The Comment Awards Are Making Soft Gay Noises


Hi, loves! Have you kissed anyone for Pride Month yet?

This week, Reneice baked the most beautiful Pride cake ever.

The Sense8 finale is here. There’s a wedding! And an orgy! I’m sobbing!

The phenomenon previously known as Herstory Personals has gotten an inclusive rebrand, and an app is on the way! You are all so cute and hot and I can’t wait to read your ads!

Alyssa has some feelings about Pride.

Have you caught Cameron Esposito’s new stand-up special, Rape Jokes? It’s available for free download, and all money raised from the special goes to RAINN.

Ocean’s! 8! Omg!

Ok, this was perfect: Bex Taylor-Klaus talked to Audrey about acting, gender, and the baby queers who depend on them, and posed for some very ? photos!

And then there were your comments.

On “Ocean’s 8wp_postsReview: Women Doing Crimes And (Probably) Each Other:

The Soft Gay Noises Award to Jes and Hester:

my moviegoing compatriots can vouch for the soft gay noises i could not suppress throughout this film, mostly any time anyone was on screen, or wearing something, or making eye contact with anyone else. here’s the thing, though… yes i came home and immediately started looking for fanfic, but, like… there’s not much yet i guess? are we working to remedy this problem? anybody already writing/have any recs? / Hester: Soft gay noises OMG

The Hidden Treasure Award to Snaelle, Priscila T, and Kayla:

Helena rhapsodizing in French about the jewels around Anne’s neck “..nichés dans ses nichonswp_posts(nestled in her breasts) was a personal highlight.

On Lane Bryant’s First-Ever Pride Collection Is Here and Adorably Queer:

The Gay In These Undies Tonight Award to Letitia:

Whew. I’ve scraped my brain back together after the mind-blowing power of Reneice’s illustrations (very through reporting, Reneice. I commend you), and I really think Lane Bryant is missing a golden opportunity to reclaim “Come To My Windowwp_postsfrom Applebee’s by not offering Reneice a million dollars for that one photo. You know the one I mean. Also, the lingerie is nice. Good job, Lane Bryant.

On 22 Brands Selling LGBT Pride Apparel In 2018, Ranked By Highly Subjective Criteria:

The What Is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me) Award to Sally and Denise:

Sally: These products are giving me serious tautology-phobia. Love is love has been repeated so many times as to suggest brainwashing/global corporate conspiracy, thus I have become convinced that love cannot possibly be love, and am highly suspicious about what it really is. / Denise: It's a lie.

On No Filter: Is Hayley Kiyoko a Big Spoon or a Little Spoon?

The Cuddle Puddle Award to Ava:

Your assessments of Hayley, Kehlani, and Demi led me to imagine the cuddliest throuple, as one does when faced with information like this. Imagining Kehlani as the happiest middle spoon makes me happy so thank you for that.

And the Forking Award to AnnieStinkle:

Ok, but WHAT ABOUT FORKS?! #forkpride #takebackthecutlerydrawer

And on Autostraddle Exclusive: Bex Taylor-Klaus Bends Gender, Blends Styles in This Hot Photoshoot:

The Doppelgangland Award to Bex and thatottergirl:

as another 23 year old leo who uses she and they pronouns WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE CALLED BEX, i really really want to be friends with bex taylor-klaus. and this article only confirms it further!

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  1. OH MY WORD!!!! I’ve won a major award! I’d like to thank my nominator, the academy, Melissa Etheridge, Applebee’s, Lane Bryant, and my muse, Reneice, Queer Girl, Autostraddle, my iPhone where I wrote said comment, Molly Priddy who first drew my attention to the post, my lord and savior Hayley Kiyoko…what’s that music playing…my manager, my first grade art teacher who I’m pretty sure was a lesbian, my Blue Crush babes…does anyone else hear an orchestra swelling?

  2. queer girl I think you’ve reached peak naming….I now look forward to your titles even more than the comments featured. And there are fabulous comments – here’s looking at you Letitia, now I have to go read Reneice’s Post!

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