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Canada Moves Forward to Ban Transgender Discrimination

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau backs an important bill that would ban trans discrimination, immigration and LGBT activists are on a hunger strike to protest the detention of trans women, a UK court rejects an Indian lesbian couple’s request to stay in the country, LGBT activists in Lebanon stage a rare protest and more news.

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The Other Shoe Drops: North Carolina and Mississippi Both Face Federal Lawsuits for Anti-LGBT Laws

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says some truly awesome words to trans people and against North Carolina’s HB2, The ACLU of Mississippi is challenging the state’s “religious freedom” law, a group of parents and students filed a federal lawsuit because they believe they’re being discriminated when a trans girl uses the correct facilities at their school and more news.

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Here We Go Again: Mississippi Governor Signs Sweeping, Dangerous Anti-LGBT Bill Into Law

Mississippi is the latest state to pass an anti-LGBT bill that protects people who don’t believe in same-sex marriage, trans people and extramarital sex; the man who killed Islan Nettles took a plea deal to get a shorter prison sentence; Texas is considering protecting “religious freedom” in its constitution; a man from LA killed his son because he was gay and more news.