The Lesbians in Alabama Can Go To Prom

Cynthia_StewartACLUX390PROM: Yesterday we told you about the principal who canceled prom because a student wanted to bring her girlfriend as her date. But after a ton of negative publicity, the principal has had a change of heart and now Cynthia Stewart can take her girlfriend to prom. This just shows what a good public outcry can get accomplished! You asked for more lesbians in tuxedos, and you got ’em. (@advocate)

FUNERAL RIGHTS: The Rhode Island governor vetoed a bill that would give members of same-sex couples the right to plan their partner’s funeral. He was afraid the bill might erode marriage privileges rights. That is pretty damn cold, to deny someone rights after the death of a partner. Luckily, the Rhode Island legislature usually has enough liberals to override the governor’s objections. (@cbsnews)

ELEMENTARY ACTIVIST: An Arkansas fifth-grader is refusing to say the pledge of allegiance in school until gay people have equal rights. His parents taught him about the issue, and he decided to take a stand by sitting during the pledge. He even told a teacher to go jump off a bridge when she tried to make him say the pledge anyway. Of course, now he’s getting teased by other kids, who call him gaywad (kids are so good at making up insults). But he’s persevering! Seriously, read this whole article; it’s heartwarming. What an awesome boy. (@arkansastimes)

HIV/AIDS: According to the World Health Organization, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among women age 15-44. My first guess would have been breast cancer, but there you go. “Of the 30.8 million adults living with HIV in 2007, 15.5 million were women.” Does this disprove the stereotype that HIV/AIDS is a gay disease since about half of people infected are probs straight women? (@joemygod)

REAL SEX: Fergie did an interview with the Advocate for their upcoming issue. She said some nice things, like how marriage inequality is completely ridiculous. But there’s also this: I think women are beautiful… But just because I enjoy women doesn’t mean I’m allowed to have affairs in my relationship. I learned through talking with my therapist that it is still cheating even if it’s with girls. Obvs it’s still cheating! Lesbian sex is, in fact, real sex! I can’t believe she paid a medical professional to tell her that sex is cheating. (@advocate)fergie

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  1. I love the pledge kid!
    One of my favorite teachers in high school has a daughter that’s been refusing to say & stand for the pledge for months. She said that she “refuses to pledge her allegiance to a country that is fighting a war she doesn’t believe in.” Then her teacher told the principal and she got in trouble.. until they realized they CAN’T DO A THING ABOUT IT. so she’s still doing it, even though kids make fun of her. Damn right!

    also, yay tuxedos & lesbian proms!

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  3. I’m from RI (now in Seattle)and my fb is flooded with friends back home fighting this terrible man and his terrible agenda. They are assured that it will be voted on again and will go through in January, but the fact is that he went on record saying that this was just a backhanded way for legislators to vote a same sex issue through. If you’re feeling feisty, his number is 401-222-2080. You’ll get his secretary and you can tell her what you think of his latest move.

  4. I am from Rhode Island, too and am seriously enraged by everything that Governor Carcieri has been doing lately in regards to gay rights. He’s become particularly egregious because he doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected next year (thank heavens for term limits!). Last month he was the keynote speaker at the annual fund raising dinner for the Massachusetts Family Institute which believes that…well, you can read what they believe right here: but be careful, it’ll make you throw up a little bit in your mouth.

    • Yeah, this guy sounds awful. I fail to see how funeral arrangements would undermine heterosexual marriage. I mean, I guess it recognizes that gay couples might not be second-class citizens? Terrible.

        • I’m from Providence. Um, gallery? Gallery Night? Probably not what you’re talking about. Yeah, I’m lame.

          • Aww, Gallery the lesbian club on Point st? No? :( Across from Planned Parenthood…ironic.

            So update on RI: 2 friends are planning a mock funeral on the lawn of the state house, I believe it’s next Thursday at 7 pm. They’re getting a (fake?) coffin and everything. I’m hoping the news finds out about their protest, I need to see it.

          • Ah, a club. Google tells me that it is still there. I’m not a clubby person. Too many people packed into small spaces makes me twitchy.

            Also, the governor met with a gay activist group yesterday and claims that he would support domestic partnerships. I call BS, but the best part was that he had to face the guy who inspired the legislation that he vetoed, the guy who had to fight the state for FIVE WEEKS in order to claim his partner of seventeen years body even though he had the right paper work drawn up because his partner had no close family. Carcieri said he’d have his people “look into it”. After his behavior lately, I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him. He’s shown a decided lack of compassion and humanity for so many people different than him and I’m not just talking about gay people.

  5. You would have guessed it was breast cancer?! Heard of a little place called Africa? Dropping like flies down herrrrreeee.

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  7. I would have loved to go to my prom with my girlfriend too… but we have no proms in France LOL

  8. Wow — good job I checked Autostraddle this morning. The prom story was going to be my lead today. But the story has changed now. Hopefully Cynthia’s date will meet with the school’s screening approval.

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