The Comment Awards Are Having All the Feelings


Hey you! Yes, you! Did you know you’re perfect and amazing?

This week, the team wrote about their first online communities. (By the way, I am here to say that trying to come out in 2005 by putting a Ditty Bops song on your MySpace page but never referencing any other gay thing in any way does not, in fact, work.)

Alaina showed us how to flag. Or maybe just wear a bandana. Or a little bit of both?

This was SO GOOD: You Need Help: You Want to Have Sex But Also Sex Is a Lot Wow So Complicated.

We’ve got some Petramos believers in the house!

Kayla reviewed Disobedience, and wow, did you all have some thoughts about the sex scene.

Janelle! Monáe! Officially! Came out! 

And then there were your comments!

On Monday Roundtable: Our First Online Communities:

The Mommi Roundtable Award to csomethingbsomething and Kristen:

csomethingbsomething: Stacy London might be the Platonic form of the mommi. / Kristin: This comment made mommi as a concept finally click for me. Stacy London is so mommi!

On 9 Lesbian Ways to Wear a Bandana:

The Punky Power Award to Elena Tyler:

Honorable mention: Tied around one knee, a la Punky Brewster- the original 80s TV rough-and-tumble tomboy and coincidentally, my root and fashion icon (as a toddler).

On TV Team Roundtable: Just Some “Jane the Virgin” Petramos True Believers Over Here:

The GIPHY Award to Rous Rose (you MUST click through to see the entire gif! It is truly majestic):

Ice Age gif: That squirrel is gathering nuts. Rous has photoshopped Petramos kissing into the image of the nut.

On 58 Ways You Beautiful Lunatics Described Yourselves When Signing Up for A-Camp X:

The Thanks, Obama Award to snowvsasphalt and Mel:

snowvsasphalt: I need to know everything about the Obama leftovers. / Mel: Aren’t we all the Obamas’ leftovers?

And the Chance of Rain Award to Jordan and Dani Z:

I need “bi and ready to cry

On No Filter: Sarah Paulson Is Flying High:

The Wendy Myra Angela Darling Award to Katie:

I’ve never seen Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual referred to by just her first name and now I am…uncomfortable. / Stef: I heard a friend call her Ev once. EV.

On The “Riverdale” Musical Episode Just Got a Whole Lot Gayer With This Deleted Choni Scene:

The There Will Be Blood Award to Yvonne:

can confirm that mixing fake blood for your girlfriend’s carrie costume is queer culture, i’ve done it!

On Janelle Monáe Is Queer: Star Comes Out in Rolling Stone as Bisexual/Pansexual “Free-Ass Motherf*cker”:

The Janelle, Moaning Award to Abbie Yakyak:

1) My computer auto-corrects Janelle Monae to “Jangle Moan”. 2) I immediately starting crying when I read this, I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS RN.

And on Lesbian Visibility Day Roundtable: Carrying History, Worshipping Women, F*cking Up the Patriarchy:

The One Day At a Time Award to Bronwyn:

So though I frequently post lgbt content regularly, I’ve never full on come out on facebook, and am out to many but not all of the people in my life. I noticed it was lesbian visibility day yesterday, and did a post on facebook and instagram. Though I’ve had a very neutral response (noone has said anything since) it still did and continues to feel like a big deal. It’s a hard word to say.

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  1. WE’RE ALL OBAMAS LEFTOVERS and CARRIE BLOOD 4 YR GF AS QUEER CULTURE. I’m dying. You are all the best.

    Also thanks guys, I’ve been a lurker for a long time and just started commenting this week and ALREADY A COMMENT AWARD.

    ~Bisexual dreams really do come true~

  2. I did not make it, but I’m consoled by the fact that my arch-nemesis did not either. I will get you, Carmen SanDiego!

    • I also hung a quote from a Ditty Bops song in my apartment, and when someone asked me what it meant, I panicked and said I didn’t know???

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