The Real L Word’s Lauren and Amanda Have Brains and Beauty: The Autostraddle Interview


Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Movie: The English Patient

Favorite Lesbian Term:  Scissoring. Scissoring is really “my thing” now, so I guess I have to say that.

Disney Character: Snow White

Best Book You’ve Ever Read: I really love Jane Eyre. I’m so gay. But wait, A Moveable Feast.

Favorite Food: Pizza. During filming I ate so much pizza. I would always order a million pizzas, but they never filmed me eating it.

Hidden Talent: I’m a really good skier.

Favorite Term for Vagina: I don’t like any of them, is there a picture? Oh wait, the vagina symbol. So ({}), I guess.

You Can Only Do One Thing for the Rest of Your Life. What is it?  I really enjoy food. So eat a lot of food.

Amanda: Scissor!

Lauren: No, excuse you. I love food.

Favorite L Word Character: [Skype cuts out]

Kate: Who did you say? Tina?

Lauren: No! Dana!

Amanda: No one likes Tina.



Favorite Animal: Tree Frog

Favorite Movie: Gia

Favorite Lesbian Term: Samesies

Kate: What’s samesies?

Amanda: Like, you like samesies. Or, I say I like innies, not outies. Like same sex.

Lauren: That’s not a term.

Amanda: Yes it is!

Kate: Oh, so if you like samesies, you like the same sex.

Amanda: Yeah.

Favorite Disney Character: Sleeping Beauty

Best Book You’ve Ever Read: Atlas Shrugged

Favorite Food: Thai food or Mexican…fish tacos!

Lauren: Oh god…

Hidden Talent: I like building things.

Kate: You built the pod!

Lauren: Call her a carpenter.

Kate: So you’re a toolbelt dyke.

Favorite Term for Vagina: Cuuuuunt? Yeah, cunt for sure.

You Can Only Do One Thing for the Rest of Your Life. What is it? Have sex. Doesn’t everyone say that? What else would you say, juggle?

Lauren: It has to be something enjoyable. What is the most enjoyable thing you can think of?

Amanda: Sex, obviously!

Favorite L Word Character: Carmen

Kate: Yeah, she’s kind of perfect.

Amanda: I know, right?

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    • Exactly. To those that don’t know – Atlas Shrugged is a novel of the creator of far right ideology of Objectivism, Ayn Rand, in which she basically argues that rich people are elite of humanity (they are rich because they have merits that elevate them above common folks and that’s natural order that is spoiled by evil government), they shouldn’t be taxed and any form of social welfare or affirmative actions are “socialism” and people that depend on that are “parasites” (ironic is a fact that Ayn Rand herself depended on government aid when she got lung cancer from heavy smoking).

      And Amanda comes from very rich family…

      • I’m not from a rich family, and I’m super liberal, and I liked Atlas Shrugged. I read it like the teacher in Perks of Being A Wallflower said when he recommended The Fountainhead: “Try to be a filter, not a sponge.” They are novels, and there ARE some good ideas in them.
        It’s pretty judgmental to dislike someone because the like Atlas Shrugged – you don’t even know why she likes it!

        • I agree.
          I took a college course where we went over Ayn Rand’s philosophy as they were depicted in “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged.” I don’t agree with her philosophy. The inequality of opportunity (which often stems from socioeconomic disparity) doesn’t put people on a level playing ground where they can live up to their full potential. The hereditary nature of wealth makes it easier for rich people to succeed in life – or just live off the success of their ancestors and pretend they earned it themselves. This in conjunction with the tax warfare on the poor/middle class for the benefit of the rich makes it hard to agree with Rand’s philosophy.

          BUT, it is through disagreeing so vehemently with Rand and others like her that I and others are able to appreciate the work as a learning tool and as a primary source to base dissenting opinions.

        • Obviously they couldn’t like it for a good story or writing style, so it leaves only those “good ideas”.

          And from my experience people who think that ideas presented there are “good” are not the nicest bunch.

          • I liked the story and the writing style, but it’s the ideas in the book that people have a problem with.
            When I said “some good ideas,” I wasn’t referring to any “f*ck everyone, pull yourself up by your bootstraps” sentiments – that’s why I said “some.” I was talking about “individualism vs. collectivism” and “exceptionalism vs mediocrity,” as blue explained better below.
            As cray-cray as Ayn Rand seems, I don’t think her philosophy can be simplified to “hate people, be a Republican asshole.” Like most things, it’s not all good or all bad.

      • yeah, but, the heroes of both books, howard roark and john galt were not rich men or privileged – other than being white males. she made a big deal out of roark living in abject poverty, literally starving for the sake of his personal integrity and not selling out and taking the easy success.

        i think her philosophy is actually about individualism vs. collectivism, exceptionalism vs mediocrity, more than wealth and privilege vs poverty. she actually portrayed some wealthy people as absolute asshats. it’s not about that.

        • It’s not just about that, but that’s the logical consequence of her ideology. Big evil government and parasites don’t let atlases to rise above the masses. Elitism always comes in pair with “wealthism”.

          And a fact Rand betrayed her own philosophy (but as a hypocrite she tried to hide that fact) when she was in need shows how childish and detached from life this way of thinking is.

      • Yeah I also feel like for some people it’s maybe one of only a few books they’ve read, though? Or at least of a few Big Important Books they’ve read, like, some people just don’t read much after high school and so it kind of stops there. So . . . maybe still kind of damning, but in a different and more benign way? seems like the other, more charitable interpretation.

    • Ditto. I thought, like, everybody read that at 17, was like ‘OH HEY THIS MAKES SENSE’ and then realized that they, you know, like people.

      Re: objectivism, where’s the “this is crazy” picture when you need it?

    • The scene in Dirty Dancing when Robbie gives Baby a copy of The Fountainhead and tells her “some people count and some people don’t” – that’s the moment you know that preaching the gospel of Ayn Rand is just … well… yikes.

      • haha I was about to post that, but you beat me to it. I’ve always loved how that movie uses an Ayn Rand book to tell you everything you need to know about that guy.

        So, yeah, “Atlas Shrugged” as best book ever is something of a red flag.

        Takes all sorts, I suppose.

  1. So tired of the self-righteous “I’m doing it for the good of the community” bullshit so many cast members across multiple seasons declare. This must be some PR crap Showtime has trained them to say. Who the hell are they kidding? You’re doing it to serve your oversized ego and your bank account. Get real! Same as IFC. It’s fucking insulting, quite frankly.

  2. They generally sound smarter than TRLW allows, though I’d imagine if IFC truly were such a caring, supportive person, she’d refrain from rabidly ensuring that the women on her show seem as vapid and far from educated as possible. And also from omitting their valuable contributions to the community and society, both of which seem easily classified as “misrepresentation” by omission, anyway. Cute!

  3. i’m having a really hard time right now because i don’t watch the show and for a long time i thought lauren was amanda and vice versa, so i thought i had a crush on amanda, but i don’t, i have a crush on lauren (specifically, her hair.)

    my only other thought is: holy shit that gold bathing suit photo.

    • How are there people in the world who can pull off candy floss hair?! HOW?!
      (I say people, because I’m not sure which is Amanda and which is Lauren, but seeing as one of them said “we have a brain” I can only assume that they are one collective being, and it’s accurate to just say ‘Lamada has fanTASTIC hair!!)

  4. Lauren’s face is basically what the woman of my dreams looks like. I wish she lived in Boston. I’d show her what a real relationship looks like. Can’t believe anyone would ever leave her by herself on a trip.

  5. “I think I’m feminine on the outside, and that could maybe help the feminine girls to come out. I want to help the girls that I was when I was trying to come out that didn’t see gay girls out there who looked the way I did.”

    A good follow up question: what did you look like, Lauren?

    • Believe it or not, this was actually her putting it nicely. In another similar interview she actually had the gall to basically say she did the show to show the world that there are hot feminine lesbians! As if she’s the first or an endangered species or something. The egos on this show are unbelievable especially considering nobody knows who they are or gives a crap!

        • Plus the ~200 hot femme lesbians who commented on the hot femme lesbian article and probs the same again who had nothing to add but kept yelling ‘Yeah! YEAH!’ at the computer screen (fyi, don’t do that in an open plan office. People will think you’re losing you faculties)

      • But she is beautiful, more than many people. I find it interesting that we don’t like beautiful people stating that they’re beautiful.

        And the fact that she’s on the Real L Word to represent pretty, feminine-looking lesbians is plausible. It’s a valid point that some girls who aren’t sure of their sexuality might put off considering themselves as gay because they don’t fit into the more masculine stereotypes, or find it attractive.

        • Well, having a pretty feminine lesbian should be a marketing strategy from IFC or a directing choice from the Production. Hearing the girl herself saying that she went on this show to feature that seems everything but plausible. Or maybe she REALLY thinks she brought it herself when obviously it was a casting decision from them. I don’t know, it seems odd to me that she would say that..

        • You missed the point entirely. The problem isn’t a beautiful person saying they’re beautiful, although I think a little modesty is always appreciated whether it’s about physical traits, intelligence, money or anything else. The problem lies in her suggesting that there are so few hot feminine lesbians that she just had to be a pioneer and show the world they exist. It’s a pretty conceited and out of touch position to take. It’s insulting especially for someone her age. This is 2012 and while we can still use all the visibility we can get, the beautiful people haven’t exactly been scarce. Most people have internet and some form of media. The idea that the only exposure one has had to lesbians has been in the form of grossly overweight diesel dykes with mustaches & tool belts is preposterous and actually plays to the stereotype. She’s actually reinforcing it by saying “look, I know there aren’t a lot of us but there are lesbians who look like me.” It’s patronizing as hell and patently false! There’s no new ground broken here and her trying to claim some sort of altruistic “community service” is absolutely ridiculous and totally insulting. I would have a lot more respect if even one person would be honest and say – I have a business to promote, I would like to get into entertainment or acting or I just like the attention. A little honesty would go a long way. Even saying you wanted to promote lesbian visibility in general is WAY better than saying you wanted to specifically promote visibility of hot lesbians because, you know, almost no one knows there are any hot lesbians which is her position in at least 2 interviews that I have read.

          • I agree that Lauren’s reasoning can come off as a bit conceited; however, I think her actual intention is not preposterous or deplorable in the least. Speaking from my own personal experience, I struggled for a long time with my identity because I was raised in a culture which perpetuates that femininity (especially in physical appearance) and queerness cannot mesh together. Growing up reading magazines like Cosmo Girl and Seventeen only further perpetuated this divide by emphasizing that being fashion-forward and feminine went hand-in-hand with being boy-crazy and heteronormative, essentially. Obviously now, being a very proud femme lesbian, I know this is completely untrue. But as a confused high schooler who didn’t personally know any feminine-presenting queer women and never saw any feminine-presenting queer women in the mainstream media, I thought my feminine identity and presentation compromised my sexuality; I thought I had to be straight. Now I know there are TONS of femmes out there, I do; however, the only reason I know this now is because I involved myself in the queer women’s community, both locally as well as through queer media outlets/internet, etc. The problem I see Lauren addressing is that there is a lack of feminine queer women in the MAINSTREAM media, and therefore few positive role models for girls like me. Do I think Lauren is the best role model? No. Am I pulling a Whitney and posing questions for myself? Yes. But really, while I don’t think Lauren is necessarily the best person or the paragon of “hot feminine lesbianism” I do agree with her stated intention and think it very likely stems from her own personal experience coming into her identity. Negating a problem is not the way to resolve anything; even if it’s not something you’ve ever faced, understanding and empathizing with those who do experience it are key to building a strong, supportive community. Yes, Lauren can come across as vain and immature, but the fact that she has a presence on this show is not completely without worth or positive outcomes.

          • There used to be a lack of femme representation, I experienced that growing up, but I think the pendulum has swung the other way. Most of the time, lesbians on TV (and film) are conventionally attractive femmes whose style isn’t even particularly queer: Gray’s Anatomy, the L word, Lip Service, pretty little liars, skins…there are sometimes sporty dykes or andro Shane types, too, but very very rarely butches. Rachel Maddow and Ellen are the obvious exceptions, and they’ve had to bring amazing skill and talent to the table to be able to have the visibility they have; and of course they are both slim and conventionally attractive. So I find it hard to believe that a young feminine lesbian would have a lack of role models of that kind at this point, although she might feel anxious if she doesn’t look like a model.

          • Oh the first bit, about beautiful people admitting they’re beautiful, was a generalised comment on people’s reactions, here and in general.

            The Femme article comments seemed to be full of sad feminine lesbians who felt like outcasts in their gay communities, that no one believed they were gay – that would suggest it can be a problem. I think the look of lesbians varies massively by community and age group though – I’m a pretty girly dresser (I don’t think twice about heels & dress in a club, haven’t worn trousers this summer) and don’t feel it’s a problem, but definitely when I first started to go to gay stuff it seemed that no one made an effort, had bad style, was less attractive than straight girls (this was just my first, now changed, impressions). I think it’s vaguely valid (you guys will hate this) that Lauren could be a role model in a “I wanna fuck her, not be her” sort of way as well.

            Also, Janie’s explained herself well, better than me.

    • I know, right?

      hate to say it but it does seem like their businesses were both started because they come from money and people who were willing to fund them.

      oh well, at least they are doing some charity…

  6. I don’t get what anyone sees in Lauren to be honest, she is not the least bit attractive to me. Amanda, on the other hand, is gorgeous. Not to mention fucking hilarious. I loved all her comments about Kiyomi and her sideeyeing Lauren during their whole hookup phase.

  7. I don’t buy it with these two. I bought it in the interview with Somer – the idea that we weren’t getting the full picture of her – but with these two I still get the same entitled, not super smart feelings that I get from them on trlw.

  8. I’m not gonna lie, Whitney style, but I really like looking at their faces. and hair. and etc.

    I seem to being going against the grain here, but they seem likeable to me, and their relationship is pretty lovely.

  9. I don’t know I feel like they still are a little bit disconnected with the reality. Like I can definetely see that Somer, Cory and Kacy are normal and everyday people put on a reality and they act as if they’re living their normal life. I get the feeling that instead Lauren and Amanda in front of the camera act a little bit more dramatic than they normally would. And they look a little bit spoiled to me.
    Anyway they are not SO MUCH more attractive than common people as everyone is picturing them. They are both beatiful, but I definetely think that Vero for example is more attractive than them. Maybe it’s just my crush on Vero! ahahah

    • I couldn’t agree more with everything you said.
      All the ‘party people’ like Amanda, Lauren, Romi.. look so fake to me when Kaci, Cori, Somer, her wife and Vero look totally real, like they are exactly the same camera off or on.

      • Speaking of which I think another correlated and intricate topic should be further investigated… we already know that Sara’s boobs are not real. The question is:do you people think lauren’s boobs are real?
        (It’s a question which has been haunting me for a while)

        • That’s a very good question, I have thought about it a lot.. I mean what else can we truly care about? hunter Valentine’s music? The nurses of the ER in Palm Springs? Actually, I’d like to put some camera there and see all lesbians being reanimated and sent back to Dinah..
          Anyway, back to Lauren’s boobs, they are gorgeous and I quite think they are real even tho she is doing botox at her young age.. which sort of indicates she could go for a boob job.
          *checking the Golden swimsuit picture again* Nah, they are fake! They are very well made and high which would indicates that she is working them out (she is 31) but the rest of her body doesn’t look like she is working out..

          • While I understand that some of you don’t like the show (I personally have never seen it bc I don’t live in the US), I am really bothered by this comment thread. I feel like if some of the comments made were on any other post (like the ones about Lauren’s boobs being fake, and then saying that “the rest of her body doesn’t look like she is working out”, or that “I never want to see Amanda without makeup”) they would be removed or other commentors would be more responsive about calling you out on criticizing a woman’s body/appearance which is against autostraddle rules. It just really bothers me that just because some of you don’t like the Real L Word brand, you think it gives you the right to essentially bully the appearance of two people who, whether you think its for better or worse, are putting themselves out there as gay women. I just hope neither of them read autostraddle, because it makes me cringe to think that they could see some of the comments. I know it comes with the territory of being on reality tv, but I didn’t think I would see it on an inclusive lesbian website like autostraddle.

          • You are absolutely right, if it was a recap or a topic about ANYTHING else, I would have never written the kind of post I did, like ever but I guess I just had an over dose of superficial behaviors and after watching 6 episodes mainly focused on self-absorbed brats having a hard time getting over themselves have taken the worse out of me..

          • That being said I am pretty sure they are reading everything possible about themselves so they might read those comments. Lauren is gorgeous but that’s all I can tell about her, the editing of this show is manipulating everything else so yes, I can go as low as talking about fake boobs and make up.. I would love to talk about their career choices, their passion in life, their background, the engagement in the community tho. Trust me. But if they are using their unique chance to convince us they are more than what SHO wants to show us, they are talking about how rich people are superior beings and how unique they are as feminine lesbians, than it gets the worse out of me and again, I am not proud of it, I am just following the bitchiness angle.

            P.S: I am sorry about my grammar.

          • No wait wait I never said “ugh lauren is ugly she should be ashamed of herself” or something like that. As a matter of fact I stated in the first comment that I think she is beautiful, but I like Vero better (also Laura if youa ask) and I don’t think she’s so much more attractive than common people. Which is not offensive is it?
            The boobs thing was a joke I didn’t mean to offend anyone, honestly I don’t have nothing against plastic surgery or fake breast for that matters since I considered having one myself (but I don’t have the money and I came to accept the fact that my chest is “tabula rasa” ;) ).
            Plus honestly if on television you only talk about how you did get a shot of botox and who you hook up with you don’t leave with much more to talk about.

          • That was my point one time when I was saying that basically, Ali is not beautiful enough to afford that type of behavior, and I remember it was a bit offensive (out of the context of the show I would never say that tho) but now look at it.. She got totally ditched by Kyiomi for a better looking girl so why can’t we talk about their looks? It seems to me that it has became the only plot in the show.
            Anyway, I will try to be nicer in the way I say those things as I know it can be sensitive. :)

  10. I tried…but I still think Riese’s recaps have painted a more believable picture of these two. Their interview still made them seem pretty vapid and that was probably their only chance to show their redeeming qualities. That being said, I must give them credit for Lauren’s amazing hair!

  11. thanks for the interview. I like them a lot more now. i have a new respect for lauren and what she is trying to bring to the show. I can completely relate to her and how she feels about looking feminine. I think that a lot of girls like us are really under represented.

  12. I am a lesbian.

    I love Ayn Rand.

    I love Rachel Maddow.

    I love Lauren’s pink hair.

    I love vaginas.

    There is exponentially more about me you will never know unless you were to meet me and be my friend. Which will probably not happen.

    You want to up the level of discourse in a reality TV show? Make reality better than the lowest common denominator. Strive to educate yourself and do things well because you are able to. Influence others to be the best they can be, then maybe society will get bored by the Kardashian’s and The Real L Word.

    (oh and maybe read Atlas Shrugged)

  13. Sigh — this article reminded me of my bigger troubles with the L Word brand, while not specifically with Lamanda. Maybe I’m a killjoy: wouldn’t it also be compelling to watch a show about the difficult, ongoing, and still-dramatically interesting work of ethical communication so many folks in queer communities are striving for? Treating each other with respect and owning mistakes and having tough convos and tears and fights, without the mean girls bullshit. What a wild notion. I often find these folks’ behavior, and the old L Word characters too, so appalling and unrelatable. While I complain about the total lack of representations I had to draw upon growing up, but this is CERTAINLY not what I would’ve hoped for as a teen. And yet, JUST like with that nearby trainwreck, I rubberneck indeed

  14. amanda and lauren: not impressed. they spent half a second talking about their businesses and contributions to the community, and more time just being vapid assholes. maybe it’s because the both of them only have one brain to work with? and i ALWAYS thought lauren’s dishwater pink hair (complete with roots) was atrocious but now i’m completely turned off by her. stating that atlas shrugged was the best book she ever read and that she was helping the visibility of beautiful feminine lesbians just by being her special snowflake self on tv? whatever happened to humility? again: not impressed.

  15. have to admit i gave the ‘REAL L WORD’ a try, several in fact. i found it to be embarrassing and very amateur. the women seemed rather desperate and quite addicted to alcohol. Not all, but most.

    So…is there any point to this program being on the air ? Seriously.

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