Spooky Sexy Queers: The Autostraddle Reader And Staff Halloween Costume Gallery

I love Halloween and I love the Autostraddle community, so what could possibly be better than combining those two loves in an epic reader (and staff!) Halloween costume gallery?

Happy Halloween, weirdos. You all look so damn good and I am proud to be a part of such a creative, spooky, sexy community. Trick or treat responsibly tonight and remember to take lots of photos of yourself in costume so you can be featured in next year’s gallery!

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Vanessa is a queer feminist writer and photographer who is usually based in Portland, OR but is currently thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Find her on twitter and instagram or at her personal blog, vanessapamela.com.

Vanessa has written 202 articles for us.


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    Things I am not getting over any time soon:
    –Pot Brownie
    –Lesbian bed death
    –all the OITNB group pics
    –all of Lizz’s costumes (because vampire penguin? C’mon)

    This year I am going as, “Bitch Who is Too Superstitious to Go Out on Halloween Since She Broke Her Leg Last Halloween and Spent the Night in the Hospital Dressed as Rosie the Riveter, Doped Up on Demerol and Insisting that Her Male Nurse Promise to Buy His Daughter All the Ramona Quimby Books”

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      I second that! I’m all dressed up with no homosexuelles to appreciate my prosthetic ears, (except for the dog.)
      BTW Mey is the loveliest Lumpy Space Princess! And Kristen killed it like it was an Ode to My Pantry column.

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    OMG so many amazing costumes! I loved Marshall Lee from Adventure time. I may have had inappropriate thoughts about him. Yup.

    ALSO: Next acamp dance should be a costume ball! Just sayin’

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    Mer as Waldo is the cutest.

    Also Vanessa and Cara Obvs.

    And also Chelsey as a mermaid.

    And Christina and Jess.

    And also everyone else in this gallery.

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    Ok, one more comment. I LOVE the pot brownie idea, and I loved all the OITNB costumes. But everyone’s costume was amazing and you all look incredible!

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    All of these costumes are so amazing! I love all of Lizz’s costumes and Kristen and Kade and Kaylah and Cara and Tank Girl and Jet and Shelby and Captain Hammer and everyone!

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      thank you! i have actually done it like six times because it is the easiest/best halloween costume and you can act like an unhinged nutjob and everyone just thinks you are in character.

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