The Autostraddle Reader Survey 2014: We Want To Know All About You

What if you could make the world a better place just by talking about yourself and sharing your opinions? Sound too good to be true? WELL THINK AGAIN, MY FRIEND. It is totally true and also good, all at the same time. It’s the Autostraddle Reader Survey 2014!


I’ll tell you, Avocado!

It’s a multi-page survey all about YOU and what you like or don’t like, what you need and what you’re thinking, and what you’re DOING. What are you doing, reader? How are you living your life? In what ways can we make it better? We need to know, and we can’t know unless you tell us!


You’re damn right it does, Grape! You’re crucial to the success of this survey, actually. Grab your phone and take a picture of yourself reading this post. Now look at the person/produce in the picture you just took. THAT PERSON IS SUCH A BIG DEAL. That person is an integral part of the Autostraddle experience. We need that person to complete the Autostraddle Reader Survey, so we can know what that person is all about!

Just look at all the things we’ve learned about Autostraddle readers over the years!


Whoa there Skeptical Carrot.

You’re raising some valid concerns, and some totes wacky ones, and I admire you for both. Survey responses are most definitely used for good and not evil. They help steer content, advertising and marketing! We’d never sell your answers to the US government because they don’t care. We do though! We care all the way. Plus, a lot of the questions are optional if you feel ethically opposed to telling us what you buy online. (But c’mon, it’s just little ‘ol us!) Here are some infographics breaking down some of the stats culled from previous surveys. Take a look!



Don’t you wanna be a part of that, Saucy Skeptical Carrot? I bet you do! Whether this is your first Autostraddle Reader survey or your third, completing the Autostraddle Reader Survey 2014 will have you feeling several emotions, and one of them will for sure be HAPPY TO BE A PART OF.


The survey is designed & analyzed by our dearest queer Meredydd, who loves statistics SO much that she’s willing to execute this whole she-bang just to find out more about you.

So get in there and complete that survey!

Click Here to Take the Autostraddle Reader Survey 2014

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  1. I AM sceptical carrot. Skeptical Carrot is asking the right questions because she has been burnt a few times by Brenda I’m a Believer Banana. So there.

  2. Is it strange that I really, really enjoy taking surveys? A survey of my opinions feels kind of like an exam i know all the answers to. Of course, maybe I just enjoyed it because I’ve done two very long shifts at work and my brain is numb.

      • I DO TOO. I just got to design one for school and I took it a few times myself, ostensibly to check that it made sense but really because I love ticking boxes. Even virtual ones.

    • Yes. Buzzfeed survives off the fact that I, and people like me, am bizarrely compelled to spend untold precious minutes of my life finding out What Colour Odd Sock Left Behind in the Dryer or Which Curly-Haired TV Character from 1985 most closely matches my responses to the vague and unscientific questions about my personality. It is an illness.

      Autostraddle’s purposeful and no-doubt-thoughtfully-considered Reader Survey is sure to be a breath of fresh air in comparison.

  3. I may have completed this survey at work. I feel as though I’ve just been paid to Autostraddle. Yes.

  4. You guys really need to test your surveys before you make them live. A lot of the questions offered an “Other” option, but because you didn’t include a checkbox near other, and the question was deemed mandatory, I had to unnecessarily pick an option that wasn’t correct for me just to be able to continue with the survey. Try to fix this ASAP otherwise some of your data will be worthless anyway. … PS I love you.

    • We’ve done extensive testing, actually… I’ll ask Meredydd what might be going on there though, I don’t want our data to be wrong!! :-/ Most things can’t be changed after the survey has gone live, unfortunately. :-/ :-/ :-/

      • Also on the one where it’s like “check the boxes of the sites on this list that you visit regularly” you actually aren’t allowed to not check any of them, which was annoying because I don’t

    • ok i think i found a workaround where other is an option you can check off, and we will just cross our fingers that people who check off “other” will indicate what they mean in the text box as well. it should be okay now. thank you!

      PS we love you too

  5. I was going to tidy up but then Autostraddle & surveys are two of my favourite things. Excuse found.

  6. I’m having a glitch on the survey. When I get to the second page and press continue, it erases everything I’ve written so far and takes me back to the first page. It’s happened three times and I really want to be accounted for but I’m losing motivation to do this now… :(

    • The same thing is happening to me! It started happening on the 5th or 6th page for me. It takes me back to the first page, having saved my progress on all the pages except the one I was just working on. Now I’m stuck on the second page even though I’ve filled out 7 or 8 pages.

    • I have the same issue – I get to 60% through & it returns me to the first page & deletes the data on the sixth page.

  7. Hey, I really want to participate in this thing, but it keeps randomly going back to the first page of the survey when I click next! I haven’t been able to get to the end because of it. I’ll click next next next through the pages because it saves all my selections but I can never get past the gender/sexual identity page. >:(

    • i’m sorry, it should all be working now! i want to know about your sexuality 56 times, it’s just a weird thing about me

  8. hello! I am having trouble filling out the survery? when I complete the second page and hit next, it keeps taking me back to the previous page.

    confused. :\

  9. Heads up editors – The survey isn’t working for me. I get to page three, click “next”, and the survey just takes me back to the beginning.

    Please help! I want to do the survey! :D

  10. I tried to take it and it didn’t work, or maybe I don’t know how to surveys? I hit next on the second page and it sent me back to the first page, where it would show the answers I had given…hit next and the second page would be blank again … hit next and redirect to first page…. I’m lost inside a survey help!

  11. I’m having the same problem. I thought maybe it had timed out since there were so many boxes to check on the second page, but it went back to the first page even when I took the survey much faster. Help? :(

    • sorry, i was trying to fix the problem michelle mentioned upthread. everything should be working now, i’m sorry you have to answer page two all over again!

      • All is well and good – the world has not ended, like we had all suspected. Thanks for coming to the rescue!

  12. Hi! Sorry, while I was trying to fix the problem Michelle mentioned upthread, the survey got wonky for a minute. Everything should be fine now though, I’m sorry! It’s a surveymonkey bug, I guess, that if you edit a thing while it’s live, shit gets fucked. I’m super-sorry, I had no idea! Please take it again we love you

    • aaaannnndd while trying to fix the problem i added an extra “other” to a question on the first page. so if it breaks again, that’s why, and now i am officially done fixing things and it will now work forever and evermore amen

        • I just had this problem, I have filled in the 2nd page 3 times now… :( Maybe it didn’t load your fix though, it’s possible I’ve had the tab open since before you did. Will give it a 4th go!

        • It did it to me again on a later page but then I managed to make it to the end.

          Also, you only asked about using Autostraddle on Android or iPhones. But I wanted to make sure you know that since the redesign your website works like a dream on my top of the line Bada operating system! Unlike NPR, The Guardian, BBC, the NYT, Facebook, Instagram and any number of sites that I didn’t need to carry in my pocket anyway.

  13. I wish all things were explained with fruits and vegetables. Like ‘Leafy Greens explain taxes!’ etc.

  14. I love infographics and Autostraddle and I am going to go do this survey in the hope that there will be more infographics about Autostraddle.

  15. Is anyone else really interested in seeing the percentage of people who checked “Met a romantic partner/dated through Autostraddle” who have gone to Camp vs have not gone to Camp?

  16. Yo! It erased a whole mess of my answers on my NEARLY complete survey. It tossed me back to the beginning and only had a few of the answers saved on the less complex portions of the survey. Annoying, and I don’t have time just now to re take this. I don’t believe this was a user-error, but who knows. Ah well.

  17. Scratch that, it erased all submitted answers AFTER the first block of questions. Ugh.

    • we are so sorry that that happened! any bugginess after 1:12 PST isn’t ’cause of something we did though, ’cause we haven’t done anything since then… it’s either a browser error or a surveymonkey bug. :-( my heart is sad and misses your responses

  18. Hi…i know there is much distress over the lack of workingness, I sent mine half filled due to glitching so…sorry. Also…i have a blackberry…I’m on it right now, it’s how I always view AS, it wasn’t an option :( stupid apple and android own the world. My GF uses her windows phone to view as well. More options on the how you view please. We can’t be the only weirdos.

  19. Dearest Autostraddle,

    You have made the same mistake made by so many. It is not “an” open relation or “a” polyamorous relationship. It’s a bunch of relationships, turning into whatever they decide to be.


  20. You’re lucky I love you enough, Autostraddle, to try coming back and filling that out for the 3rd time.

    (Also I do online surveys for research and know how glitchy they can be across platforms so mucho love)

  21. I love surveys, I love Autostraddle, I can’t wait to see infographics, I wish I could put music note emoticons on here to let you all know that this is a little song I am singing in my head la la la Autostraddle happy

  22. I moved up an age bracket in the AS survey!

    I feel old. What do 25-34 year olds do/like differently?! I need to know!!

    • As a 27 year old living mostly with 23 year olds, I find that my “giving a fuck”-ness has decreased greatly as I moved up in age brackets.

      It’s wonderful.

      • seconding that!

        i’m sorta glad i got to take the survey this month, because next month i will be 35 and then i will be in a different bracket. i suspect 90% of me feeling old will be when i take surveys.

  23. For how did you meet your partner you only let me select one answer…for my multiple partners. Just saying.

    • Yes! This was a thing I was about to comment about. So I selected “online” for one of them and then put the details of my other partner in the “other” box.

      But yeah, lovely AS people in charge of the survey, if you’re going to give an option for polyamory, please reflect it in the follow-up questions :)

  24. I was going to fill this out anyway, so I almost didn’t read Laneia’s compelling dialog with those adorable pieces of produce. Thank goodness I changed my mind!

    • Same. I started to scroll down to the link and then thought, wait, talking fruits and vegetables…I need to check this out.

  25. Love these surveys, but would have liked a general comment section at the end. I have thoughts and feels to share!

  26. For the question about what makes one interested in buying a product, environmental sustainability was listed but ethical workplaces was not. I love AS but I’m always bothered by the number of sweatshop produced products that are featured. I’d love more discussion of the workers behind clothes, gadgets, etc. featured on the site. Thanks! I really had fun filling out the survey. :)

    • I agree with this. It’s something I certainly consider – and why I really make an effort to buy op-shopped/thrift-shopped clothes.

  27. Redone, made it to the end. Woop. From the Web relayed questions I feel like the internet is a great well from which I only sip a trickle. Better get on that.

  28. I have a cold/sore throat thing, so I’ve decided the best cure is frozen mango, ginger tea and this survey. You’re awesome, Autostraddle.

  29. I always love this survey. I can’t wait to see the results!

    One note, I wish some of the questions had a yes, but not in the past year option. For instance, I once dated someone off AS, but that was four years ago. I’m now in a committed relationship and Answering yes to this question doesn’t feel like it reflect my current use of AS.

    Also, I have donated before, but not in the past year because grad school is taking all my money and more. I feel like by answering yes I’m not giving you current info.

    • Oh we really do want to know if you have done those things ever in your whole lifetime! Not just within the last year.

  30. yay! filled it out! much funness! i guess this will be one of my ‘few comments a year’ …

  31. Also answering direct questions is an eye-opener. I was sad that I had to tick ‘no I’ve never read ‘Dear Queer Diary”, now I have read it, and it is great! Thanks Autostarddle!

  32. Okay I finally completed the survey! I used Firefox instead of Chrome to be sure that there wouldn’t be weird errors. Hooray surveys! And learning! And Autostraddle!

    P.S. The hardest part of that survey is picking the one word that describes Autostraddle. Last year I was not very creative at all but then I saw all the results and decided to up my game this year. Still probably didn’t give the coolest answer, but I did my best.

  33. Aww there wasn’t a “cider” option for what we like to drink! And after that cider article toooo! Yep that is my sole comment, haha. So helpful.

    • I had the same problem. But I’m still happy that there was at least one other form of alcohol that I liked and could pick! (Gin drinker!)

  34. Who are you 48.6% who read these things but don’t comment?
    You could be sharing in all the feels by sharing your feels and thoughts about all the feels and thoughts. It is a gift that keeps on giving.
    I am one of the loud 6.7% who comments daily, but then I am not really loud, nor brave, nor confident, I just like communicating here on Autostraddle. In real life I am much more meek. Also I like typing. Who are you, shady lurkers?

      • Maybe it’s more like this.

        Come out come out- you’re obviously amazing and adorable and super cute and we want to get to know you! :)

  35. I realize AS is my queer diary.

    *stares into the distance*

    I need a cider, who am I kidding!?!?!? Whiskey!!!!!

  36. Seriously AS? I have to select “Other” to self-identify as a trans woman? Kind of expected a little better from you guys… :-(

    • i thought the same thing when i saw that 1st question, but then realized it was asking about sexuality. the next question did ask about gender, and there was our option,both with an (*) and without.

      • yup!

        also the gender question specifically said “select all that apply” so that people could use two or three terms to best describe themselves as accurately as they wanted to — we didn’t want any two terms automatically attached to each other or to have an extensive list of all possible combinations a la facebook, so each option is only one term so readers can combine them (or not) as you wish.

  37. bless you for topping out the age question at 55+… and please keep in mind that not all your fans are in north america. a few of the questions were kinda hard to answer given that some didn’t have an ‘other’ option, hence a buncha blank answers. hope this ol’ thing didn’t skew results too badly. thanks for the opportunity, though, ladies! :)

  38. I now wish I had written; more surveys under the ‘what would you like more of’ category. though it would probably be a full time job just trying to analyse all of the responses, but still can you imagine the surveys they could do…

  39. I happened to be eating grapes (green ones though) when I opened autostraddle and saw the survey post. I decided it would not be right to not immediately fill it in.

  40. I had a four hour lecture today from ONS (Office for National Statistics), and while I know you’re not aiming for the same level that was a really awful survey. For example, one question had two options labelled ‘None’. Another question about transportation didn’t give me the option of walking. I had to enter it. Surely it’s an obvious answer?

    Anyway, don’t mean to complain forever, it will be interesting to see what sort of info you get out.

    • Forgot to mention that my lecture was about questionnaire design. If I’d have done it yesterday I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

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