We Need Help: Now Hiring A Few Good Staff Writers

UPDATE 11.13.2016: We received over 550 applications for these positions, y’all. Over five hundred and fifty! That is so many applications, so many qualified people, and at least 100 humans who would be amazing staff writers who we wish we had the money and resources to hire. We’ve gotten in touch with three writers we know we’re taking for sure, as well as 20 others on the “shortlist” from which we’ll be picking another 3-4 next week. There are also a few columnists we’ll be reaching out to (or have reached out to) as well as some writers with pitches we’d like to see as one-offs we’ll be e-mailing soon. We’re also adding about 150 names of writers we really loved to a roladex / database for potential future assignments — so if you haven’t already heard from us, who knows, you might be in that database and therefore you might hear from us at some other point in the near or faraway future. 

But, as written at the end of this post, “Due to the volume of applications we receive, we’re only able to get in touch if we’re interested in working with you. If you haven’t heard back from us by November 12th, you can assume that we’re not taking your application but we probably wish we could!” We’re unfortunately unable to get back to individual requests for feedback on applications or confirmation, but thank you for sharing your souls with us. Your passion and drive is downright inspirational.

We’ll be introducing your new writers within the next few weeks, and once we get through the pile of pitches we like, will be re-opening submissions to freelancers, and we encourage y’all to submit again. Thank you so much!

Autostraddle is looking for 2-4 new staff writers to join our team in a capacity that will involve writing around 2-3 posts a week. Specifically, we’re seeking funny, hungry, ambitious LBTQ writers with a fresh perspective, a lot to say and an original voice to say it in. We want new ideas and stories you can’t wait to tell. We’re not interested in a diatribe on how this or that fave is problematic. We want weird, risky, bold thoughts from writers actively interested in building a following and connecting with readers through brutal honesty. We want you to get out into the world and talk to strangers and tell us what you found out there. We want somebody who can come in and change how we see the world, too.

But, real talk: this gig won’t work for you if you’re not here for the team and the community. We’re not a bunch of satellites orbiting the web, we’re people who collaborate, learn from each other, grow together, and feel like family. We’re definitely not here for the money, ’cause there isn’t much to go around. We’re here instead of any number of other publications that would pay us more because we actually care, deeply, about making an impact locally and on the queer and feminist culture-at-large. (Well, and, we also like the editorial freedom.) The Autostraddle Network of current and former team members is vast and brilliant, and has enabled incredible creative collaborations, lifelong friendships, a pretty decent website, and the best camp in the whole wide world. This is your very special space to discuss your horrifying second-hand sex experienceshow to have no f*cks to give, why you say No to everything, your Lisa Frank enthusiasm and shit white parents said to you.

We are also desperately interested in applications from queer people of color! We cannot possibly overstate how interested we are in applications from queer people of color!


You’ll be writing at least 2-3 posts a week, checking in with us on Slack as often as possible, and also contributing to the A+ Insider, A+ Bee, or roundtables as requested. We know you’re not making a living here and probably have another full-time job so we’re very flexible about your work schedule.

You should:

Have some familiarity with basic HTML and social media, have a command of grammar/spelling/fact-checking, be obsessively detail-oriented and eager to hit the pavement / make phone calls when necessary. You should be passionate about Autostraddle, too! Above all you need to be reliable and accountable — the nature of a “virtual office” means we need a lot more “check-ins” than you might be used to.

To apply:

Send us an e-mail with your cover letter in the body of an email to: riese [at] autostraddle [dot], laneia [at] autostraddle [dot] com, rachel [at] autostraddle dot com, yvonne [at] autostraddle dot com and heather [at] autostraddle dot com. I know that’s a lot of people! Please make your subject line read STAFF WRITER, otherwise we can’t guarantee that it won’t be lost in our inboxes. This is very important!

Let us know your background and experience, what your availability is, what your areas of expertise are, and how Autostraddle fits into your overall life/career goals. Link us to your instagram / tumblr / twitter / autostraddle profile / website as applicable.

We also want you to give us five story and/or column ideas and provide a few writing samples, in the forms of links to your work online or attachments in PDF form. Please do not send us a Microsoft Word document!

ETA: Please familiarize yourself with the website and its target audience before applying — to be honest, most of our writers were huge Autostraddle fans before becoming writers here, but we seem to be getting a lot of outside interest this round, including applications from cis straight men? So maybe read the “about us” page before shooting us an e-mail!


If you have any of these skills, let us know: photoshop, graphic-making, illustration, video editing, radio production/editing, merchandising, marketing, social media, event planning, research and data analysis.

Have we mentioned that we are especially interested in applications from people of color? We are!

What’s In It For You:

Staff Writers are paid per post, usually ranging from $35 – $100 per post (mostly in the $35-$50 range) with opportunities for more on special occasions and room for advancement into higher-paying positions as those opportunities arise. We wish we could pay you a million times more, but as an independently-owned website with a huge team on a tiny budget, we can’t — just yet. Queer women’s media is not a big money-maker!

You’ll get free and discounted merchandise, gold A+ memberships, reimbursements for expenses, passes to cool stuff, and the opportunity to apply to be on the A-Camp Team (and thus be a part of camp for free) and killer recommendations.

None of us are working for the big bucks around here, but we’re passionate about the work we do and we genuinely find writing to be FUN. You’ll become a better writer, build a brand and a portfolio, build valuable skills, have the freedom to write about things you care about and exposure on a GLAAD-award-winning and very popular platform.

Deadline is October 31st.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we’re only able to get in touch if we’re interested in working with you. If you haven’t heard back from us by November 12th, you can assume that we’re not taking your application but we probably wish we could!

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  1. Just wondering; would you be interested in hiring someone from Europe? English isn’t my first language, but I’m very fluent! I can see why that would be something to make you hesistate, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

  2. I would totally do this if I had time and/or anything interesting to contribute, but alas, earwax. Very excited to meet more smart writers and to read all the new perspectives!


    No seriously, school is like the biggest, grossest bummer right now, and all I want to do is spend more time on autostraddle and like, yes. it’s the *~~*~*universe*~*~~*

    i am so excited to apply!

  4. “We’re not interested in a diatribe on how this or that fave is problematic.”

    Well then, *puts away “A Rolodex on bra’s rants on all faves that are problematic Vol. 1: Everything you hold dear that I just really hate :D”*

    “We want weird, risky, bold thoughts from writers actively interested in building a following and connecting with readers through brutal honesty.”

    Okay then, *takes out “Bra’s Happy-Angry Reviews Vol. 1: *AS’ Misandry T-shirt, It is one of the best fucking satorial decisions I made dammit!”*

  5. Oh man, do I wish I had the time to do this! 2-3 articles a week is a commitment I just don’t have in my life right now.

    Smart folks of color, please apply! Please, please apply!!

  6. I have absolutely no qualifications but my love for KStew, pot brownies,and boys boxer briefs should get me in??????

  7. Can I make a suggestion on articles? I would love stuff about being a queer parent- not just about getting knocked up or caring for a baby. My wife and I are parents of a genderqueer 10 year old and have found that, although parenting is universal, being a queer parent comes with its own set of interesting situations. For example, I was at school not to long ago for an event. My kid’s best bud’s mom is talking with me and a few other parents. The subject of “what boys are like and what girls are like” comes up. Cringe. Then someone mentions how we have it easy now but when our “boys” start noticing girls, it’s all down hill. Then the parents mention the crushes their kids have had on girls. They are SHOCKED when I say that my kid wants to be gay when they grow up because that is what is modeled for them right now. (It’s age appropriate to want to be like your parents at that stage)My kid just assumes it’s the natural way of being, I tell them. Just like they assume their kids are straight or binary.Their worlds are shattered.

    • Tell me about it!

      Our kids are 4 and almost 7 and I feel like if we so much as acknowledge the idea that our girls might not be straight other parents get real weird.

    • Hello there!

      So I am pitching this as part of my application for this job, but whether the Autostraddle goddesses prove benevolent or not, let’s you and me be friends. Mine is a two moms/two daughters family, and our younger daughter is quite the tomboy in dress and mannerisms and has formed some pretty hefty (and adorable) crushes on girls in her class and in the neighborhood. Being a queer parent to a gender nonconforming kid definitely has its unique challenges, and it’s opened my eyes to the prevalence of the heteronormative gender binary in ways that actually being queer myself didn’t.

  8. I would love to apply, but I’m probably not qualified considering I’m a high school senior. Regardless, I’m excited to see some fresh voices on Autostraddle.

    • no, definitely apply!

      the biggest lie ever told is that you won’t understand things until you’re older. Speak up, you’re brilliant.

    • Even if you think you’re too young, it’s really good practice to apply for stuff if writing is something you might want to do in the future! Applying for stuff when the stakes are really low because you don’t think you’ll get it makes it a lot easier to then apply for stuff when the stakes are super high because you desperately want the thing. (Both because you’ve developed skills in cover letter writing etc and because it’s easier emotionally.)

      But obvi no pressure to apply if that’s not at all something you want to do! But even if you apply and don’t get it, you might gain more than you expect :)

  9. I can rewrite titles for the low cost of a Skittle a title. I believe I’ve already submitted my samples on a certain Miley Cyrus related post.

    This one is for free-

    We Need Help: Now Hiring a Few Badasses to Rearrange How We See the World through Mastery of the Written Arts

  10. ?? I have been looking for someone who isn’t hung up on political correctness, actual freedom of speech, realism over professionalism. I will definitely be applying fur this posting. Hopefully, as a young mother (of color), college educated from the urban, gritty streets of Oakland Ca. you believe I have the balls continually deliver a mouth dropping truth. Anyway, for anyone interested in Freelance writing, Join me at The Gift of Gab (WWW.GabBrand.WordPress.com)

  11. I am absolutely applying for this. Spending my night gathering materials and writing that cover letter!

    • Hi, I’m back!

      I applied instantly, haven’t been able think of anything else really. This is one of the most interesting opportunities I have come across and I have had a lot of odd gigs.

      This is a great opening, I appreciate that diversity and the willingness to discuss Life experiences with an honest tongue.

      Hopefully I will be considered a potential asset? Maybe? Yeah, just thought I’d throw that out there. Any way, I will definitely loom around my for the next couple of days!

  12. Oh man, I want to do this, I’ve coincidentally been wondering if you’re hiring for a few days now. Though, I probably won’t apply because, first of all, I am scared my homophobic (albeit loving) parents will find out (and believe me, they will), and secondly, I’m kind of a shitty writer and my thoughts are super messy. This would be so much fun, though, especially because I have pretty much all the time in the world right now (and my high school English teacher thought my little essays were funny). But alas.

    • I’m going to guess that straight allies are not what theyre looking for from a regular contributor. (I don’t work here, happy to be corrected.)

  13. YAAAAAAS! I’m gagging!!! This post gave me life darling!!!
    I am crafting my cover letter now because you need me on your team!
    Excited and motivated!

    • Totally legit question, but also totally up to you to decide if you “count” or identify as POC since it is fairly meaningless outside of North American (and maybe some European) contexts. I think Danii has feelings about your exact situation, actually! (Not sure if they’ve shared them on the site though.)

    • You “count” as a person of colour if you’re not white, regardless of where you were born. There are plenty of white Venezuelans [whose families come from white settlers / immigrants from Europe] and plenty of non-white Venezuelans [whose families are descendants of Indigenous people / enslaved Africans or later African immigrants / Asian immigrants etc]. This is why “Latino” is not a race.

  14. Would it be wrong to apply if you have no actual life or career goals, are not an actual writer looking for a future in writing just person with a crazy life story (that formed me into a being that rages/feels apart of their self breaking when women I never knew, have a real reason to care for are senselessly violently killed because I know what is to feel the wrath of someone who thinks me a lesser being on body trying to end my life) and love of recipe sharing?

    I’m like asking for friend or some sort of false bravado lie thing or something, no reason.
    None at all, but while we’re at is using middle finger dance gifs “connecting with readers” at all or what?

  15. “We’re not interested in a diatribe on how this or that fave is problematic.”

    is incompatible with

    “We are also desperately interested in applications from people of color! We cannot possibly overstate how interested we are in applications from people of color!”

    • I’m now really curious as to how child labour laws could apply in this situation because that’s first limiting factor after parent stuff related to age I could think of.

      Under the FLSA ( Fair Labour Standards Act) children under 14 cannot work for pay with exceptions such as the entertainment industry and stuff like babysitting and paper delivery.

      And I guess there’s enough flexibility to assume that the editors aren’t violating that scheduling minors work during school hours thing, but I’m no expert.

      Any US lawyers in da house that practice labour law?

  16. If you’re only interested in the graphic design, video editing side of this application, is it still okay to apply? Also, what would the email header be in that case so it doesn’t get lost in the mail. Staff Writer?

  17. Hello again!

    Still excited to see lively dialogue and eager writers! I was really interested in an earlier post about raising children within same sex relationship. I think there is a lot to say in regards to “imprinting in adolescence”.

    It’s safe to say since all these psychological studies show that children who were abused and raised by sexual abusers often don’t turn out to be sexual predators themselves, especially if exposed to an “alternative lifestyle” of freedom from being in the same position again.

    My advice, for Christen I believe it was, would have been expose the child to a diverse lifestyle off uhh feel it was becoming an issue (I personally think it’s adorable that their so accepting of their truth, learned habit or not).

    Of course they will have some affect on who he thinks should be, but giving him opportunity to dive into different relationships outside of home allows the child to decide for himself. At this point, they have provided every possibility that he will develop into the person that he was meant to be, not just someone they assume is following in their footsteps.

    Besides Washington Post claims children of same sex marriages are happier than most!


    × Note: my personal opinion.

  18. I have content and time but I’m a shit writer.I know the basics but commas are weird and don’t even get me started on semicolons. I guess I’ll sit this one out.

  19. I wish I could apply for this, but I don’t know if I can. Right now I am 17 but I will be 18 by November 23rd. Would that be okay or would that mean I couldn’t apply?

  20. Hi, is there any interest in art writing on AS? I know it’s mostly pop culture/news/etc. but I’d be very interested in pitching pieces on queer/woc artist, exhibitions, up and comers , reviews, queering art spaces, etc., things of that ilk. I’m just not sure what interest level of that kind of thing on AS is? x

  21. I’m so excited for new, interesting writers! I love the pieces that open my eyes and make me see things differently. Apply, everyone, apply!

  22. Just applied! Even if I don’t get it, it definitely helped me flesh out some ideas that I’ve had floating around in my head for a long time, so win/win. Good luck, everyone!

  23. Oh man, I have a pitch for a column on classical music (especially operas), but I’m not sure if I can come up with ideas for 2 or 3 articles each week.

  24. Plz hire a queer latinx!!!!!! I miss content by Gabi and Fikri (okiknow, def not latina, but she writes from an intl’ perspective). I think it would be good for the community to see other feminist perspectives that are not exclusively from the US/North.

    Regardless, I’m excited to see what folks come up with!

  25. Kicking myself that I just seeing this ! Is the application closed ? I’ve been waiting for you guys to post an open call for a while.. Hopefully we can work something out ! :))

  26. Will there be a post announcing the new writers when they are selected? I would love to hear about the people chosen!! :)

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