Health + Athletics

We Took REI’s Extended Sizes Apparel Out for a Hike, a Zombie Attack, and a Photo Class — Here’s What We Learned

REI invited Abeni, Vanessa, and Heather to choose one of the zillion classes they offer and sent them some apparel from the extended sizes line to test drive. Afterward they got together to talk about the gear, the outdoor sessions, extended sizing in general, and what it’s been like to work with REI at Autostraddle over the past year.

Sex + Relationships

8 Discreet Sex Toys for Having the Time of Your Life but Like, Quietly

It’s autumn, a time of transition — a time of maybe sharing a dorm room, of beginning to plan visits home for the holidays, of your roommate and you both being home all the fucking time because it’s getting cold and depressing out. Will you ever be able to masturbate and/or have sex without worrying about someone hearing every moment of it? With these toys and a little discretion on your part, yes!

Sex + Relationships

Simply the Best: Fan Favorite and Bestseller Sex Toy Recommendations from Our Beds to Yours

We’ve assembled this list of fan favorite toys at a discount that have earned their following, either because Autostraddle staffers have put in the time and reported back favorably or because the good people buying from Eve’s Toys have voted with their dollars and made these products bestsellers (or both!). Will they be fan favorites for you too? Only one way to find out!


Snapshots of Pride Across Time

This series was an opportunity to honor our queer history by recreating iconic pride photographs through a modern lens, making explicit the connection between the past and the present that forms the living legacy we’re all a part of.