No Filter: Welcome To Jasika Nicole’s Caucasian House

Welcome back to No Filter, a weekly gathering of the week in celebrity Instagram. It’s a whole new year, a whole new you, and yet here we are doin’ the same old stuff. We’ve got a lot to get through, so let’s get right to work.

Happy Birthday @kateomoennig! I hope you have the best of the best. You deserve it. Xo ❤ #smashed

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Remember when Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Moennig briefly dated and it was at that moment the best thing that ever happened to the whole internet? Well they’re still friends and now they’re Instagramming together and the world is at peace.

Very allergic to cats

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I have really enjoyed the evolution of Brittani over the past year or so as she has transformed her social media presence into a catalog of dogs she enjoys. This week, she laid down some brutal truths.

new whip #brooklyn99

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Stephanie Beatriz is joyriding around Paris in this cop car, I guess.

time to let this pass ❤ goodbye forever 2016, thank you forever @thursdayband. no words.

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My entire Instagram stories feed was videos of Meredith Graves singing with Thursday, which really made me think about who I watch Instagram stories from.

My last Christmas gift arrived ?? and this is my best @joannthescammer face #ICONIC

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I am fucking dead.

Climbing up the walls #keepitmoving #bouldering

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Jiz Lee, still fucking doing sports.

Last night was a blast! Happy New Year Fam!!! ? #2017 #Miami #Fox #Star

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Has anybody ever figured out why Queen Latifah is in this column? Has anybody actually watched Star? It’s one of the most bananas television shows I’ve ever seen.

I was feeling super tank girl in my goggles with my lady on Christmas Day.

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso celebrated Christmas with steampunk and cats. This is gonna be the year I learn how to spell Origliasso without looking it up. I learned Delevingne, I can do this.

Join us next week when Jasika the Scammer finally robs a bank. Iconic.

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  1. I’ll say this here because I couldn’t say it last week in a conversation with my parents: Jiz Lee is the only force in the universe encouraging me to be physically active rather than a sedentary lump.

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