Holiday Gift Guide: What Sex Toy To Gift No Matter How Many Partners You Have

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Finding a sex toy to give yourself or one partner can be challenging enough – but what about when you have multiple partners? What do you give yourself? Your partner? Two other partners? A whole group? Whether you’re single, partnered, finding the perfect gift for the couple you’re dating, or attending an orgy, we’ve got you covered.

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The most important relationship you can have is with yourself. If you have a clit, take that relationship to the next level with the Satisfyer Pro 2, an air-pressure-based vibe that feels like it’s sucking your clit. (One Satisfyer even looks like a dapper penguin.) More into penetration? The Njoy Fun Wand* is a weighty stainless steel wand with a larger bulb on one end and a series of smaller bulbs on the other for vaginal or anal play. Or work out your kegels with the Optima Vaginal Toning & Pleasure Balls, a weighted set of kegel balls that are 100% silicone and fun to wear during masturbation or daily life. And don’t forget to pair silicone sex toys with water-based lube, like Hydra Water-Based Organic Lubricant**.

One Partner

Some sex toys are especially fun between two people. Focus on each other with the Scarlet Couture Bedroom Bondage System, an under-the-bed bondage set that’s easy to set up and very adjustable. The Fun Factory Sharevibe* is the double-ended dildo of your dreams with a flexible, sexy silicone body and a removable and surprisingly strong bullet vibrator in the base. Or give the gift of dual g-spot and clit stimulation with the G-Motion Rabbit Wand, which has a g-spot-targeting shaft that moves up and down and clit-targeting rabbit ears, with a smooth vibrating wand for a base.

Two Partners

What do you get two partners without already established sex toy collections? The Ihora Yuki is a snowperson-shaped external silicone vibrator with a long charge time and rumbly vibrations. The Embrace Body Wand has a head for external stimulation, a handle that doubles as internal stimulation, and motors that run both separately. And it’s silicone, so it’s easy to clean up after those accidental threesomes. Make cleanup even easier with Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner.

Three or More Partners

There are really only two approaches here: get everyone something different that speaks to their individual sexual interests, or get everyone the exact same thing but make it personal with color choice or presentation. The We-Vibe Touch* is a small, super rumbly external vibrator that comes in turquoise, purple, or pink so everyone can have their own. Accessorize everyone else, or yourself, with Eve’s Naughty Nipple Clamps. Go deeper with the Njoy Pure Plug, a stainless steel butt plug that’s a perennial favorite. And pair it with Uberlube**, a silicone-based lube that’s also a hair styling product, moisturizer and chafe-protector.

????? Partners, Because You Are Attending a Holiday Lesbian Sex Orgy

If you’re bringing party favors to an orgy, the key is quantity and universality. This isn’t the time to break out the unopened spare of your favorite discontinued sex toy that can’t really be shared; it’s the time for very sterilizable or single-use sex toys with potential mass appeal. Bondage Pleasure Tape is a great way to tie someone up without a lot of — or any — experience tying knots; sticks only to itself; and works to restrain, gag, or blindfold. Play with sensory deprivation with the Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask. The Leather Heart Impression Slapper will leave an impression where ever it goes. And relax afterwards and avoid a drop with Sliquid Massage Oil.

What are you thinking of getting your partner(s) this year?

Visit Eve’s Toys and enter code AUTO at checkout for 50% off 1 item & free shipping on orders over $20 in the US. (Note: Some items are only eligible for free shipping and a partial discount. Items marked with an * are 10% off, and items marked with ** are 25% off.)




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  1. um i can personally recommend several products in this post — the Satisfyer Pro 2 is my fave toy of all time, and the We-Vibe Touch comes in a close second. also v v excited about the discount code — HAPPY HOLIGAYS TO ALL OF US, INDEED!

  2. I’ve been coveting the Satisfyer for a long time–I mean, a toy that appeals to my desire to have multiple orgasms and my’s too perfect–and now I’ve run out of excuses. Should I believe the hype and opt for the for the Pro?

  3. the one other thing that bondage tape sticks to besides itself is HAIR. just so you know. like. maybe don’t try to gag your partner with it. it will work, but taking it off will suck. i lost a lot of good hair that day.

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