AUDIO: Real L Word’s Whitney Does Rosie O’Donnell (Not Literally) for Rosie Radio

One woman clearly NOT on IFC’s blacklist is Rosie O’Donnell, who’s been rolling out the Real L Word ladies on the regular this week. This time our very own Clam Mistress Whitney is in the hot seat, ready to field Rosie’s questions about the wild and crazy lesbians of 2010. As in Rosie’s interview with Rose Garcia, Whitney is proven to be much more than what meets the eye. She’s revealed to be a smarty-pants with two Bachelor’s degrees and LSAT scores on record, as well as a talented artist pursuing a commendable career in art therapy [though she’ll prob wait until her 15 min of strap-on inspired fame are up].


+ Audition process: “They wanted to make sure that we weren’t one dimensional.” Why bother?
+ Whitney “went from looking like a girl to looking like a boy almost overnight” and it was completely accepted thanks to her comfortable confidence
+ Despite Romi telling us that they were so wasted they didn’t know the camerawoman was in the room, Whitney fesses up and says they obviously knew they were being filmed
+ Whitney wants Rosie to take over the Vagina Lady‘s role and MC the next cream corn wrestling match but Rosie recognizes brilliance when she sees it: “I feel as though that announcer girl with the weird hat had it down.”
Dreadlock maintenance serious business and Whit will walk you through it

Listen to Rosie O’Donnell interview Whitney from The Real L Word

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  1. i am going to scream if one more person refers to that sex scene as an adequate representation for straight people of how lesbian people have sex IN CASE THEY WERE WONDERING B/C IT IS SO CONFUSING. all she did was just show how lesbians put on a strap-on to have sex much like straight people do, i don’t find that enlightening.


    • Relevant to this, I am raging at everyone who has recommended the BBC version of Tipping the Velvet to me over the years, because

      a) it is the worst-edited piece of shit I’ve ever seen, and


    • whoa, uh,

      Hi,full on lez here, not a fan of the fist. And fisting isn’t just a lesbian thing, is it? Not sure. Never mind, don’t want to know.

      But, if people thought the strap on scene was too porno or exploitative or whatevs, holy shit about a fisting scene!

      • i really just like the word “fisting.” the basic point is: lesbian strap-on sex is NOT the “ultimate sex act” and it doesn’t lay to bed any confusions or misconceptions. IMHO. well, imo. i’m not that humble.

        • I agree. I don’t think there any ultimate definable lesbian sex act, and straight people who profess confusion over lesbian sex are looking for some simple corollary to intercourse. There isn’t one.

          As long as straight men and women are conditioned not to consider a woman’s pleasure all that much, I think they’ll always have confusion over what in the world lesbians do with each other that’s so great.

  2. I am honestly pleasantly impressed by these L ladies and their conversational abilities. I don’t know, they’re just very likable to me after I hear them chattin it up with Rosie on her show. Just sayin.

    • the most disappointing thing to me is that they’re reduced to one-dimensional characters on the show. the people talking to rosie seem much more interesting, honest, and more importantly, real than the ones on tv. sad.

    • Same. They come across really well in interviews, probably because they’re not edited ’til kingdom come. And because they’re just normal people I think.

    • It’s because this show has sucked the life out of all of them!!! IFC is a life sucker!!

  3. how can rosie be / sound so out of touch with like, the world? i don’t understand. she seems so SHOCKED by young lesbians and our ability to be … pretty? i just don’t get it.

    • She’s just ignorant I suppose, which is strange because she’s a lesbian, but I suppose it doesn’t matter the orientation. Ignorance is ignorance.

      • it’s shtick. as a young(ish) lesbian who knows rosie and has spent time with her and other young lesbians, she’s not totally in the dark. it’s just like her running gag. or else she has a really bad memory, which actually listening to these shows i sometimes think could be the case. it’s sort of like how i keep making jokes about fisting?

  4. WHO ARE ALL THESE GIRLS THAT DIDN’T HAVE A GAY ROLE MODEL UNTIL THE REAL L WORD CAME ALONG?? seriously, i don’t understand how watching whitney banging a sexy lady with a strap-on/rose being a general douche to her gf/mikey wearing sunglasses and being hungover/etc is giving them the confidence to come out or whatever.

  5. The Real L word needs to recast their show. Nikki, Jill, and Tracy are what I call commercial space. They should be on an after school special so they can bore the same folks that tuned in to see Oprah faithfully. They seem to good people but I don’t want to watch them on t.v. giving them more time would certainly have me tune out. Their space should be given to the other three disfunctional group members and thier friends. Mikey & girlfriend without fashion week please. Rose, Natilie, and her youngster crew. Whitney and her lusty sluts. More sex and fights would keep this show going!

  6. Everyone is not worldly about sex peeps! There are those of us proud prudes who like to think love and developing affection come before the lust/limerance acts of copulation. Vouyerism has been around for years via print, film, and now on reality tv. Call it what you want based on whether done tasteful or not. I learn what to do, what not to do because of these types of conversations/blogs. Doesn’t matter what type: hetro or homo. My late bloomer, naiveness may not be attractive to most posters here. I am secure enough in my sexuality that I do not want to have notches on my bedpost nor see one nite stands when I walk down the street. It’s refreshing one can still learn at the cougar age (50) about pleasing a partner. I feel sorry for the yougins that think they know it all and judge unfairly the less sexually knowledgeable! ps. I really respect all comments as just that, opinions. Having said that, so much room for growth and improvement. hugs

    • Why not just be honest and put “spammer” as your name, Ms. Fergie/Dinah/Alexisdagoc/Sandap/Nerak/Karen/whateveryournameis?

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