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31 Halloween-Worthy Socks for the Costume Averse

You know that trick on St. Paddy’s Day where you just say, “Oh yeah, my underwear’s green” so you don’t get pinched? That doesn’t really work on Halloween — which is unfortunate because Halloween is all about tricks and treats, and frankly underwear falls into both of those categories.

If you’re someone who finds the idea of wearing an ostentatious costume out in public, or even to a private gathering, akin to being held down and ticked on the bottoms of your feet until you cry or throw up, don’t worry. These socks are funny, cute, ugly, cute-ugly, and/or spooky enough to get you through it. You will make it to Thanksgiving! Cross our fake-cobwebbed hearts.

1. X Ray Knee High Socks

I see you girl. Shaking that… tibia.


2. Batnado Socks

Because you’ve always wanted to be a goth witch sharknado.


3. Goodbye Kitty Knee Highs

You say goodbye and I say Hello Kitty Knees!


4. Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dots Socks

Quoth the raven, “Nevermore will I leave the house without these socks.”


5. Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About Socks

Trick or treat, smell my… AWESOMENESS.


6. Ouija Socks



7. Mermaid Socks

Because you’ve always wanted to have fins instead of legs, you slippery Pisces you.


8. 3D Cat Socks

I truly cannot figure out what makes these socks 3D. Is it the ears? They are cute as hell, regardless.


9. Grumpy Cat “This is My Costume” Crew Socks

Say everything you need to say without uttering a word.


10. Gryffindor Knee High Socks

What’s Latin for “Hands off, Muggles!”


11. Ghost Socks

The spookiest thing is how happy these ghosts look while doing what appears to be the can-can.


12. Constellation Socks

Betcha can’t find my Big Dipper.


13. Sandal Socks

Meet the jeggings of shoes and socks. Shocks. They cannot be unseen.


14. Ruby Slipper Socks

These Ruby Slipper socks also happen to be slipper socks. TWO FOR ONE.


15. Shark Socks

This shark bit off more than it could boo. #notsorry


16. White Tiger Socks

Anytime someone asks you about your costume, hard sell them on donating to the World Wildlife Fund.


17. Wonder Woman Knee-High Socks WITH CAPES

My socks aren’t jealous your socks are jealous.


18. Composition Socks

This one’s for the Harriet the Spy fans.


19. Bee Socks

You could go full Bee Girl, or you could get these and call it a day.


20. Sailor Moon Uniform Over the Knee Socks



21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Masked Socks

Heroes in a whole sock, turtle power.


22. Ice Cream Dream Socks

Brings new meaning to the term cold feet, amiright? I’ll be here all night.


23. Pikachu Socks

Choose Pikachu, even if you still haven’t played Pokémon Go.


24. Cheshire Car Over-the-Knee Socks

Actually not a bad way to strategically disappear from that awkward Halloween office party after only 25 minutes.


25. Louise Belcher Face Socks

Just in case your roommates go as Bob and Linda for the second year in a row.


26. Taco Socks

Aka your own personal queer girl Bat Signal.


27. Bloody Hell Knee High Socks

Never mind the taco socks, here’s what Halloween is really all about.


28. In-n-Out Drink Cup Socks

Trying wearing them without shoes, animal style.


29. Sheer Ankle Bat Socks

Wear these with sandals… if you DARE.


30. Dancing Skeleton Socks

What’s shakin’, bone daddy?


31. Star Trek Socks

“Not Starfleet. Starfeet!”


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