The Comment Awards Have Seen Love, And It’s A Bride in Fuchsia

Hello! This week, I’ve got several reminders from Cyrus, my best boy: Always, always dig for the squeaker at the heart of the toy, that’s where the joy is. Cuddle when you’re sleepy; if you’re home alone, tuck your nose under your tail for maximum cozy. Be hopeful forever: there is always more love, and more treats, just around the corner. And when the UPS driver comes down the cul de sac, SHOUT AT THEM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!

This week, Lauren told us about the existence of TruckSlutsMag, an Instagram and print mag about rural queers that I NEED in my life.

In Greasebats, Archie Andy tried to learn to cook.

Want to live alone without losing your mind? Malic’s got tips for that! (I recommend a dog, a cat, or a plenitude of plants to talk to).

Sometimes…you just need to get off on some food.

The Circle is bisexual chaos, and the TV team is HERE for it.


And finally, from our very own Robin Roemer, photos of our very own royal wedding that proves LOVE IS NOT A LIE. It! Is! Dusty! In! Here!

And then there were your comments.

On Grease Bats: New New Year’s Resolution:

The Femme Brûlée Award to Deli Twotone:

In favour of cooking, I have only one thing to say : Reniece.

On The L Word: Generation Q Episode 106 Recap: Loose Ends:

The TINA! Award to Kate:

Not gonna lie, when Tina fucking Kennard showed up on my screen, I screamed TINA! Not unlike Bette in that first screencap. They really did that AND kept it secret. My Tibette feels were all over the place when they hugged and Bette’s face crumpled and she begged her to stay 😩

And the Maybe A Sublet? Award to Michelle:

I just wanna live in finley’s armpits okay

On How to Live Alone Without Losing Your Mind:

The Keep The Change, Ya Filthy Animal Award to Carmen SanDiego:

Design booby traps to defend your place against burglars. You know, cause you’re Home Alone now

On “Generation Q” and “Work in Progress“ Renewed For Season 2, Thank You So Much:

The Fats to the Front Award to Mathilde:

Woooohoooooo!!! Now let’s hope Gen Q casts some fat people in central roles for season 2!!!!

On No Filter: Lena Waithe, Samira Wiley and Leisha Hailey Are Tangled Up In Blue:

The Even Cowgirls Get It On Award to Chandra, Blanche, –Jo, and amidola:

Chandra: Leisha Hailey in the gender-swapped reboot of Brokeback Mountain / Blanche: !!! / —Jo: except they leave their husbands, stay together forever, and co-direct an all gay organic free range cattle ranch with queer youth ranch hands and everyone is happy and has regular and satisfying tent sex. this is the story we need. / Amidola: Hmm, this sounds a bit like “Even Cowgirls get the Blues

On Curls That Dance Under Any Light: Rediscovering My Queer Hair in India:

The Fated Fade Award to shamblebot:

I’m not a deeply religious person, but sometimes, just every so often, the world lines up in a way that I have to feel is fate. I’m a “good

And on Grace Lavery and Daniel M. Lavery’s Wedding Photos Are Pure Queer Joy:

The Least Vapid Fluff Award to G:


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  1. Ahhh thank you!!! I got the hair cut today and it is so good and so gay!! Wishing everyone that energy for the weekend.


    2. My Lex ad title is “Let’s get in tents” so I’m going to take this award as my due. Question though, has anyone ever actually achieved truly satisfying tent sex, or is it always in the same category as beach sex, pool sex etc. – i.e. fun in fantasy, but besieged in practice by tricky logistics and foreign particles of grit in uncomfortable places?

    • I had the best sex of my life in a tent.
      No wait, the best sex was on a picnic table, next to the tent.
      The second-best sex was in a tent.

      Pool sex, beach sex, the elements just get in the way imx.

      • Living the dream Deli!

        But sand ALWAYS gets into the tent, and it’s usually so small, and crammed full of random camping items and boots

        • LOL somehow, sand was _not_ a factor at all, as I remember.

          Wistful Sigh. Oh to be young, limber and impervious to discomfort again…

    • Omg, this is something where I can actually chip in!
      But kind of wish I couldn’t?
      Tents don’t have walls or literally any, like ANY soundproofing properties.
      The opposite,kind of actually, because the walls and even the floor rustle?
      If you’re in the middle of the woods fine, but if you’re in the middle of a camping site, say in summertime?
      Everyone else is in tents,too, so…
      It’s not easy being a blonde, sometimes.

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