Rosie O’Donnell Interviews Real L Word’s Rose Garcia and Rose Charms The Hell Out of Her

If you’ve been keeping up with our Real L Word free-publicity-extravaganza you’re already familiar with Rosie O’Donnell‘s confusing take on The New Lesbians. Well, today she interviewed her favorite representative of this new and unusual species of lesbian: Rose Garcia. Take a moment to let that marinate.

The interview exposes Rose as an intelligent, well-spoken and charming individual which makes her image as an emotionally abusive pseudo-cheater even sadder than we thought. Rosie is particularly taken with Rose’s loving family and has her delve further into her background shedding some light on her strained relationship with her mother.

Putting it lightly, Rosie O’Donnell is fascinated by and obsessed with this show. She not only wants an invite to Nikki & Jill’s wedding in October but actually wants to appear on an episode of the non-existent second season with Whitney and Rose as Rosie’s guide to the land of alcohol guzzling, womanizing LA lesbians. Can’t wait!

Although Rosie promised listeners that she would nail Rose for her treatment of her long-suffering girlfriend Natalie, she shied away from that topic, instead putting Rose in the slightly awkward position of having to convince us that Mikey doesn’t have a problem with the drinky drink.

Listen to Rosie O’Donnell interview Rose Garcia:

Does this change your opinion of Rose Garcia?

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  1. i can’t wait till rosie comes back to tv! she is the hbic.

    riese- i love your recaps but i’m a little disappointed that you haven’t mentioned a) that TRLW is recycling all their music from the original l word, and b) that nikki and jill’s house looks like a monastery. i expect witty commentary on these fronts! ;)

  2. Ive been watching the R L W and I gotta say that whitney is …skanky
    eeuuuuwww those dreads look really nasty and when she was in the tub with them and the cream corn ….oh please I nearly barfed !
    I agree with Rosie they are a little OTT as lesbians tho, its not really real.
    but its good to see some lesbians on TV.
    peace out and whitney, love, bin the dreads.

  3. Although some may argue that the destructive nature of Rose&Natalie’s relationship is good for ratings, and that Whitney’s player-like dating life is great entertainment… I don’t find the appeal.
    I always look forward to watching the stability and respect that Nikki&Jill or Tracy&Stamie seem to have.
    With that being said, No, I still think Rose is a big douche.
    Even though Natalie is acting like a doormat, Rose is just a big freakin’ bully :\

  4. Gotta love how uninhibited you youngins are! This late bloomer cougar (50) learning a lot from all comments and blogs. Thanks for sharing RosieRadio interviews as well. Haven’t seen the L reality show but enjoy the freedom and updates here. Just keep in mind every generation paves the way for the next. Oie, to be 20 years younger, grrrrrrr. Seriously, keep everything in perspective. No script in reality tv, just prompts, alcohol, and encouragement (or is it props?). Gotta start somewhere educating everyone! xo

  5. I’ve been searching for forums on this show and hard to find… i was a diehard fan of The L Word and absolutely CRUSHED when it ended.. so of course, skeptical about the reality spin off — i generally hate reality and fame hungry people…but i have to say i LOVE this show. and can’t wait till the second season. makes me wish i lived in LA.
    As for Rose, i think she was edited all wrong and it was clear by the last few episodes that Natalie was a whiny, overbearing, self-possessed lil primadonna. She pushed Rose a few times and honestly acted like a high schooler. Straight or Gay, people need to grow up, give their partners more freedom and just be honest in relationships. Rose’s lovely personality can shine through when she finds someone on her own level, I wish her all the best!

  6. I think Rose is a bitch to Natalie. Natalie deserves so much better. The fact that Rose had to go talk to her ex gf and if the ex would of given in she would of slept with her. She only went back to Nat after she got turned down by her ex angel.

  7. At first I hated the Rose because of how she treated Natalie and her view of how she would deal with the women in her life. But, I have to say, my opinion has changed after watching and listening to recent interviews that Rose has given. Rose seems to be now learning that alot of what she was doing was wrong and that is half the battle right there.

    Rose and Natalie are really the only ones I found really interesting on this show for the most part. Hope Rose and Natalie are able ti make their relationship work!

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  10. sounds like her mom has a lot of unresolved issues. the mother-daughter relationship shouldn’t be both “drama” and “sisterly.”

    i have empathy for rose now. her mother is clearly unstable and immature and reared her daughter to have similar traits.

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