Sex + Relationships

6 Sex Toys to Really Make an Impact (on Someone’s Butt)

Let us be thankful, today and all days, for butts. The possibilities for butt play and pleasure seem almost endless — not only inside, but also outside! This guide walks beginners to impact play through slappers, crops, and light paddles and floggers, helping you find the perfect match for you and your butt (or someone else’s).

Sex + Relationships

Get Hot, Stay Cool for the Summer with 8 Sex Toys Perfect for Temperature Play

Whether you’re getting sweaty solo or have a partner in quarantine you can’t keep your hands off no matter how hot it gets, it’s a good time to bring some cool sensations to the hottest and heaviest parts of your life. That’s why all the toys highlighted here are perfect for temperature play, for a variety of types of sensations and bods. With some sweet sweet discounts throughout this post, there’s never been a better time to try bringing some chill into the bedroom.

Health + Athletics

We Took REI’s Extended Sizes Apparel Out for a Hike, a Zombie Attack, and a Photo Class — Here’s What We Learned

REI invited Abeni, Vanessa, and Heather to choose one of the zillion classes they offer and sent them some apparel from the extended sizes line to test drive. Afterward they got together to talk about the gear, the outdoor sessions, extended sizing in general, and what it’s been like to work with REI at Autostraddle over the past year.