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Sunday Funday Is Sipping on a Unicorn Frappe and Watching Gay Stuff on YouTube

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Hillary calls out Trump at LGBT fundraiser, unicorn frappe style thief you’re welcome, a new free font in honor of the creator of the rainbow flag for your next protest sign, British teachers’ union support LGBT-inclusive all-ages education, ignoring advances from dudes like a damn lady ostrich, the L.A. Times embraces singular “they,” and your LGBTQ YouTube content is no long blocked! Yay!

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An Introvert Goes Canvassing For Hillary Clinton

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Maybe I’m not the best candidate to talk politics with strangers. But I couldn’t shake the feeling — the knowledge, really — that I’d copped out. Bailing on our first female President, of all people, because you’re scared? Nah, girl. I called the guy back, told him I could make it after all, held myself accountable on social media, and freaked out for ten minutes. But it was on. I was going.

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2016’s Democratic Platform Includes Indigenous People; That Doesn’t Mean It’s Earned the “Indian Vote”

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“At one point the DNC and Clinton representatives weren’t going to include anything in regards to Native People in the party platform. ‘I was angry. I was just devastated… No you’re not, no you’re not going to do this to Native Americans. You’re not going to further marginalize my people any longer,’ Ms. Parker said to me.”