“To L and Back” L Word: Generation Q Podcast Episode 106: Loose Ends

TINA!!! This week on “To L and Back” Tina Kennard is back and so are we to discuss her shocking return and lots of other Gen Q excitement. Shane and Quiara are reconciling, our favorite throuple is sort of making things work, Finley and Sophie get a little bit closer, and everyone is scrambling post-Bette pushing her ex-lover’s husband down the stairs.

Oh and Angie? She passed her driving test and is ready to tell Jordi she loves her. It’s just about the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

My Notes:

+ Watch Laurel Holloman in Boogie Nights
+ My other two Tess hot mom options I forgot to share are Michelle Pfeiffer and Kim Cattrall!
+ The Buckle clothing store does still exist so feel free to try the world famous “Buckle Challenge” which is definitely not just a thing Analyssa and her friends made up
+ The second season HAS now been announced!
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  1. Thanks for this, really enjoying the pod generally. Small feedback note, it may have been due to the ‘crash’ nature of this ep but it sort of got hard to listen to in the latter half of the pod because every other word was ‘like’. I understand you guys were thinking off the cuff but the repetition became super distracting and I had to stop listening. Maybe just my misphonia so possibly not an issue for most but I otherwise love your commentary so just wanted to check in on that. Looking forward to next week!

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