Some Answers to Some Things You’ve Been Asking Us #10

Questions from the A+ Inbox were taking up such an enormous portion of the A+ Insider that we've decided to dedicate an entire post to answering them every month instead! We think this will be a lot of fun for everybody in the whole family. We have included as many as we can. We love you, your hair looks fantastic today!

hey I just had an idea! I don't know if it's feasible or not or if it's even a good idea but have you ever considered a system of one off payments for A+ content? I'm a bronze member at the moment and not really in a position to shell out the extra per month to be a silver or gold member all the time, and tbh I don't have all the time and dedication to read every single article every single day – I probably don't use A+ enough to make silver or gold worth it as a proportion of my income... But sometimes I'll see a silver/gold post and the title and intro look SO GOOD and it makes me want to read it! which I kno...

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