Every Episode of “Sense 8” Season Two, Recapped

Say what you will about everything else that came after The Matrix (no please do; I wanna hear it) but Team Wachowski really knocked it out of the park with Sense 8, indulging progressive viewers with a utopic vision of diversity and love in an undeniably queer small-screen tour de force.

Also, lots of realistic lady-love scenes. I’ll never be over the dripping dildo from Season 1.

The show instantly developed a cult following, which is why it was such a shock to find out that Netflix isn’t renewing it for a third season. To help you process and mourn, I’ve recapped the entire season.

If you need me I’ll be inhaling a whole pint of Häagen-Dazs while marathoning every Nomi/Neets super cut compilation I can find on YouTube.


Happy F*cking New Year

Episode one starts off with a standalone episode that spans from Christmas through New Year’s Eve and acts as a teaser for the rest of the season. More specifically, an unfair teaser that feels like having someone go down on you and then stop right before you cum only to get dressed in a flurry because “Oh shit I’m late to work!” while you disintegrate into a pile of quivering mush on the bed.

What I’m trying to say is there was so much beautiful queer-orgy skin coupled with breathtaking cinematography and meaningful relationships between friends and lovers and way too much time between this episode and the ones that followed five months later.

But enough about my blue brain. Let’s get into it.

The episode opens on the clustermates swimming in a very large, very blue pool. Most of them are clothed in daily attire; the synchronized dips intercut with their everyday lives: Nomi and Neets doing laundry by hand like the organic free-range lesbians-on-the-lam they are. Capheus carrying water. Sun in prison. Wolfgang chasing shots with beers in a bar. Lito, Hernando, and Daniela triple-kissing on a yacht. Riley and Will shooting up and making out. Angelica sinking to the bottom of the pool unconscious. Man, classic Angelica — ever the buzzkill.

In the real world, Neets is visited by an FBI agent who threatens her with jail time if she doesn’t snitch on Nomi. She later finds that he’s also been following and interrogating her friends. Lito asks Nomi for advice on coming out. Nomi and Neets go into hiding at her old hacktivist friend Bug’s house to take the heat off the shelter.

By the way, did you notice Marga Gomez as the Resident Badass of the women’s shelter harboring Nomi and Neets?

Hernando is outed to his students by whoever decided to mass text everyone in class the tabloid photos of him and Lito having sex. Anyway, Hernando plays it off like a boss when the homophobic kid in the beanie sarcastically asks if this photo is art.

“Someone else with a set of eyes capable of seeing beyond societal conventions and biases might see an image of two men, caught in an act of pleasure — erotic to be sure, but also vulnerable, neither aware of the camera, both connected to the moment, to each other, through love. Art is love made public.”

Will floats in and out of a drug induced slumber, having visions of Angelica first in a cabin in the woods and then in the church where she died. In the church, she warns him and shoots herself before handing him the gun. He wakes up to Riley and their quaint mattress on the floor just as he pulls the trigger. He’s fine but shaken. Am I the only one who worries about all the candles and lamps and haphazard wiring these two surround themselves with between heroin binges?

Will finds Whispers hanging out with the family no one knew he had and also learns he’s been taking pills that keep other Sensates from connecting with him. Will has been able to find him in the windows of time when they wear off. He also finds Jonas who is being transported against his will to a BPO facility. Jonas warns him that they’re being hunted because people think they’re dangerous. Will also learns that the visions he’s having are mostly Angelica’s memories; they’re part of his consciousness since she’s his cluster mom.

Sun is in prison, where they don’t get actual beds or pillows. She trains like a boss in her undies because who needs a punching bag when you have thick concrete walls? Sun is visited by Mr. Lee, who is her new lawyer because her old ones keep mysteriously disappearing. The plan is to subpoena her brother, but she refuses on the grounds that he’s a dangerous asshole and she also wants him to be easily accessible when she gets out. Wolfgang appears to let Sun know that if she ever needs help he’ll be there for her. She’s also visited by a fellow prisoner who bribed the guard to let her spend time with Sun on her birthday.

Kala tells Rajan she feels trapped. He’s way too understanding and alludes to being open to letting her end the marriage. As she attempts to open up to him about the Sensates his dumb ass mentions that he told her mom that they haven’t had sex yet and asks if she’s a virgin.

Capheus tells Jela the truth about being a Sensate and how he’s been receiving protection from Sun. The bus catches on fire and explodes right after they think they’ve fixed it. They’re later surprised with a brand new luxury bus, courtesy of Silas.

It’s everyone’s birthday and they celebrate both separately and together. Wolfie and Kala exchange more forlorn looks as she dances with her husband. Sun’s old cellmate gives her a drawing she made of Sun and her dog. Kala visits Sun because she’s scheduled (hot) to have sex with her diamond-necklace-gifting husband on this night. Sun recalls her tournament from back in the day (remember, the one where she banged her opponent from here to eternity after kicking his ass on the mat?). Turns out he was a really good dude who said she’s the best fighter he’s ever met, and it was an honor to be there with her. Anyway, she lets Kala know that she learned more from fucking this guy on a locker room bench than if she’d fought him 100 times. Lesson being, don’t be afraid of sex because it’s enjoyable af and we wouldn’t be here without it.

Cut to another joyful orgy courtesy of the Sensates who are currently having birthday sex. It spans time and space and sees ladies getting lots of head and how did they fit everyone in that single red bathroom stall? Talk about an impressive feat of choreography. Kala is convinced by Sun’s pep talk and probably the brain orgy too, and attempts to seduce her husband but keeps getting distracted by her connection with Wolfgang who happens to be having gymnastic sex with a very vocal cutie from Tinder. Needless to say, Kala can’t handle the distraction and jumps out of bed, causing Rajan to sprain his dick. Yup. That happened.

Lito decides to come out to his agency and they warn him that there will be career and legal consequences if he decides to go through with it. He goes home to find that his keycard no longer works and he’s been locked out of his now empty apartment.

Wolfgang is visited by his aunt and her advisor Fischer. They let him know that by killing his uncle he may have started a gang war and should thus come home and take his place. He declines. Felix wakes up while Wolfgang is visiting him in the hospital and they pretty much immediately go out and party. Shortly afterward he’s offered and turns down a job by a mob boss named Volker who looks like a judge on Project Runway.

In prison, Sun is visited by 4 creeps in suits who say her lawyer has retired from practice and we all know what that means. Naturally, the security cameras power down while they produce batons and tasers. Lito jumps in to offer them money to stall while Will picks her handcuffs. She kicks ass, Capheus fanboys, Riley freaks out.

Rajan again tries to give Kala an out to leave him and she won’t let him because she apparently loves chaotic relationships. They begin searching for a permanent place back home in India. Kala can’t stop thinking about Wolfie, not even while a real estate agent talks about which room would be best for a nursery.

In Nairobi, Silas tell Capheus that he wants to build a health clinic in the city. Riley convinces Will to call his struggling alcoholic dad and let him know that he’s safe but still can’t tell him exactly what’s going on.

Wolfgang and Kala have a snowball fight and admit they’re perfect for each other. Felix ruins the moment by showing up with two women and asking Wolfgang where he can get the drugs he’s on.

Nomi and Neets spend Christmas with Bug who they realize doesn’t have any real life friends. Lito, Hernando and Daniela visit Lito’s mom for Christmas. He comes out to her and apologizes and she’s immensely supportive and calls him baby penguin and no YOU’RE crying! During Christmas dinner, Hernando reveals that his parents were killed in a car accident on New Years Eve and he’s grateful for his new family. Daniela shares that her family is alive but unsupportive. Lito’s mom lets her know that she’s always welcome in their family. Lito and Hernando visit his parents’ grave and Hernando tells them how happy and loved he is. Afterward they go caroling. They’re all together singing at the end and there is a weird choir of people dressed as Santas and Angelica appears floating above them because oh yeah it’s Christmas so there has to be an angel at the top of the tree. In prison, Sun gets smuggled some candy by an old lady prisoner and is pretty shortly afterward released from solitary. Whispers visits Will’s dad then taunts him about it. Come to think of it, Will is the only one who has a truly crappy Christmas.

Wolfgang and Felix are at a super swanky rooftop NYE party hosted by none other than Mr. Volker, who sports a fur coat and has terrible teeth for a rich guy. Because all good things must come to an end, the party breaks up with Volker threatening Fischer, who takes his leave by warning Wolfgang and Felix that “The war has already started!”

Later that night on the street he runs into them again and they push him away like “Bitch don’t kill my vibe”, right before seeing him get gunned down by a group of Volker’s men who are clearly coming for them next. A gun/crowbar/Roman candle fight ensues, and the cluster unites to help Wolfgang & Felix kick some ass.

When the smoke clears, Kala looks especially disappointed in the night’s turn of events. Wolfie’s response is cheerful as ever: “Happy Fucking New Year.”


Who Am I?

Will taps into Angelica’s memories of BPO experimenting with weaponizing Sensates while Nomi and Neets research sensate origins and telepathy. Will tracks down Whispers to an interrogation room that he learns is a BPO-constructed set piece designed to throw Sensates off the trail.

Lito, Hernando and Daniela attend a premiere the same time that Capheus is flagged down by a reporter in Nairobi. Lito’s fans are sparse and he’s been moved to the background of the poster he was on. A reporter tries to badger Lito into coming out on camera while another ridicules Capheus’ worship of white savior Van Damme. The Sensates work together to help Lito and Capheus deliver moving speeches about courage, labels, unity, and individuality. The reporter who interviewed Capheus apologizes and admits:

“You spoke from your heart to someone who didn’t come to listen.”

Is it a love connection? I mean, obviously.

Wolfgang and Felix drink for free at the club and the owner offers to GIVE FELIX THE DAMN PLACE FOR FREE when he says he wants to live there. Not fishy at all, right? But by now you already know that Felix isn’t very smart.

Rajan and Kala celebrate their new home over dinner with the parents. Rajan’s dad announces that he has accepted the prime minister’s offer. His mom says she supports it but Rajan is clearly scared.

Will (via Nomi and Neets) goes to visit the mom of the missing girl who Will has been able to see since he was a kid. They learn that Jonas, Angelica, a “Dr. Matheson” (who is actually Whispers), and others connected to BPO visited Sarah’s mom as well. “Matheson” was Sarah’s tutor in a gifted student program before she disappeared. Will, Nomi, Neets and Bug are then able to track down Whispers at BPO headquarters. He knows they’re coming for him, and for the first time he looks scared.


Obligate Mutualisms

The Sensates blackmail Whispers’ boss into taking Whispers out of commission and Will requests a private meeting.

Lito’s agent lets him know that the studio has dropped him from his latest film due to a “morals clause”. They attempt to console him by saying the project was shitty anyway and toss him a bunch of new scripts to read through.

Sun is dragged out of her cell by three men posing as guards who try to kill her. She’s saved by an old lady prisoner with a mean spear arm who offers to take the fall since they can’t do any worse than the life sentence she already has for killing her abusive husband. Sun invites her along for the break and she accepts the invitation. Bug overrides the alarm system and Capheus drives the stolen bus they use to make their escape (props to Lito’s bullshitting skills for getting security to open the gate).

Wolfie and Felix pay a visit to Sebastian, the owner of the nightclub they’re about to inherit. His wife is a sexy femme fatale of a Sensate who has a thing for Wolfie and immediately knows who/what he is. They telepathically dry hump in front of her husband while making the deal for the club. During dinner they wet hump while the clueless Sebastian attempts to recruit him into an international money laundering ring.

Will and Riley look for Jonas and find him hooked up to a bunch of electrodes next to a bucket of bloody rags at BPO. Jonas tells Will that any gender can give birth to a cluster at any point in their life so there are literally tens of thousands of living Sensates. He’s the last of his cluster because BPO killed them all and a reporter from Mexico named Raul was the last to disappear. Raul happens to have been one of Lito’s old lovers. Jonas claims that Angelica went searching for Raul and that’s how she started working with Whispers.

Will meets with Whispers’ boss Richard Croome at the museum. He admits that BPO embraced Sensates prior to 9/11, after which they were considered “a threat to secrecy and sovereignty”. Croome wants to change BPO from the inside to embrace Sensates and asks Will for time and trust. He even offers some primo blockers free of charge as a gesture of goodwill, but not before a lady who has been painting nearby stabs him in the fucking neck until he’s dead then offs herself when she’s unable to kill Will too.



Nomi and Bug find out that the police report came before Zombie Sensate Lady attacked, so they were definitely set up. Riley and Will escape the museum that’s now swarming with cops. Kala recommends testing the drugs to make sure Croome wasn’t lying about what they are. Wolfgang wants to recruit Lila to help but they think she might be working for BPO. Nomi and Neets finally let Bug in on what exactly he’s gotten himself into and it predictably blows his mind.

Kala and Rajan go to an art gallery where his friend Ajay hits on her shamelessly. She flees to the restroom where of course she runs into Wolfgang who proceeds to be completely dismissive to her because she “deserves to be happy”.

Capheus becomes a local hero after he saves a baby and diffuses a riot that breaks out over clean water. A newscaster asks him why everyone in his village is so mad and he’s like, duh lady, we all need water to live and you’re rich but you get it for cheap. Except he says it with way more tact. We learn that his father was killed while working as a union leader and he suggests the people stop electing those who don’t keep promises; that way they can end up with leaders instead of politicians. Kala’s home now has armed security and her husband refuses to tell her exactly why. She’s under the impression that it has to do with his dad’s new political position.

Lito goes to visit Raul’s dad and flashes back to his brief but intense relationship with Raul. Raul’s dad lets Lito know that Raul went to Chicago for “the story of the decade” and never came back. In Raul’s room they find pictures of the cabin and Angelica. A poster from one of Lito’s movies hides a book that Raul’s dad gives to Lito. He also plays Lito a VHS tape of Sensates being experimented on. Self-hating Sensate Todd is there and Whispers is testing zombie functions on him. Raul’s dad mentions that Raul called him before he disappeared. Will’s flashback reveals that he was silent and crying. A tearful Angelica held the phone for him.

Sun is tracked down by a charming cop named Detective Mun. After a brief chase and fistfight on a rainy rooftop she realizes that he’s the same guy she fought/fucked in that tournament years ago. She knocks him out before he can fully process all those confusing lovely feelings. Sun’s jailbreak companion volunteers to turn herself in so she doesn’t slow Sun down, as long as she promises to visit once she’s cleared her name. A tearful goodbye ensues.

Will sees a flashback of Angelica and Jonas fighting and then watches a restrained Jonas being wheeled to an operating table. Jonas appears to Will and says that BPO wants Will to watch him die. Cue surgical saw going to work on Jonas’ forehead.


Fear Never Fixed Anything

While the Sensates all mourn Jonas’ death, the heads of the Kenyan Democratic Party try to convince Capheus to run for office.

Sun finds her way home to where her mentor/trainer and dog are waiting for her. They watch a newscast where her brother begs for her to turn herself in and paints himself as an all around good guy with a soul and suddenly Sun’s mentor needs a new tv. Detective Mun shows up and tells her mentor that he wants to help clear her name. Sun hides three feet away because Mun has terrible instincts for a Detective.

Kala’s dad is concerned that she’s distant and unhappy. He argues with Rajan’s dad over politics and how the politician inherited his wealth yet still feels entitled over poor people who work hard for what they have.

Neets finds out who manufactured Angelica’s equipment. Bug finds a way for Nomi to permanently delete her police records online so the feds stop looking for her. Nomi, Neets and Bug end up watching one of Lito’s movies. They tell Bug that Lito’s a Sensate and he fanboys out. Lito realizes he still has loyal fans and accepts an invite to Grand Marshall Sao Paulo Gay Pride.

Capheus goes to meet Zakia at work and the guys in the front office make fun of his clothes and tell him that Zakia is a lesbian.

Will is awakened by Whispers who says he is secure in the organization now and doesn’t need to hide from Will anymore. They arrange to meet in London. Will tells an unremorseful Whispers that he knows he killed Sarah. Whispers still taunts Will about his sick dad, saying that unlike Angelica he chose booze over a bullet.

Lila tries to seduce Wolfgang into helping with her vague ass nefarious mission and he again declines because woman, what the fuck are you even up to?

Will resolves to start acting like a cop instead of a fugitive. Riley accepts a DJ gig and uses it to attract other Sensates in the area (who apparently all really love 4 Non Blondes). Whispers appears and calls them careless but they get on a boat and speed away, leaving behind the last of the fucks they had to give.


Isolated Above, Connected Below

Will and Riley meet a new Sensate, a Scottish guy who calls himself “The Old Man Of Hoy”.

He’s been hiding from BPO for 30 years and tells Riley about how he helped start it. Originally, the Biologic Preservation Organization agreed to not use Sensates as military weapons but 9/11 happened and shit changed, son. Hoy confirms that someone on the inside has more info about Whispers but Riley has to go to Chicago alone in order to find them.

Capheus tells Zakia about the rumor he heard from the idiots at her job. She admits she’s basically pansexual and Capheus gets it because why wouldn’t he with all the international orgies he’s recently partaken in? They finally consummate their relationship, coincidentally at the same time as Wolfie and Kala. He’s smitten and also in love with her espresso machine. Kala realizes she unintentionally had sex with her husband when she was brainbanging Wolfgang.

Capheus tells Zakia about his visit from the political party reps and she thinks he’s crazy to have turned them away. His people need someone like him to represent them because he’s sincere and they trust him. Capheus finds out his mom is dating Silas, that Silas has HIV too and may soon have a cure.

Will and Riley are back at their shack and Puck from the drug testing lab has shown up. He’s a Sensate too but was on blockers when they first met. Will wants her to ask him how he’s staying away from BPO, he doesn’t trust them because they felt safe enough to throw a rave. Puck says he makes his own blockers and is lucky he hasn’t had side effects. He’s creepy and crass and hits on Riley a million times in the span of 5 minutes.

Back in Brazil, Lito & Co are excited to be around so many out queer people for the first time. Lito comes out officially in front of millions of people and introduces Hernando as the love of his life. They are so fucking cute I want them to be together IRL and the whole cluster parties it up at Sao Paulo Pride.

Nomi attends a fitting or something of the sort (don’t judge me; I don’t wear dresses so I have no idea what does on back there) for her sister’s wedding but has to leave early after Neets gets a tip on the cabin’s location.

Wolfgang is surprised by Lila who tries to kill him for shits and giggles. He attempts to get info on BPO out of her but she leaves to nonchalantly assassinate Volker and his whole squad.

By the way, Neets has three ex-Black Panther dads and one white Oakland hippie stoner mom who all live in harmony under one roof, which definitely has to be a jackpot queer bingo card somewhere. They also accept Nomi for who she is, unlike her parents.

Neets and Nomi find the cabin and realize that Angelica was using it to hide and protect her cluster but also had Raul burn it down with him inside to keep BPO from getting access to any of her work. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON, ANGELICA? BECAUSE I CAN’T FUCKING TELL.


I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate

Bug helps everyone travel without being bothered by TSA who are on high alert because of a mass shooting.

Kala busts into Rajan’s meeting with serial flirter Ajay to show him doctored shipping reports that she found. It turns out his company is selling old and defective drugs to poor people to keep from losing profits. Rajan swears that everyone does it and it doesn’t matter because the drugs are going to far away places that don’t affect Indian people.

Capheus realizes that his mom has most likely been getting defective drugs for her treatment and he decides then and there to get involved with local politics. Capheus and Zakia visit his mom and she accidentally spills the beans that he’s running for office. Mom isn’t a fan of the idea because she fears that politics will kill Capheus like they kill his father. She eventually gives her blessing when she sees how passionate he is about his community but asks him to always remember that he’s all she has left.

Kala and Sun bond over not being able to trust their family members. Rajan tries to apologize to Kala and claims to be committed to changing the company’s ethics from the ground up.

Daniela’s crazy ex-boyfriend shows up in Sao Paulo with her parents in tow to take her home because they don’t approve of her relationship with Lito and Hernando. They threaten to take her trust fund away and Lito tells them to get out and keep their money.

Riley arrives in Chicago and Diego (Will’s old partner) is there to help her. Will apologizes to him through Riley for being MIA for a year. He also confesses that he only withheld information from him because he didn’t want Diego to lose the job he loves so much.

Lito’s agency drops him as soon as he gets back to Mexico but he finds a glimmer of hope in strangers who share that they’ve been inspired by him.

Sun visits her parents’ gravesite. She remembers her mom being proud and hopeful for her future. Sun feels it’s her fault that her brother is a piece of shit because she raised him after her mom died. The Sensates share their complicated parental relationships with Sun and she feels more confused than ever before but a lot less alone.

Mun finds her there and declares that he’s on her side and suspects her brother is a criminal but can’t yet prove it. He challenges her to a fight for her cooperation: If she wins she goes free but if she loses she has to come tell her story on the record. She beats the everloving snot out of him and walks away with barely a scratch.

Will and Riley reminisce over their first kiss in Chicago almost a year ago. He says he’s never loved anyone like her and she promises to come back to him. Hoy shows up and sends her to the church where Angelica killed herself. There’s a glass of water and some blockers with “drink me” written in the dust on the table. Hey Alice, meet Wonderland. After taking the blockers she meets a woman who worked with Whispers and helped Angelica escape. She confirms that Angelica killed herself because she didn’t want to birth another cluster. Also, Milton Bailey Brand is Whisper’s full name. He used research to figure out how to map the consciousness of one Sensate over another’s. The assistant wants to help keep Sensates from being used as weapons in the future so she gives Riley another address that ends up being Whispers’ actual home.

Neets and Nomi learn that the mass shooting in the news was an event where a British politician was giving a speech in favor of multicultural peace. The killer was caught before he could commit suicide at the scene but later hanged himself in prison. He was identified as Todd, the sensate who Whispers had used in some of his first experiments.


All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

The gang finds that Jonas and Whispers are both still alive. Jonas made a deal with BPO and Whispers is needed for the zombie project, since the chairman is using zombie Sensates to eliminate his political opponents. Back in Nairobi, political opponents of Capheus are already running smear ads on tv and he has been given a security detail.

Rajan gets attacked and lies about it to Kala. Later, she overhears Rajan on a late night heated phone call that insinuates they’re all in danger.

Lito drowns his sorrows in ice cream and movies. Their family’s favorite movie growing up was “From Here To Eternity” , which is ironic considering Rock Hudson was closeted his entire career.

Nomi and Neets find out that Sun’s brother is slated to attend a celebratory gala and the plan is for Sun to pose as a bartender with Lito’s help.

Wolfgang hits the bathhouse (not THAT kind of bathhouse) with Sebastian who fears that Lila might be trying to kill him. Lila lies to Sebastian that Wolfgang is the one who wants him dead. Wolfgang plans to meet Lila for dinner even though he knows it’s a trap. Luckily, his cluster has his back despite him keeping secrets from them. Lila wants to turn Berlin into a safe haven for Sensates with Wolfgang at her side. How many times can he turn her down? One more, that’s how many. A Battle Royale breaks out in the cafe: Team Lila vs Team Wolfgang. Lila plays the victim just as cops arrive and gets escorted to safety with kid gloves.


What Family Actually Means

Nomi and Neets attend Tegan’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Nomi’s mom is a raging shit bird who still calls Nomi by her dead name. Nomi considers leaving but doesn’t because that’s just what her mean ass mom would want. Nomi gives a beautiful maid of honor speech about her sister’s unyielding love and support since her transition. Bendix has followed them to the wedding and attempts to crash it and arrest Nomi. His plans are thwarted when he can’t find her warrant because it literally no longer exists. Thanks, Anonymous! Nomi’s dad threatens him with legal action and he leaves with his tail between his legs.

Diego and Riley uncover The Assistant’s true identity. Riley breaks into her house and they discover the entire lab from the experiment video. They keep searching and find that she committed suicide just before they got there and after a visit from Jonas.

Capheus finds out that Silas’ men are secretly trying to protect him from Mandiba. Also, Silas is in love with Capheus’ mom and wants to propose marriage.

Daniela finds the perfect script for agent-less Lito and cons the production team into offering him a priority meeting for the role along with a first class flight for the three of them.

Ajay suspiciously drops off a wrapped belated wedding gift and tells Kala to open it with Rajan in the room because it’ll mean more that way. He basically gives every indication that it’s something that will kill them both.

Will finds out his dad is dying so Riley and Diego visit him in the hospital. Will’s dad can somehow “see” him through Riley right before he dies, so Will still gets to say goodbye to him in a way even though he can’t be there in person.


All The World’s A Stage, Identity Is Nothing But A Costume

Kala makes blockers for Will and Riley so they can go to London and find Whispers in person. Kala grills Riley on what it’s like to have an in-person relationship with another Sensate. Also, the sex. Kala and Wolfie meet to talk. He says he’s surprised she came to the restaurant because things would be so much easier for her if he weren’t around. She admits that her life wouldn’t be worth living without him and they plan to run away together and tell Rajan the truth.

Will mourns his dad’s death with tears and sleep and drugs while being taunted by Whispers.

Sun helps Lito nail his audition for the film while he helps her prove herself a competent bartender for the gala. Lito, Hernando and Daniela attend a pool party at the director’s house and Lito meets his costar, an actor he’s always admired. Lito’s imposter syndrome gets the best of him and he leaves to sit on the beach alone. Hernando joins him and lets him know that he understands how scary it can be to have your dreams come true, but he’s worked hard and deserves it. They strip and frolic in the waves because Lito’s been waiting decades for his “From Here To Eternity” moment. And truth be told, he really is a better version of Rock Hudson.

Capheus is similarly nervous to give his big speech. His best friend urges him to “just drive the bus” and Capheus then gives a rousing speech on peace, love, and embracing differences. Mandiba’s men show up and someone throws a molotov cocktail. Riot police rush in and a security teams ushers Capheus and his family away from the stage. Will wakes up in a daze and finds himself in the middle of the riot. A member of the security team tries to stab and shoot Capheus before one of Mandiba’s men saves him.

Sun helps will shave and get his shit together because: 1) Riley’s finally coming back and 2) He almost got Capheus killed while he was all mopey and too high to function.

Sun’s brother Joon Ki arrives at the gala, greeted by flashbulbs galore. Sun tends bar like a boss. Joon Ki pops bottles like it’s his birthday. The team shows up to figure out how they’re going to get him out of the building and into a confession. Wolfie says they’ll end it one way or another.


You Want A War?

Joon Ki gives a completely bogus and insincere speech filled with empathy for the sister he framed and a tribute to the dad he murdered, so Sun decides to just kill him now instead of waiting for a confession. Detective Mun ruins her momentum by showing up with an arrest warrant. Joon Ki says he’ll come peacefully then distracts everyone with a gunshot and a “Arrrghhhh there’s my sisterrrr!” before putting a bullet in Mun’s gut.

Pandemonium breaks out and the Sensates battle Joon Ki’s goons who are trying to escape with him through the garage. What follows is an epic 20+ minute foot/motorcycle/car chase that leaves Joon Ki screaming “ARE YOU SERIOUS? MY SISTER’S A FUCKING TERMINATOR?”

The chase finally ends on the streets of Seoul when Sun/Wolfgang grabs a piece of rebar from a construction site they’re riding by and jams it through the window and steering wheel of Joon Ki’s Benz, causing him to rear end someone and flip his car. He crawls out a bloody mess and Sun slowly approaches him, dragging the rebar like Michael Myers’ machete.

He begs for his life and cries,

“You’re not a killer! You’re not like me. I’m your brother.”

“You WERE my brother.” Sun drops the rebar and lets approaching cops drag her to a paddy wagon while her brother is shuffled into an idling getaway Mercedes that belongs to a politician. Bug and Nomi help hack the traffic lights to cause an accident between the wagon and a truck. Sun crawls out of the wagon bloody and bruised when Puck miraculously shows up on his motorcycle to give her a ride the fuck away from there.

Back at home, Nomi apologizes for everything she’s gotten Neets caught up in. Her response is basically, sure shit’s been crazy but “I don’t think there’s been a single day that I didn’t hear that same voice in my head telling me whatever you do, do not let her go.”



They cry and kiss and laugh and hug simultaneously like adorable maniacs.

Capheus wakes up to his mom making breakfast for him and notices some new African Sensate supporters of his campaign just hanging out all casual like in his kitchen. He didn’t notice them before because they took blockers to attend his speech.

Kala and Rajan open the box Ajay left and it’s just a dumb statue. He finally tells the truth, that he’s been working with the government investigating political corruption and Ajay is part of it. He’s tells Kala to get on a plane to somewhere safe asap. Wolfie helps Kala pack. He wants to know why she hasn’t told Rajan about them yet and they finally both confess their love.

Riley and Sun find out Mun is alive so she still has a shot at justice.

Lila shows up at Wolfgang’s place and says there are only two sides, “with me or against me”. Men in hazmat suits storm the room and taser then tranquilize him. Kala alerts the cluster that Wolfgang’s been captured. They pack up all the blockers she’s made and head to the airport.

Whispers tortures Wolfgang into giving up his connections as the gang scrambles toward London. Will shows up first to visit and then thoroughly beat the crap out of Whispers in person under the guise of a Sensate visit. Jonas tries to call for help but Capheus, Sun, Neets and Nomi show up on his literal doorstep and kidnap him before sneaking Whispers and Will out of the facility too.

This is the closest this cluster has ever been. And there are so many questions left unanswered. Why the fuck didn’t they grab Wolfie on the way out? Does Capheus’ mom find a cure? Will Lito and Hernando get married? Will Daniella live with them forever? We’ll never know the answers because the season ends here and Netflix FUCKING CANCELED THIS POIGNANT AND ARTFUL MASTERPIECE OF A SERIES. No, YOU’RE crying.

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  1. I love this show. Netflix made the wrong decision. There should have been one more season. I am hoping we get a Serenity-like movie to tie up all those incredibly brilliant loose ends.

  2. Waking up on June 1 — the beginning of Pride Month, for crying out loud — and seeing Sense8 got canceled felt like a personal attack, to be quite honest.

    Hopefully Netflix ties it up with a special or something. I need to see Nomi and Neets get married. I need to know if Wolfgang is okay. And I wouldn’t mind another well-chereographed orgy sequence either…

    • This was supposed to read *choreographed, but I was so uncomfortable typing out the phrase “well-choreographed orgy” while sitting at my desk at my Big Girl Internship that I freaked out and made the typo.

  3. yooooooo thank you for acknowledging this <3 I also cancelled netflix in a fit of fury and just realized that each month I now have a cool $7.99 to donate to kickstarter/etc. campaigns for LGBTQIA+ content. Currently taking applications for peers to join.

  4. Honestly, like, the fact that Sense8 is gone has crushed me to my core. I don’t know any other show that was so unabashedly willing to be lovely, and corny and cheesy and heartbreakingly beautiful. It was so utterly positive, and in love with the world, that I feel like I don’t have any other place to go for for that optimistic outlook. I’m lost, and god damn it, I just need closure. Another 2 hour long christmas episode to wrap everything up? Please?

  5. I don’t usually comment but I felt the urge to vent with like minded individuals. I’m not just crying but have signed petitions, emailed Netflix, and sent a flip flop (I’m not a weirdo there is a campaign to get it back and that’s part of it) to their European HQ. However, in this era of Trump, Brexit, and the rise of prejudice, I know it’s not going to get back this perfect in it’s imperfections, inclusive and addictive show. I just needed to let Netflix know that just by having OITNB it doesn’t get a free pass.

    • Ring them too. I’ve done all of the above and rung their UK customer service number and registered a complaint about their cancelling the show. Because it actually takes up their time and money it’s meant to be a more significant way to make the campaign register with them.

      I hope they change their mind, although I’m not holding my breath.

      But thanks for the wonderful recap Faith.

  6. Sense8 was definitely one of Netflix’s most ambitious series to date. It was shot in multiple countries with an international cast and I have to wonder about the cost of such a venture and if that played a factor in it’s cancellation.

    Season 2 in particular had a ton more action in it than season one. Everything was bigger. The story was better. It was an all-around improvement on the first season and it definitely seemed the showrunners took certain criticisms and made efforts to fix those things.

    What sucks the most about the cancellation is that they left us on such a cliffhanger. If we had at least gotten to see Wolfgang make it out of there I would have been okay with them ending on Will’s line to Whispers in the van with the others. As of now, I’m salty over getting no resolution on his fate.

    • I head it cost around 8 million an episode to make, which is pretty high. First two seasons of Game of Thrones by comparison was around 7-8 million, with newer seasons closer to 12-14 million because of the high viewership. I also read that Sony(which has a hand in making/producing Sense8) and Netflix’s relationship is a bit rocky, which didn’t help keeping the show around.

      I agree with others it be cool to see a movie to finish off the story.

  7. THANK YOU for doing these recaps.

    I’ve never watched another show where I loved every single main character and was so completely invested in their stories. I’ve never watched a show that made me as excited about the fight scenes and action sequences as I was about the personal relationships and intriguing concepts. It had its flaws (Angelica, just go away already) but damn, when it got things right it was a masterpiece. A cheesy, joyful, sexy, sentimental, gorgeously rendered masterpiece.

    I know each episode cost a zillion dollars to make but come on. Leaving us hanging like that?? There HAS to be a movie made to tie up loose ends.

  8. Im so glad you wrote this article! I was just weeping when I heard the news and no one around me seemed to understand. WHYYY NETFLIX

    • Because of the money aspect as people pointed out above, its just bad optics for netflix to be cancelling two shows which had diversity as big part of their core philosophy(the get down, sense8. Pretty bummed about it considering i liked both of these shows and the fact that netflix has a mountain of money that they can burn for warmth during the winter, but really the viewership numbers had to be really low for sense8 considering outside of very specific circles no one i knew watched the show, which is a real shame.

  9. Not to be dramatic, but I kid you not, the news was the worst part of my day. I have never loved a show like this. This just crushed me, still does, actually.

    Honestly, I really think the cost could have been lowered in the third season because everyone is finally at one place. They wouldn’t be travelling as much.

    Yeah, what a sad, sad news.

  10. I can’t believe they’re not going to even do a 2 hours special or something like that, to wrap it all up :(

  11. I’m so pissed they canceled the show, it was one of the few shows that made me feel normal! ARG!

  12. Why do they always cancel the good ones?? This is so heartbreaking! I need to know that Wolfie and Kala gets their happy ending, and our dear baby soft bird Sun too! PS. I totally loved the birthday scene :)

  13. This was an amazing recap! Thank you!! I literally JUST finished the last episode and was so upset that it left on such a cliffhanger.

    Honestly, at this point I’d rather they cancel Orange is the New Black and instead give us one more season of Sense8!

  14. I’m hoping, JMS and the Wachowskis being who they are, that if Netflix doesn’t get pressured into a final season with a fan response or make a movie like Serenity did with Firefly, that we’ll get some really awesome graphic novels to continue/conclude everything. It’s a consolation prize and this whole thing is really depressing.

    I also suggest people visit:


    And enter:

    Sense8 Season 3
    Sense8 Season 4
    Sense8 Season 5

    Netflix pays the most attention to their suggestion box and twitter!

  15. The closest i have got to grief, for ages. I mean i loved everyone and the adorable gay couples especially, but this isn’t even about gayness – i will the most miss a series that emphasises humanism and kindness, because in this Dickensian zeitgeist of race to the bottom it was a one-off, with no equivalents in any format.

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