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There’s some new stuff that you’re gonna love and some of the older stuff that you love is on sale! Happy day!

Misandry Shirt: $25

You like to adorn your hot hot bod with attractive, soft and comfy things. You also probably like misandry. And now there’s a way to enjoy both at the same time.

Now you can wear a t-shirt that helpfully declares your interest and/or enthusiasm for misandry, so the next time you’re discussing how you’d like to be able to walk to Walgreens without being commanded to smile by total strangers, you can skip the part where your roommate’s terrible boyfriend accuses you of being a misandrist because DUH that’s why I have this shirt, doofus.

This pinnacle of sartorial and sociopolitical achievement is also ripe for DIYingLaneia suggests shredding the bottom, burning cigarette holes in it, cutting it up the sides and reconnecting them with safety pins, and/or using a bleach pen to write “I don’t care about how nice your dad/brother/friend is” on the back. Also we think this is a good look.

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While you’re there, you might want to also check out the Tomboy Femme shirts that we have for you. They will look extremely stylish on you, your girlfriend, and/or your best friend.

tomboy femme

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  1. Hmm at that price I could give those calendars out as part of a goodie bag. After all some people need to queer up their office space.

    • Do it! No way am I throwing out my calendar at the end of the year, there’s too much hotness in it.

    • I know! I’m hoping 2XL will work out for me. I think it’s the highest the AA tees go, based on their size chart. :/

  2. *Looks at Misandrist shirt*

    *Puts down tea*

    How dare you?! I literally just put a deposit in my account and I am going to have to *again* give you my money so I can buy that shirt.

    Not only that, you are now responsible for all the jokes, hilarious explanations and not let’s not even begin how I am going to pair this up with my green flannel shirt I “borrowed” from my brother because I WILL BE TOO MUCH FOR THESE PEOPLE!

    I’m going to need AS to take a good hard glittery look at themselves because they have just created a wise-cracking, smug motherfucker.

    Feminist enabling… I can’t take it right now, it’s hump-day, it’s too much!



      I’m not even done because AS must want a gay lady to go hungry because not only I will be getting the shirt, I will also be getting the You Do You flask!

      It’s a okay because with the Misandrist shirt and You Do You flask, I will be collecting all the male tears and never be thirsty again!

      • I bought the flask and it’s an excellent choice. I think you may also want to add calendar to that list so you can make notes of who’s tears you took that day. That and having attractive ladies/people to stare at is never a bad thing.

  3. just got myself a retro a-camp hoodie, now I will hold mountain memories even nearer my heart, if that’s even possible…

    • Someday I will figure out how to comment links correctly. It’s a link to the wikipedia page for misandry, which might make you laugh.

    • your link worked fine! and when will these numbskulls realize that any “expectations” of men are drawn directly from the idea that women are the weaker, helpless sex…they are drafted into the army (but not women) because women are seen as feeble and weak. they pay for things because women are seen as not having as much money (which thanks to the wage gap, is true). they don’t get custody of children after divorce because women are supposed to be at home taking care of children, as is their supposed duty. as soon as men stop putting constraints on how women live their lives, all of their supposed disadvantages will melt way. it’s called PATRIARCHY, assholes! not misandry!

  4. Yes, can we please talk about how f*cking annoying it is when people ask you why you’re not smiling or tell you to put a smile on your face? Maybe I don’t feel like smiling. I am not your personal ray of sunshine.

    That being said, f*ck yeah new Autostraddle merch!

  5. On the subject of autostraddle store: more YDY t-shirt sizes!!(please). And more “the intent of wearing this is partially to let you know I am a lady-lover” merch in general, esp. for us invisible femmes out there.

  6. It’s like you know I can’t resist the amazingly soft hoodies you make. Given that I already have two camp hoodies the YDY hoodie is very tempting. I wouldn’t be shocked if at some point in the future my whole wardrobe is AS merch.

  7. For years I’ve been trying to set my friends straight about what feminism is; equality and respect. I tell my friends that if they meet a self titled feminist who goes past equality to elevate herself above men then she is not a true feminist. I am deeply disappointed to see this misandry shirt after all the intelligent and forward thinking articles I’ve read on this website. In the past Autostraddle has fostered an environment of acceptance, bridging socioeconomic, racial and even biologic differences and this shirt does not support that goal.
    Please consider how this shirt would be received by self-identified feminist cis-males and the trans community. I will not support my sisters in feminism by alienating the brothers, fathers, sons and male-identifying friends who support equality.

    I would like to know the opinion of others.

      • “I should add that I like Autostraddle’s apparel, in particular the ‘You Do You’ sweatshirt.”

        the blinding irony

    • I completely agree with you Lucy. I think the misandrist t is totally off. Love most of the rest of the Autostraddle merch though.

      Would we have seen Martin Luthar King in an ‘I hate white people’ t? I think not (though willing to be corrected on this!)

      • Actually, I think an “I hate white people” shirt wouldn’t be a problem and would be enjoyed by some. Sometimes it can be refreshing to send a message to people who believe in things like reverse sexism/racism that you don’t want them around. I can understand why some people might not care about being off-putting to people who believe in societal misandry. Being a “teacher” for people who don’t get it can be exhausting in and of itself, so can trying to model one’s self to avoid perpetuating certain stereotypes that are used to demean and dismiss groups. There are some things people believe because they chose to, and either way I don’t see it as anyone’s responsibility to be a shining exemplar of the contrary. This shirt, as well as an “I hate white people” one, could serve as DGAF messages for some people. It can also be used as a sleep shirt. Some people may want it to wear only around people who are likely to get it or in the home.

    • I do recall that once autostraddle posted a very article about how misandry isn’t real. Aaaaand how it’s one of the main derailment devices used by mras when arguing about feminism. To me, this shirt is like, I’m not going to waist time explaining what feminism is or why i don’t hate men and frankly i don’t have to justify my anger about misogyny to anyone! Dudes who are alienated by such a shirt maybe are the ones you don’t feel like talking to on days when you wear it.

      • Thank you for linking the article, Dina. I read it and it has added to my perspective. The issue I see here is… sexuality. If my mother wears a misandry shirt it is ironic (because she is a feminist and straight). If I wear a misandry shirt I am instantly a self-branded man hating lesbian. One of the things I seek to avoid.

        The irony of self-appointed misandry is relevant and very funny when in context. As Amanda Hess, the author of the Slate article pointed out, the misandrist label is for feminists who don’t want to waste their breath on a long winded defense of women and feminism. But wearing this shirt, as a lesbian, would require a long winded explanation.

        Further, I agree with Jo in taking this concept to other arenas. I do not expect (and do not want the children in my life) to see “I hate white people.” And on the slip side, would we want to see “I hate women” shirts as an ironic affirmation of support and solidarity from men?

        I will state again that ironic misandry is funny, very funny, in context. It does not belong as a slogan shirt for children and the uninitiated to decipher on their own.

        Please link the article where misandry isn’t real and I’ll expect another one about how racism is a one way street.

        • Very well put. I heard Autostraddle published an article on how misandry isn’t real? I would really like to see that article. I can understand where there are a lot of cases where it’s not true, that this-particular-person is not misandric, but it has been my experience that misandry is actually a very real thing. Some people are misandric.

        • To me, the fact that it means something different when a lesbian wears a misandry shirt is part of the problem.

        • I think this is the article on misandry not being real that people are referring to.

          It is a very good article.

          It looks to me like the difference in reactions to this ‘misandrist t shirt’ comes down to a definition thing.
          1) Misandry as hating men (of course this exists)
          2) Misandry as an oppressive system working against men on a par with misogyny (of course this does not exist).

          Lucy I think you and I are thinking about the 1st definition. And those who like the t-shirts are thinking more about the 2nd definition.

          That’s my take on it anyway!

    • I tend to think of it in terms of game theory. One of the main ways of getting men to understand that misogyny is wrong is by getting them to think about how they would feel if the roles were reversed, and realize that everyone would be better off if they agreed not to hate each other. When a man who supports equality sees a feminist indulging in some ironic misandry, (and it’s not always obviously ironic) he might interpret that as defecting on the agreement, and think “well if she’s defecting I’m defecting”. It’s the sort of thing that can lead to defection spirals even if you “don’t really mean it”.

    • Absolutely! I’m so glad to see someone else shares mymy opinionon this. While I absolutely ADORE Autostraddle and the amazing representation they advocate (alliteration, anyone?) I am greatly disappointed by this shirt. Misandry is no better than misogyny.

    • +1 on how this would be read by cis-male allies, trans men and trans women, and also perpetuating the man-hating lesbian stereotype. i get the joke (“misandry doesn’t exist; you’ve been punk’ed!”), and for sure a lot of straddlers could have good conversations with people commenting on their Misandry tee, but as a transmasculine lurker on this site, it felt like a slap in the face from a community i consider a refuge. i’m proud to be an outspoken feminist, but i don’t want to see my friends labeling themselves man-haters, even ironically.

      • I feel really torn. I don’t want to alienate anyone, but I also want to be able to make jokes. Trans friends make “I hate cis people” jokes sometimes and I don’the feel offended as a cis person because come on. I feel their pain and they can make a fucking comment or complaint in safety, and no, its not “just as bad” as transphobia. I complain about hating men to my guy friends and they get it. Misandry just isn’t a thing, and honestly, these things are about context. There’s a reason misandry and misogyny aren’t the same or as bad…One forms the basis of our society, and the other is the imaginary paranoia of mras. I shouldn’t have to constantly try to avoid the bs stereotypes of people who don’t care about feminism anyway…sometimes you need jokes to get through the day.

        • Yeah I agree, let’s keep a sense of humor and context is key. I guess it comes down to context is missing for me with this shirt, it wasn’t clear that it was aimed only at mra douchebros. For example, in one AS article about powerful tv women, there was a quote about captain Janeway “verging deliciously into misandry” which cracked me up because it was clearly referring to her putting specific misogynistic asshats in their place, which I can totally get behind. I feel like the shirt incorrectly and unfairly equates masculinity and maleness with misogyny, so it’s jarring for me. So I agree with the previous commenter who said a shirt that read something about “male tears”, or a shirt that said “verging deliciously on misandry” would be more obviously ironic and calling out the real problem (misogyny), and not be read literally as “i hate men.”

      • “how this would be read by cis-male allies, trans men and trans women”

        i’m curious why you included trans women in this group? why would they feel any differently about this shirt than cis women?

        personally i know at least one trans guy who’s already bought himself one of these shirts, and at least one cis male ally who thinks it’s funny. i think it really depends on the person, and maybe on the context in which you exist in your life, that influences how you feel about this. personally i love it.

    • As a white person I wouldn’t have a problem with seeing someone wear an “I hate white people” shirt, but I would think a “Reverse Racist” shirt was hilarious.

      I also think that if you are old enough to know what misandrist means you are old enough to get sarcasm.

    • I came here to say the same thing – I’ve always seen Autostraddle as a positive and supportive place, but seeing this pop up on my Facebook feed made me feel incredibly sad and makes me consider putting them behind me.

      Much as I hate the reactionary way in which the word ‘misandry’ is often used by MRAs, there *are* genuinely situations in which men are discriminated against, and regardless of your opinion on who is more oppressed, literally emblazoning your chest with a word that translates to ‘hatred of men’ isn’t going to help anyone. All it will achieve is another reason for people who haven’t yet formed an opinion on feminism to take one look and think “Well, I guess the MRAs are right after all; feminists really do hate men.” You can try and justify it as ‘ironic’ or ‘tongue-in-cheek’, but most people aren’t going to see it that way.

      As a genderfluid person, I’ve never been able to tolerate people of either sex who sling insults at the other, since I end up feeling personally insulted regardless of who the target is. Not to mention all the wonderful men and MAAB folk in my life who would be disgusted at the sight of this. But, maybe this is just a sign that this place isn’t for me anymore.

      • Yes, exactly. I’m the same, I’m not into slinging insults and it comes across as insulting rather than funny – to me, at least if it was worn in public rather than amongst friends who ‘get it’. Not everyone is as schooled up on the irony of ‘misandry’, in a public setting I can only see it as dividing people rather than stimulating constructive debate (which it could potentially do if more ‘in context’ as others have suggested).

        I don’t understand this ‘misandry doesn’t exist’ notion, of course it exists. Just not where the MRAs suggest it does!

        I also should mention I’m in the #yesallwomen camp (not the ‘not all men…’ one).

        I also should mention I used to have a t-shirt that said “Your boyfriend wants me”. At the time I thought it hilarious and edgy. Now I think back and cringe.

        • Where/how does misandry exist though?

          The only ways I can think of men facing discrimination in our society are things that are not predicated on hating men, but in stereotypes about men and women.

          For example family court rulings I can well imagine are skewed because of the stereotypes about women as being more ‘naturally’ suited to caring roles and mothers as being more developmentally important to children.

      • Adding to what henshin said, I can’t actually think of any situations where men are oppressed. Even the family court thing- that is awful, but its also the result of a legal system controlled by men, so does that count as oppression? Can a group of people in power create a system where they are oppressed? that seems paradoxical.
        I make jokes with my straight friends about being heterophobic and not understanding how their relationships work, and none of them think I hate them. I think the shirt is funny. I think anyone who takes it literally and gets offended is probably someone who thinks I’m a man-hater because I’m queer i.e. someone who would judge me and make unfair assumptions no matter what.
        However, I still am on the fence about getting one because of the unisex sizing. I know that not everyone can wear a fitted t-shirt, but I rarely wear unisex shirts. I wish multiple options were available.

        • Okay. This isn’t that relevant, but it bothers me how often I hear the, “men are discriminated against in child custody cases” as if it’s a fact. They’re not. Statistically, yes, women get sole or primary custody more often. Until you take out uncontested custody cases. If men TRY to get sole or primary custody of a child over the age of three, they are more likely to get custody than women are.
          Tangent over. Carry on.

    • Not going to go too in depth (because I’m at work), but it’s really not my thing either. Maybe part of it is because for most of my life, I’ve had mostly male-identified friends. And like others said, a lot of it has to do with the lack of context; I don’t want to have to go into long winded explanations. It’s a shirt with a word, most people are going to think of the definition and not go past that. And like a few people said, there’s the whole man-hating-lesbian stereotype.

    • The t-shirt is disappointing….to judge any group as though it were one person. Especially when the definition is about “hating” that group. And to those who seek to “spin” the definition in another direction …remember you will not be able to explain to all who see the word on your t-shirt….you will be stuck with the definition that they will look up in a dictionary.

      Like this one:

      Definition of MISANDRIST
      : a person who hates men—compare misogynist

      Is that what you want to say?

  8. Question to those of you who already own the autostraddle flask: What kinds of things can you put in it? I.e., does it have to be hard liquor like vodka or can you put in something flavored, like coffee liqueur? Or even wine? I ask because I have another flask (states away! must support AS and buy a new one!) and I remember the instructions saying not to put in any sweet or fruity liquids (which is pretty much what I drink).

    Also, sorry if this kind of question does not belong in the comments section. I tried to use the store contact form but something funny was going on when I tried to type in the fields.

    If I don’t get the flask, I might have to go with a YDY hoodie seeing as how everyone is saying how nice they are. I have the little pin on my messenger bag and love it.

    • Stainless steel is food safe with all kinds of beverages! But because of the geometry of the flask, I’d avoid syrupy things because they’re going to be difficult to clean out. I also wouldn’t recommend putting anything dairy based in your flask, unless you keep it in the fridge or something.

    • FYI, Here are the exact directions for use from a real life You Do You Flask:

      Your stainless steel flask is specially designed to carry alcoholic beverages. It should not be used for beverages with acid contents such as fruit juices and cordials.

  9. i was literally just thinking today about how i need a shirt declaring my misandrist inclinations. autostraddle, anticipating my needs always<3

  10. I have to say, I got really upset seeing that Misandrist tee without any context. But hey, I suppose there’s a market for it? :/

    The “I bathe in male tears” is less upsetting because its absurd. Misandry is not absurd, unfortunately.

    • The joke is that misandry doesn’t exist, outside of the paranoid obsessions of mras. Just living life and being a feminist makes people accuse you of being a ‘misandrist’, and the shirt is an attempt to joke about that instead of weeping.

        • yeah, it’s weird to me that AS is now selling a shirt that might be worn by two different demographics: anti-mra straddlers being ironic, and terfs and their ilk being un-ironic.

        • No. Misogyny is a cultural attitude that maintains cultural discrimination in a specific power structure. It is not really hating women (benevolent sexism is still misogyny)…it is the cultural attitude. Women struggling to trust cishet men after being raised in a culture of violence is a completely different context. Pretending they are the same does no one any good.

          Either way, the joke of the shirt is that not only are feminists called misandrists for demanding equality, but you can also be called a misandrist just for not wanting to date someone, or for wanting a female-identified-only space for certain discussions, etc. Calling yourself a misandrist is like having the shirt that says “feminists want to kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy the traditional family, kill their husbands, and become lesbians.” Yeah, murder is a big deal, but the shirt would not be pro husband and child murder. It is making fun of other peoples’ perceptions.

          I guess there are people who actually deeply hate men, but seriously, cishet men don’t have much to fear in a culture that gives them much more wealth and power than women. All of my concern is for how trans people are treated like shit by radical feminists. A shirt joking about that would never be ok.

    • autostraddle is usually spot on, but the misandrist shirt is a definite miss.

      however ironic in intention, it reads as the wearer lowering herself to the same level as those the shirt’s intended to critique…

      we are both sisters and brothers here…

  11. Hm, I really need to finish that “Ladies Lunch, Bitches Brunch” crop top design. Stupid classes getting in the way of me using the lab for personal projects completely unrelated to school.

  12. I was so looking forward to a misandrist shirt but this is disappointing. I wanted a shirt that was bitingly witty, but just the word itself isn’t worth that much money for me :\

    Points though for the T-shirt colour and the font.

    I can personally attest that the YDY hoody is incredibly soft and warm. My girlfriend seems to be more eager for cuddles when I wear it.

  13. now logged in as my damn self let’s try this again.

    i want a shirt that says

    fuck the police
    white tears bath enthusiast
    cookie monster
    sin verguenza

  14. YDY hoodie question — since the S isn’t available, does anyone know if the XS super tight fitting? I’d love to buy one for fall but I usually wear a S in unisex hoodies.

    • Hi there! I usually wear a small in uni sex hoodies as well, and I tried an xs cause that’s all they had at camp one time, and it fit just fine, but I’m pretty ruler shaped, so if you have hips and stuff proceed with caution

  15. I’ll add my voice in finding the misandry shirt deeply disappointing and uncomfortable. I get that (hopefully, with the benefit of the doubt) it’s meant to be a response to “misandrist” as a hurled slur when speaking up about some reasonable feminist issue. It does not come off that way, and it doesn’t have enough context. As presented, it is nothing but hateful towards a large, diverse group of people, and it is not okay.

  16. Very disappointed in the “Misandrist” shirt. While I enjoy railing against MRA douchecopters, this could have been done in a wittier, more clever fashion.

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