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Gays Playing Sports, Shopping for Menswear, Still Not Going to Prom

Closeted gays play basketball, lesbians play softball, gay boys rank each other on websites that get startup funds (bah!), Constance McMillen has her day in court and the school officials whipped out some doozies, a good lesbian suit is hard to find, Elisabeth Hasslebeck and Whoopi fight about health care, also wait ’til you see these portraits of soldiers affected by Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!

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Gay Prom Update: ACLU Schedules Hearing. Also Constance McMillen’s Mom is Gay!!!

In a radio interview, Constance mentions that her Mom is gay and also talks about how the response online has warmed her while classmates have been hostile. Also: big boobs do not a “curvy model” make, the case for girl geeks, Miss England trades swimsuits for sports, Karl Lagerfeld hates gay marriage, Tampon ads come back around, and a woman coaches football.

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Lesbian Prom Panic: Classmates Blame Constance for Cancellation

Lesbian senior Constance returns to school, where her classmates are openly hostile and blame her for ‘ruining’ their senior year of high school after the school board cancelled prom rather than let her bring a girl. Is there hope? Well, in New Orleans, someone else is offering to bring the kids to the city for prom (no, not Ellen…yet!)! Also: Johnny Weir isn’t “family-friendly” enough for Stars on Ice, Texas evangelicals invited to plan school curriculum, Chaz Bono, pee-cones, Constance on CBS News & more!

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Girl-on-Gallery: Lesbians Love Prom Too!

Hey queers. Did you go to prom… with someone of the same sex? Well, then you need to send your photo to autostraddle [at] gmail [dot] com. Read all about it here. Our goal is to be able to add Constance McMillan and her girlfriend to the gallery when that school she goes to gives […]

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Prom is Better Cancelled Than Ruined by Tuxedo-Wearing Lesbians

Rather than allow a lesbian to bring her girlfriend to prom and wear a tux, the school has canceled prom altogether! FANTASTIC. Also; the cute video of the kid finding out about gay people, the death of coffee shops, gays and the census, Bill O’Reily defends lesbian couple’s child and the national equality riders are coming soon to an oppressive campus near you.

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The Lesbians in Alabama Can Go To Prom

Cynthia Stewart and her girlfriend get to go to prom! The Rhode Island governor is kicking the gays while they’re down. The coolest 10-year-old ever is refusing to say the pledge of allegiance until gay people have equal rights. And Fergie has finally figured out that a gay affair is still cheating.