Like Love Was A Thing I Could Do

“Isn’t this what Valentine’s Day had always been to me? A pageant? An opportunity to try on the idea of being in love, being traditional, being a couple you could fit into a envelope.”

I Don’t Like Movies

This important piece includes several graphics, one chart, and a lot of feelings about why movies suck now. All the ladies disappeared, everyone stopped talking, and everything started exploding.

It’s Not Britney, Bitch.

If only the outrage over a rehabilitated 29-year-old woman becoming the personal and financial property of a man she dislikes was half as loud as the chorus that once proclaimed her outfits degrading to women.

Everybody Hurts

Not all gay kids are depressed — and not all straight kids are happy. In The New York Times’ “Gay or Straight, Teenagers Aren’t So Different,” experts discuss new research and make salient points. This whole thing reminds me of “Pump up the Volume.”