Sunday Funday Loves Tina Fey and Poussey

HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY! I learned this weekend that eating a bag of Smartfood, a bagel, a frozen coffee, and a bag of almonds will indeed put you into a food coma. Let’s get ready to fun-ble!

Everyone Loves Poussey

Even Buzzfeed! And Brittani Nichols.


Tina Fey Should Own More Cats

Shouldn’t we all?


B. Scott and Janet Mock Talk About Identity

From one media maven to another.

Janet:  I assume it must’ve taken you a long time to come to this place of definition, where you’re announcing that you’ve “welcomed the ‘transgender’ label.” What led you to embrace transgender as part of your identity?

B. Scott: I feel my spirit is somewhere in between, so I thought that that in between-ness didn’t fit the term transgender. I thought that because I didn’t want to become a woman that I wasn’t transgender but just a feminine gay man. It was hard to pin down, label and classify myself. I had a lot to learn but when I finally read that transgender also meant “neither or both,” I was like, “Wow, that’s me!” For the first time, I found something I was included in.


J: I definitely resonate with this process of discovery. When I was a tween, I spent a year or so identifying as gay because that was the only label that was available to me. I had no idea that trans, transsexual or transgender existed to describe my experience, so I grasped at the only definition or label available, which described my attraction to boys. My misunderstanding was also reflective of society’s conflation of sexual orientation (your attraction to certain bodies and people) and gender identity (your self-conception, embodiment and expression of gender regardless of assigned sex at birth). How were you able to unpack this?

B: Me being transgender is more about my expression of who I am, and that manifests itself in how I act, how I present myself in terms of hair, makeup, clothing, and my overall essence. My sexuality relates more to what makes my heart flutter. Transgender actually defines me more than my sexuality does. It encompasses my whole essence. It’s how my spirit is presenting itself.

I Lack an Imagination

This little girl has enough for 20 of me, though.


This Lesbian’s Off The Hook for Discriminatory Court Martial Charges

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! And no longer in the military court charges file.

A Navy judge dismissed fraternization charges against a female chief petty officer Aug. 7 at a Great Lakes, Ill., court-martial where she’d been accused of an improper relationship with a female petty officer, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Navy prosecutors could not prove the relationship between Chief Hospital Corpsman (FMF/SW) Sabrina Russell and Electronics Technician 1st Class (SW) Jodi Geibel, who entered into a civil union in November, was “prejudicial to good order and discipline,” the judge, Cmdr. Charles Stimson, ruled, according to the report.

P!nk Helps Lesbian Proposal

If you ever need a hand with your proposal to your girlfriend, here are your two options: 1. have P!nk propose for you, 2. have P!nk propose for you.

Corgi Finds New Best Friend

Spoiler alert: it’s a bunny.


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  1. Oh my god that bunny must be teeny tiny if its that small next to a corgi!

    Also I had never heard of transgender being used to mean sort of the same as gender queer until I was talking to someone recently who uses both, and I’ve been trying to edumacate myself on gender identity recently. AS, why you so relevant to my interests always?

    • Quick explanation on that :

      -Genderqueer is sort of an umbrella term designating people who aren’t strictly men or women, or whose gender identity doesn’t fit squarely into the box they were assigned at birth
      -Transgender is an even wider umbrella term designating anyone whose gender identity isn’t entirely congruent with the one they were assigned at birth

      So yeah, while obviously not all transgender people are genderqueer, genderqueers do fall under the definition of “transgender”. :)

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