Queen Latifah Hosts All-Woman Party With Lady ‘Dancers,’ WashPo Apologizes for Brian Brown Article: Daily Fix


Today: We’re pretty invested in the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell debate and had an awesome interview with Lt. Dan Choi earlier this year that got us interested in finding a gay woman discharged under DADT to speak to. Autostraddle’s Natalie was lucky enough to get an interview with Choi’s fellow Knights Out member Lissa Young, a 1986 West Point graduate and current Harvard grad student and 2002 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell discharge: DADT Discharge Lissa Young: The Autostraddle Interview.

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+ Arts & Culture

QUEEN LATIFAH: Queen Latifah’s private stripper party pics have made the Tabloids, her girlfriend is probs ready for her to come out already now. See, Queen Latifah is one of those FACT secret lesbians (Jodie Foster & Kate Moennig = FACT secret lesbians, Ellen Page  = PROBS secret lesbian, Kelly Clarkson = secret lesbian CONTENDER), and she’s been openly partying at lesbian clubs a lot lately so we think she should come out now. Thoughts? In response to Friday’s homophobic party on twitter, The Examiner pointed out that, “It is also impossible to ignore that the topic is largely being supported by the African American community, highlighting even further the disconnect between the national leadership at the NAACP who is supportive of the LGBT community, and the younger African American community” so that’s an even better argument than ours, which is that we think Queen Latifah is kickass and we’re queer too so it would be fun and good for visibility.  (@queerty)

LATE-IN-LIFE LESBIANS: Over 40 and Over MenMore and more women are living the ultimate do-over: falling for another female. Meet the gay-and-gray generation. – 42 percent of the respondents in a recent  MORE.com poll reported knowing one or more women who came out as gay or bisexual at age 40-plus. (@more)

LINDSAY LOHAN: Can we do this? Like is this okay? Can we just say that it’s POSSIBLE that Playboy might be offering Lindsay Lohan a nude pictorial, write an article about it, and get picked up by Google News and re-written up by SheWired? Like could we just publish an article saying that it’s possible Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson are releasing a sex tape exclusively to Autostraddle, publish it, and then achieve our goals of sharing a sliver of time in the sun with the more SEO-empowered? Is that allowed? Is anything not allowed? Bueller? (Also, can we remind you of the truly gorgeous New York Magazine photoshoot Lindsay Lohan did … naked … already? (Our photoblogger Robin loved it.)

LADY GAGA: Top 10 signs Lady Gaga is a man?!. “It’s di rigeur for bimbo celebs to flash their goodies. Lady Gaga hasn’t flashed her vagina, because she doesn’t have a vagina.” (@newsblaze)

ELLEN & LADY GAGA: Lady Gaga makes her third stop on the Ellen show on the Season 7 premiere this coming Tuesday September 8th.

VOGUE EVOLUTION: Vogue Evolution was sent home on last night’s America’s Best Dance Crew, which is depressing. Now we must track them down & interview them. (@TransGriot)

A SHOT AT TILA TEQUILA: NFL’s Shawne Merriman Accused of Choking Bisexal Reality Show Star & MySpace Friend Champion Tila ‘Tequila’, who made a citizen’s arrest against Merriman. (@nbc)

MUSIC: JD Samson’s MEN is in the NY Times playlist section.(@nytimes)

+News & Politics

NOMNOMNOM: Profile on Anti-Gay-Marriage Activist Brian Brown Provokes WrathThe Washington Post got an earful for Opposing Gay Unions With Sanity & a Smile,” and we made the writer cry! We sort of had a feeling that this had been written by someone who assumed we knew she was on our side, but of course, we didn’t. The 28-year old writer is “especially sensitive to accusations of a “homophobic agenda,” [and] her e-mails offered a glimpse into her personal life.The WashPo condones & condemns many of the piece’s aspects; an interesting read from a journalistic perspective to boot. (@washpo)

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE TOURISM: Gay marriage has revived “virtually abandoned” Campillo, a rustic Spanish village, as a new destination for “rainbow weddings.” and it’s all been documented in the film now circulating festivals “Campillo Sí, Quiero” (“Campillo Yes, I do”). The city’s openly gay major, Francisco Maroto, says: “Campillo shows what’s possible when you have the proper measure of tolerance and respect.”  (@nytimes)

HEALTH CARE: Obama Readies Reform Specifics for Health-Care Address to Congress: “President Obama for the first time is poised to “draw some lines in the sand” over the size and shape of legislation to remake the nation’s health-care system, top advisers said Sunday.” We’re crossing our fingers Obama won’t just be going for the “language of persuasion via pure poetry” thing this time, his opponents don’t like fancy prose. Actually they don’t seem to like any elements of civic discourse. We have a lot of feelings about health care in America, none of them are good, and we don’t know what to say for these crazies anymore. (@washpo)


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alex-iconfrom Alex:
Talk about Web 0.0! Check out: How 20 Popular Websites Looked When They Launched.


daphne-iconfrom Intern Daphne:
Also 13 year old girls can blog.

riese-icon3from Riese:
Classic photography in Lego.
John & Yoko is a highlight.


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  1. …Jodie Foster is not actually out?

    Also, ““It’s di rigeur for bimbo celebs to flash their goodies. Lady Gaga hasn’t flashed her vagina, because she doesn’t have a vagina.”” WHAT!?

  2. -I am on the fence about celebrities coming out. On the one hand you shouldn;t have to say, “I’m Gay”. Because heteros don;t proclaim there straightness. Plus it is no ones business and you could suffer professionally. BUT being a popular, well-liked, successful out celebrity is a good model to everyone to be yourself and also good representation for the LGBT community. When you have so many gay tendencies to the point everyone knows anyway, yet you deny it is so annoying and kinda pathetic, like Ricky Martin. And it sends a message that you are not proud of what you are because it is “wrong, unnatural” or whatever. Ugh, IDK. This was long, sorry, I’ll shut up.

    -I honestly don;t think Gaga is a herme. But i kinda wish she was, I think that would be cool.

    -LOVE THE AUTOSTRADDLER OF THE DAY! It just doesn;t get better.

    • -I think the key is that unfortunately we live in a heteronormative society. So it’s not like society assumes everyone could be either straight or gay, pending further clarification. The base assumption is that everyone is straight, unless told otherwise. So by keeping it a secret, celebs aren’t actually floating in a gray area refusing to acknowledge one or the other, they are accepting our projected heterosexuality.

      I feel like Queen Latifah is in like serious Clay Aiken territory where everyone knows, so it’s like, just confirm it, b/c if you don’t I think it’s saying there is something wrong with it, which can be a dangerous message, that it needs to be kept secret. Or maybe it’s no message at all. I guess it’s easy for me to say. I have a lot of feelings!

      – I love the autostraddler of the day too! i think it’s just a really effin’ gorgeous picture.

      • I completely agree with you. In years to come it may not be necessary to claim your sexuality. But I think in this day, especially with all of the battles being fought for equality, it is so important to stand up and stand out. If you are a person of position and influence you shouldn;t just accept societies preconceived notions you need to break it and show that it’s okay.

  3. “Can we just say that it’s POSSIBLE that Playboy might be offering Lindsay Lohan a nude pictorial, write an article about it, and get picked up by Google News and re-written up by SheWired?”

    *Snicker* Thanks for that.

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