Team Pick: DeAnne Smith Debuts Her Brand New Podcast, It’s Smart And Perfect

Vanessa’s Team Pick:

deanne-smithHi welcome to Thursday! You may think today is gonna suck because we used up all the good news of the week yesterday, and while it’s true that June 26, 2013 will go down in history as a Really Fucking Excellent Day, I’m here to let you know that today is actually also a really excellent day! Why? Because today is the day DeAnne Smith chose to launch her brand new podcast, Questionable at Best! If you’ve been here a hot minute you know we love DeAnne Smith a whole lot, so I’m feeling a lot of excitement about this new venture of hers. True life, I always say I hate comedians because most of the ones I interact with are men in New York City who think rape jokes are funny, but then I saw DeAnne’s set at A-Camp and she changed my life. So aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with DeAnne and her amazing queer brand of humor, what can you expect from this podcast? Well brilliance and hilarity and adorable nervous laughter from DeAnne, of course. I’m also pretty sure she gives A-Camp a shoutout when she says, “Guys I spent too much time with queers lately and now I’m really worried about offending people.” The more professional / less fan-girl-ish description of the show is as follows:

Comedian and deep-thinker DeAnne Smith kicks around one question with a cool special guest, resulting in 22 interesting (and often overly intimate) minutes. The outcome is Questionable at Best.

The first episode delves into the murky waters of cheating, and special guest Jess Salomon – a former war crimes lawyer turned stand up comic – brings a really funny and potentially unpopular (or potentially very popular!) perspective to the metaphorical table. DeAnne is obviously also hilarious, and together the two of them put together the most convincing case I’ve ever heard to go out and cheat on your partner ASAP. You may think I sound like a jerk right now, but I dare you to listen to the podcast and not allow yourself to be swept away by the adorable nature in which DeAnne and Jess discuss cheating. If they weren’t so damn funny and cute it wouldn’t sound so appealing, okay?!

Here’s the first episode!

You can also listen to it online or download it over here, and a new episode will be airing every Thursday on No More Radio. DeAnne promises that she’ll be present in the comment section over there too, so if you have something to say in response to the podcast, make your voice heard… and be sure to tell DeAnne if she offended you.

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  1. “don’t tape your own hair to a card and send it to me”
    you guys is there a way to retrieve mail that’s already in the mailbox

    • If DeAnne has a “nailed it” merit badge of some kind. She should probably pin it on her shirt today.

  2. Ah! So good. She’s worried about offending dogs and people with pig hearts!

    She’s freaking brilliant.

    • You poor basket case. You really have been hanging out with queers too much lately. Processing.

  3. Oh and you guys are probably really gonna like the totally awkward one I did with my ex I hadn’t spoken to in months. The question was “Can exes be friends?” *cringe*

  4. Well that was a lot of feelings.

    Mostly the I-was-the-Other-Woman-and-couldn’t-feel-responsible-for-that-and-fell-in-love-and-now-she’s-engaged-not-engayged-and-everything-is-poems-and-feelings-5ever.

  5. Oh well, don’t you hate it when you become paranoid after you fooled around with someone else’s gf/wife of 20 years and therefore must live in constant fear of being murdered at 3:00 in the morning by a Canadian hokey mob at a lesbian camp? Don’t you just hate that?

    So be smart. Be safe. Date a lamp!

    #moralofthestory #mentalnotestomyself #haha #weirdpodcastisawesome #recap

  6. Best line “Does anyone have a pig heart?…I need to do some internet research…” :)

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