Real Life Lesbian Jessica Clark Gets Naked For True Blood

This week on True Blood, a lot of weird/gross things happened, none of which matter as much as the fact that out lesbian actress/model Jessica Clark arose completely naked from a pool of blood as the original vampire goddess Lilith in what may or may not have been a group hallucination caused by drinking her ancient blood. Please read that sentence in one breath, because that is how I meant it.

via HBO

You guys, when I say naked, I don’t mean that she just wasn’t wearing clothing and there were props conveniently covering her vag. She was the most naked and you could see all the things. Including her perfectly manicured pubic hair, which was in the shape of the most exact isosceles triangle that has ever been on a vagina. So, the question on everyone’s mind: was it a merkin?

In addition to being naked, Clark gives a great vampire roar and breathes a cloud of blood cells. It’s a pretty exciting debut.

I would like to motion to make this scene a classic of the Nude Lesbian Canon, up there with Shane’s full-frontal pool scene in episode 101 of The L Word. That was the original naked lesbian moment of my heart. I remember watching it with my first girlfriend before we were dating/before I was out and I said, “I am attracted to that person.” And she rolled her eyes and was like, “Duh of course you are.” That’s a tale as old as time, I guess. If you want to take a fun trip down lesbian memory lane you should read Riese’s recap of that episode. I just did.

Anyway, you might remember Jessica Clark from the exclusive Autostraddle premier of the short film Sara and the corresponding Autostraddle interview. Since then, she’s landed a number of television gigs, and was also on the cover of Vogue India. Clark is married to fitness guru Lacey Stone, who is also her personal trainer. Of her feelings about her wife being naked on True Blood, Clark told the Advocate that Stone says, “At least they can see how great my work is.”


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  1. Whether it was a merkin or real, I approve! Growing up in the eighties, when I’d sneak a peek at my Uncles Playboy’s, that was what women looked like. Shaved doesn’t do it for me.

  2. When I saw that scene I couldn’t help but laugh at the special effects – sooo 90’s!
    I’m also pretty sure they recycled the baby dragons screeches from Game of Thrones for Lilith’s “voice”, which along with the SFX took me out of the show. But still, yeah… I thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t know she was a lesbian!

  3. My number two moment of all the seasons to be honest. Number one would be Tara hooking up with Naomi because the writers literally made my dreams come true.

  4. Why the black censor bars? It’s not like there are never photos of naked ladies on this site. Those of us without HBO want to see too. :(

  5. Clue me in…Autostraddle can’t show naked breasts and total nudity…because it makes it porn? Because it is a rule Auto has decided to follow?

    Just curious.

  6. I really wanted Lilith and ghost-Godric to have a battle. But I’m getting spoiled.
    Here’s to Lilith showing up a lot and never wearing clothes!

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