Saturday Morning Cartoons: Roots and Rugelach

Welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons, a segment where four artists take turns delighting you with their whimsy, facts and punchlines on Saturday mornings! Our four esteemed cartoon critters are Cameron GlavinAnna BongiovanniMegan Prazenica and Sarah Rosenblatt. Today’s cartoon is by Sarah! Click to make it bigger!

 Roots and Rugelach Part One

Roots and Rugelach Part Two


Sarah’s next comic will send over a challah on April 5th.

Sarah has written 6 articles for us.


  1. Fantastic comic. Can you clarify your source for the stats on the number of gay men incarcerated in Nazi camps? I’ve always heard much more conservative estimates, with a maximum of 50 000. I’m thinking you might have a more comprehensive source than I do…

  2. I actually studied this in college for a class on the Holocaust. What was both fascinating and horrifying was how few resources I could find on women who were imprisoned or sent to the camps for being lesbian/queer.

    This is a wonderful comic, btw. Thank you!

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