The Comment Awards Are Getting Married

​​​​​​This week was huge with rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA in favor of gay marriage (henceforth known as “marriage”) and Wendy Davis’s filibuster marathon in Texas. Not to mention 6 year old trans girl Coy Mathis, who won a landmark civil rights case in Colorado. Yay, Coy! Then registration for October A-Camp opened  and DeAnne Smith started a podcast and everything was beautiful.


As Katrina explains, there’s still a long road ahead for queer equality (and don’t get us started on the Voting Rights Act). Even still, this week was nothing short of historic. Hope you find some time to celebrate this weekend! I hear canned champagne is a thing now.


On Supreme Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional, Rules “No Standing” On Prop 8:

The This Week In A Gif Award to becca:


The Kacey’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On Award to Kacey:


The Credit Where Credit Is Due Award to Carmen SanDiego:

Carmen SanDiego

The Help Your Local Hetero Award to Lora:


On Introducing Camp Autostraddle 4.0:

The Priorities Award to Eli:


On Barbara Buono’s Gay Daughter Rips Chris Christie A New Orifice:

The Enemy of My Enemy Award to Victoria:


On South African Straddler Meet Up:

The We Swear We’re Not Sponsored by Them Award to everyone who had strong feelings about Curly Wurlys (and Vanessa):



Emily Leticia



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  1. OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT ON THE COMMENT AWARDS! (Don’t worry, I’ll show my mom ;) )

  2. For real, everyone should send Edie Windsor a thank you card. That’s 1138 new rights that we didn’t have before.
    And after you’re done mailing it call your grandma. She misses you.

    • I just rewatched Edie and Thea and I want to send Edie Windsor a thousand thank you cards.

  3. When I finally make it to Cape Town one day, I will look for Curly Wurlys because we don’t get them in Johannesburg… :(

    It’s not like South Africa is that big a country either, whaddup with that? :/

    • I feel as if, as a Brit who has been lucky enough to have them all her life, I should just start sending out care packages with Curly Wurlys in them…

  4. Hey! I won a thing again. My morning didn’t start off too well but this made the rest of my day. People enjoy my anger!

  5. I think this is at least the fourth (?) week in a row that I’ve gotten a comment award. Who am I blowing to make this happen? I’m not even aware.

  6. Aah how did I miss the curly wurly discussion?? I love those things :D Sugar Heaven on Newbury carries them. But yes, crazy expensive due to being imported.

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