGHT HERE — and tell us what your favorite thing to read on Autostraddle is (this actually does help us plan for the future!) — before December 1st.
  • Then… keep on commenting! Comment on an Autostraddle post at least every other day between now and December 12th (if you miss a day or two, we’ll forgive you).
  • A trusty A-Team member will then compile a list of everybody who entered themselves here, check comment logs to make sure you’ve stuck around with your thoughts and feelings, and toss all those names into a magical hat.
  • On December 15th, the winners will be announced, most likely in video form, plucked out of a vessel by somebody undoubtedly adorable.



Grand Prize:

$100 Gift Card to The Autostraddle Store OR $100 off tuition to our A-Camp event 

What will you buy with your gift card? The possibilities are endless! There’s lots of new stuff for the holidays, like a new style of hoodie that’ll pop up in the store next week, You Do You flasks, and the 2014 Calendar. We’re also re-stocking the classic apparel: our You Do You t-shirt, A-Camp hoodies, Straddle This boxer-briefs and “Straddle This” t-shirts. Or you can accessorize with You Do You pins, stickers or totes, or record all your feelings in a “So Many Feelings” notebook.

If you choose the A-Camp discount, we’ll give you a code that you can use when you register for camp (registration for our May 2014 A-Camp opens January 17th, but we’ll let you register on the 16th to ensure you get a spot). If you change your mind or can’t make it, you can swap out that prize for the gift card down the road.

First Prize: $50 Gift Card to the Autostraddle Store

Two Second Prize Winners: $25 Gift Card to Autostraddle Store


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Riese is the 40-year-old Co-Founder and CEO of as well as an award-winning writer, video-maker, LGBTQ+ Marketing consultant and aspiring cyber-performance artist who grew up in Michigan, lost her mind in New York and now lives in California. Her work has appeared in nine books including "The Bigger the Better The Tighter The Sweater: 21 Funny Women on Beauty, Body Image & Other Hazards Of Being Female," magazines including Marie Claire and Curve, and all over the web including Nylon, Queerty, Nerve, Bitch, Emily Books and Jezebel. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Word, and then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! In 2016, she was nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism. Follow her on twitter and instagram.

Riese has written 2984 articles for us.


  1. I love everything on Autostraddle, but I especially love the “More Than Words” column and the insightful news coverage of political LGBTQ developments (like Supreme Court rulings, the ENDA act, etc.).

    I also really enjoy the “Oh Gay Cupid” pieces, and any of the random creatively-written hilarious pieces like the Open-Letters-to-Everyone piece (even more recent example: the list about Kanye’s Bound 2).

    My fav article of all time is still Intern Grace’s “Rejection 101: a lesbian’s guide to getting turned down.” I gain strength and courage for lots of things besides dating from that single article. So that’s not a type of article- but just general advice articles about how=to=do-life are wonderful.

    And I wanted to second what someone else said above about anything involving parenting being interesting. I am not a parent but someday I’m going to be, and I need help figuring out how I can be the best queer parent I can. :)

  2. I have so many favorite things!!!
    Your TV re-caps help validate my time sink choices (PLL!!!)
    Queer outfit posts because I love more excuses to update my wardrobe.
    Recipes and crafting things!!! I made a bunch of perler bead based gifts thanks to you!!!
    You also validate my love of exclamation points!!! I can’t wait for the re-design launch!!! I loved the sneak peak!!!

  3. I like this! I’ve always been a bit scared to comment (is that weird?) and this is a good way in. Article wise I really just love the diversity. Other websites seem so boring after Autostraddle. I especially love anything written by Laneia and the first person stuff though.

  4. I am pretty sure I came for the L-Word recaps, the alternaqueer mix of politico-feelings-pop-culture-literary vibes, and I am pretty sure I stayed for the diversity, the honesty, the vulnerability, the flexibility and willingness to change, the readers/commenters and staff – and all their fucking big hearts. Camp helped that become even more real, and now I feel like I know people and I kinda feel like I am coming to a wicked smart and loving coffee shop to read and talk and have feelings when I come to Autostraddle. So I love that.

    I love every single thing Whitney has ever written about family and feelings, and I am desperately hoping for more, particularly since my partner comes from an immigrant family and Whitney’s writing directly helps our lives.

    I love Stef and Riese and everyone else’s articles about non-binary sexuality. I love and hope for ongoing/more of this!

    I really enjoy the trans* scribe and trans* themed articles (personal, essays, political, activism, fun stuff) and the comments after and discussion.

    I love everything written by Kristen (Food, crafts, fashion, Canada!), Brittani (damn funny), and KC Danger (so few fucks to give) and Gabby (FEELINGS, so raw and honest!).

    I also like the open feeds – awards shows, holidays, feelings. I have read every single re-camp ever because they make me love/miss camp, know what you weirdos are up to, and when I went to camp, it was a feelings party.

    Everything ever about safety, consent, abuse (in and out of the community), trauma, recovery, hope, surviving and thriving. These things are important and needed. Also, destigmatizing and talking about mental health.

    And finally, I like the political and social issues articles that usually break things down, track progress and oppression that continues to exist, and engages us all in dialogue.

    Sorry, I had to say everything and not be brief. Cause I love so much. Thank you for asking. Another thing I love about this community.

  5. I absolutely loved that essay Laneia posted a few months ago called “Blog Anything”. Also love all the personal essays and, let’s face it, Glee and Grey’s recaps :) Finally, the trans*- related articles are great and a wonderful opportunity for us non-trans* folks to educate ourselves a bit more. Keep up the good work!

  6. I enjoy reading all the things! If I had to choose just a few to highlight it would be the recamps (which are a magic escape to the mountain whenever I read them), Dear Queer Diary, and the First Person essays. But more than the content, it is the genuine style of everyone’s writing that allows their personalities to shine through that I love . Going to camp and getting to know so many of the. Writers just made it that much better.

  7. I love reading the comments, man. My lady always yelled at me for spending more time reading comments than articles but what the hay is better than intelligent ladies respectfully debating? NOTHING. She also recently starting reading fervently and I bet she is doing it too (girl, holla if you readin’ this)

    I remember an article about the actual prison system in relation to OITNB and I posted that shit on facebook every time someone said they were enjoying the show. That article made that show less guilt-ridden as I swooned at my tube. Thanks for that. Basically, I like when Riese get’s legit reporter style. I also enjoy playlists, which deserve more love. I read pretty much everything but recaps.

    Love this place.

  8. I love that other than providing so much cool info from feminism to fashion to arts and more, Autostraddle is also a platform for people to connect to each other and build a community. Even just reading the comments and getting to know so many cool, diverse opinions is exciting and to think that this really extends to things like ACamp or meets like HoliGAY is fantastic.

  9. I love nsfw sundays, style guides, make a thing, articles about gender, and articles about politics. I read probably 80% of the articles on autostraddle and always find something meaningful to me.

    Thank you autostraddle for existing!

  10. I basically fell in love with this site due to Going Down (South). I’m only technically Not Southern, since I live in rural southwest Missouri which is so weirdly border-state simultaneously-midwestern-and-southern it hurts, but a lot of that column is still relatable enough to hit me very, very hard in the chest space.
    That and camping stuff. Specifically Girl Scout related camping stuff, because camp has been a huge part of my life thus far, and most of my irl queer lady friends are people I met at camp.
    I’m relatively new here, but I’m also pretty sure my stay is going to be a long one. Autostraddle is great.

  11. Clothing articles that span many gender expressions :) It is so hard to figure out what to wear out, how to look sexy, etc when there aren’t a lot of role models out there. (And when you’re trying to figure out how you identify!) The boxer briefs article, how to meet girls/date girls, best lesbian tv shows/romance novels/movies that give you an idea of what’s out there, first person essays. Autostraddle meet ups are a cool idea too though I haven’t taken advantage yet.

  12. The First Person stories are consistently my favorites because they represent a variety of perspectives on a variety of topics and they are always so well-informed and they often introduce me to new subjects, or at least new ways of thinking about old subjects. And they give me a lot of feelings.

    I also enjoy Anonymous Sex Toy Reviews because they are hilarious.

    And Roundtables on any subject because I like hearing from so many of the staffers on one topic.

  13. Hmm, I’d have to say trans*scribe, anything Mey writes (or even touches), Lesbosexy Sunday, Butch Please (even though I’m not butch), the recaps… Oh, and anything that inspires in-person community!

    Most of all, AS is like a big comfy security blanket that pops up in my web browser every time I go on the internet and reminds me that there are decent people in the world!

  14. I love the NSFW Sunday! And Straddler on the Street and first person essays because I feel like I can really get to know people that are part of the Autostraddle community and hear a lot of different perspectives. I also enjoy TIRTIL. I’ve read a lot of really interesting articles from there lately (thanks Riese!)

    1. Because we all need THINGS
    2. I ♥ Food!

    I’d also like to add I love stuff done by Ali and Carmen, they have these awesome styles and they talk about the coolest stuff. I really hope I get to meet them at A camp one day!

    This website, I have to say toast to you guys who make it work and hats off to EVERYONE. I’ve never seen a more positive and inspiring website for the queer female. One that’s also positive. There hasn’t been a day where I’ve seen something negative said. Constructive criticism yeah but never negativity. Hats off to you guys. There’s just something about the website that makes me feel like it’s more than ok to be myself. I love AUTOSTRADDLE!!

  16. Mostly I love all the things on this site! If I had to choose, I’d say Get Baked is still a favorite for me, as well as RECAPS!!, open threads, first person posts, all things whiskey, and the way political posts are converted to lay men’s terms! Also, as an avid home brewer, I have a soft spot for You Brew You posts.


    My fave is Things I Read That I Love. I love reading the queer things on here but also love getting pointers to the not queer awesome essays out there and love the giant list that I’m working my way through

  18. I’m a little late, but I just want to say that my favourite things include recaps, First Person essays, listlings, Things I Read That I Love and the High Femme column.
    The thing i love the most however, is the fact that you write with the same intelligence, irony and enthusiasm about serious stuff, like political and feminist issues and things like, JLaws’s new haircut.
    Also, Best. Comment section. Ever. ALWAYS. (this thread basically sums it up)

  19. Ok, whether or not I’m too late to actually enter this, this is an excellent reason to start commenting!

    I really like reading Sunday Funday, More than Words, and any coverage of the new Pope. Also the Comment Awards are always amazing.

  20. Dear Queer Santa….

    What an awesome prize.

    So hard to narrow it down.

    Love the first person writing, particularly Kate’s Butch Please series and the Being a Queer Survivor piece.

    Laneia’s coming out story was incredibly moving and I’ve read it about a bazillion times.

    Vanessa bringing the cuteness, with Straddler on the Street always gives the warm and fuzzies.

    Brittani’s video party, also introducing me to Little Horribles and other little bits of online awesome.

    The foodie/crafy stuff is wonderful and I thought Wilder Hungers was a really great addition in the last couple of months.

    Really loved SJ’s makeup column, looking forward to getting some more badass looks from that in the future.

    Things I Read That I Love is consistently something I come back to. I have the 100th bumper post in my bookmarks and I have been working through it on every bus trip for the past couple of weeks and it has yet to disappoint.

    Dear Queer Journal has been so fun to follow, especially as I try to get a bit more disciplined myself when it comes to writing in my journal.

    I like a lot of the roundtable, team post, listling type articles.

    I’ll have to look it up after I post this but there was an article earlier this year, which was a repost of an email Crystal sent describing meeting Tegan and Sara, in all it’s awkward glory. That was one of the funniest
    things I’ve read in forever.

    So many things! This is the longest shortlist ever and I know I’ve left so many things out but this will have to do!

    • The recaps!! How could I forget the recaps?? The American Horror Story recaps kill me, the Once Upon a Time recaps made me start watching the show, OITNB helped with the post-binge withdrawal immensely and Bomb Girls!

      As a result of the Bomb Girls recaps, I have gotten raised eyebrows on several occasions when somebody mentions anything spy related in any film, tv show or book and my response is “SPIES!”

  21. I love everything, particularly the community, but I have to keep coming back for the articles on political/social issues. The diverse and intelligent staff always have new takes on stories I’ve read about elsewhere and frequently have news that I haven’t heard about anywhere else. But don’t make me pick one thing cause I love them all.

  22. I love “Butch, Please” and the “Queer Your Tech” and “Make a Thing” and all of the First Persons ever and the wonderful comments section because Autostraddlers are the best and typically have fantastic vocabularies.

  23. I’m rather fond of the recaps, regardless of whether or not I watch the television program being recapped. Recapping is interesting, ’cause, you know, it’s a new art form, and a set of aesthetic criteria have not emerged yet. The medium enters in as a condition of the art form itself. The recappers here do an excellent job of exploiting that absence of aesthetic guidelines, playing with the medium: pushing, pulling, testing, demolishing, and reshaping its boundaries. At its best, the Autostraddle recap resembles a superbly choreographed car chase sequence, careening effortlessly—or so it would seem—between first and third person; between inter- and hypertextual modes of reference; between narrative and editorial; between the text, subtext, and context of the work being recapped; between prose, GIF, and ironically captioned screenshot; and so on, the seeming effortlessness belied by the elaborate structure, erected with such discipline, lying just below the surface.

    Were I to make a suggestion, it would be that future efforts see the team playing as boldly with the content as it currently plays with the form. Why limit recaps to televised narrative? After all, has not U.S. politics degenerated into the Theatre of the Absurd? There could be weekly recaps of each house of Congress, of the federal judiciary, of international diplomacy, of the “mainstream” press, among others, all done in the style currently reserved for _Glee_, _Pretty Little Liars_, and other serial television programs.

  24. As a semi-new-to-all-this person in what feels to be a pretty small town who’s not officially out due to professional reasons — though apparently rumors abound :-/ — this has somewhat been the only connection I have. I think I arrived via Google to one of the advice posts this spring, and have lurked since then (paranoid over rumors much?). I’ve liked what I’ve read, but trying to remember off-hand … I know I especially jump in on the diary & tech entries, as well as any of the personal narrative-type pieces (again, trying for both connection and figuring out). Also, the Things I Like That I Read. And others I like, too, I’m sure. But turkey coma has commenced.

  25. I love to read anything by kate/kade, first person, advice, when carmen writes about feminism (more please!) and things about camp (even though i’ve never been!). And I thought trans*scribe was extremely interesting, and I’m really sorry the series has ended!

  26. Because I’ve been reading comments lately, I wanted to add that I really loved UNDERWEAR WEEK because i DO have problems saying the word panties sometimes. haha. On that note, I really love the posts about clothes. Great way to helo me impress the fam around the holidays

  27. I really like the diversity of the types/topics of articles that get posted on Autostraddle. I used to read every. single. article. always. But then, as there were more writers and more articles, I stopped having to read everything all the time.

    My favourite thing to read on Autostraddle is Things That I Read That I Love, that’s the only column that I absolutely always open all the time as soon as I see it always.

    And also, I don’t know what happened to it, but my actual-actual favourite Autostraddle-related writing were all the formsprings, and related help-articles.

  28. I imagine this is what it would feel like to pick a favorite child. (Hyperbole, perhaps.) Off the top of my head I love: First Person columns, Things I Read That I Loved, Make A Thing, Straddler on the Street, TV recaps, ACAMP Re-Camps, and and and…

    Autostraddle is pretty much the best place on the internet.

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