Oh Hey! It’s Alyssa #16: The Gelders (Part Two)

“Oh Hey! It’s Alyssa” is a biweekly web comic by Alyssa

Alyssa is a totally complete incomplete paraplegic and thirty-something hanky-in-the-pocket cartoonist weirdo!

Alyssa has written 67 articles for us.


        • I’m sorry to hear that you lost your grandmother. But so happy to know you had such a great one to be close to through the years! Our loved ones both biologically and chosen are the most amazing of gifts. I know that I will lose my friend, here, one day. And am terrified to feel that flood of emotion – but I’m so so lucky to have found her and to have shared all that we’ve shared. Connection no matter how long is such an incredibly profound thing. My love to you, and to your grandma. I have zero doubts she was a wonderful wonderful human.

  1. Alyssa, I love this. It reminds me of my grandma, who is now 100. I don’t get to see her often, and it sucks, but I did make it back for her birthday (because, y’know, 100). It sucks that she can’t really see well anymore, nor does her hand work particularly well, so she can’t read like she used to and she can’t write. She also can’t get around too well and uses a wheelchair, although she moves herself around – no one pushes Grandma. I love her dearly and wish we could stay in contact better. She’s been a secret badass her whole life and I never really appreciated that until after Grandpa died. Now I wish I’d asked her more about all the things she’s done, but I was too young and too stupid.

    There are so many secret badasses walking (or rolling) around as old ladies right now.

  2. Thank you all for loving my favorite human as much as I love my favorite human! She’s shaped my world undeniably and helped me to see the smallest of beautiful things in the world. she will be 95 in ONE MONTH! I plan to show her all of your warm lovin! Xo.

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