Listlings Without Commentary: 21 Words You Invented And 15 Weird Words You Chose To Describe Autostraddle

is about to write “amazeballs”

Last year’s reader survey asked you what one word you’d use to describe Autostraddle, and this inspired most of you to make up strange words that don’t exist.

This year’s survey was no exception. Whereas most of you included variations on concepts such as ‘awesome,’ ‘necessary’ and ‘important,’ many of you used other words we’d never heard before, such as “SUPERFRESHSOFRESHLEMONSGOT NOTHINGONAUTOSTRADDLE” and “feministcuddlepartyviainternet.” A surprisingly large number of respondents chose “amazeballs,” “gaylicious” and “dyketastic.”

Some of our favorite made-up words are included below, as well as another listling featuring some of the strangest terms you chose to describe Autostraddle.

Listling Without Commentary: 21 Words You Invented to Describe Autostraddle on the 2012 Autostraddle Reader Survey:

1. cliterary

2. lesbinformative

3. neccesexual

4. whiskey-delicious

5. inoventive

6. amaze-vajajays

7. somehowevengayerthantumblr

8. scrumtrilescent

9. glitterclitorama

10. queergressive

11. fantasmageducationosexalogical

12. pantidisestablishmentarianism

13. lesbiannerdcrack

14. gayurvedic

15. tribadass

16. badass-gnarl-dical!

17. unfuckwithable

18. ilenewho

19. awestraddletastic

20. queerbraingasm

21. ireallywannabeinthisyearslistlingwithoutcommentary

is typing “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”


Listling Without Commentary #2: 15 Weird Words You Chose To Describe Autostraddle

1. aardvark

2. catholic

3. bible

4. gucci

5. marmalade

6. fergalicious

7. pubescent

8. masturbation


10. rainbow sherbet

11. crack

12. naive

13. fuck me with a strap-on

14. cake boss

15. YOLO


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      “Queergressive”. I know some dudes who would fit that description.

      I would like to submit the word “larem” which is a mashup of “lesbian” and “harem”. I believe this word become more relevant two Sundays from now.

  1. 0

    FWIW, lowercase catholic is completely different from uppercase Catholic! It’s probably my favorite word used to describe the site because not only is its definition accurate, but when you first see the word, your reaction is “wait, what?” but then it turns out to be really great, much like Autotraddle!

    (I didn’t submit catholic, btw)

  2. 0

    I’m pretty sure that if I work pantidisestablishmentarianism or lesbiannerdcrack into the next game of Apples 2 Apples with my friends, I will win everything

  3. 0

    i must point out that scrumtrilescent somes from an SNL sketch of Inside the Actor’s Studio in which Will Ferrell as James Lipton made up the word to describe a performance too amazing for any current words.

    A hilarious sketch, one of my favorites, and props to whoever used it.

  4. 0

    I read the title as Fisting Without Commentary


    I guess this goes with the theme of I submitted “butts” as my one word.

  5. 0

    Tee-shirts! Tee-shirts! Tee shirts! These would look good on tees, I would wear em even in the office ^^

  6. 0

    “Cliterary” is pretty much the most awesome word ever. I so need to find a way to add it to my everyday vocabulary. “Glitterclitorama” is pretty sweet, too. And “queerbraingasm.” Hell, they’re all pretty much amazing. Autostraddlers rock.

  7. 0

    As an Arts (English/Theatre) student, I feel that it is now necessary to use ‘cliterary’ to describe any of our set readings that feature lesbians 😛

  8. 0

    These are all amazing. Or amaze-vajayjays, if you will. I feel like I say this all the time, but Autostraddlers are def the smartest, most delightful bunch of weirdos on the entire Internet.

  9. 0

    Riese, I can’t tell if you liked my “SUPERFRESHSOFRESHLEMONSGOT NOTHINGONAUTOSTRADDLE” submission but this is a proud moment for me omg, I just print-screened this and everything!

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