No Filter: Samira Wiley Knows What We’ve Been Thinking

Welcome back to No Filter, where we unpack the week in celebrity Instagram and use the mundane images of famous people’s lives to give our own lives meaning. This week, Jenny Owen Youngs wrote a theme song for a television show I’ve never watched and it’s been the highlight of my entire week. Let’s get to work!

I don't wish you were here I enjoy solitude with flowers but you would like it here too I bet

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Introducing a new feature of No Filter, already popularized by Amandla Stenberg: Queers of note posing in idyllic landscapes. Arabelle Sicardi is enjoying this scenic overlook and you should too.

❤️???? Happy Pride! Thank you for the custom shirt @millybymichelle! #nofilterneeded

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Samira Wiley’s pride outfit nails it.

Onstage with @beatricepirate last night in Toronto ? …

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Against Me! took newly out Beatrice Martin (Coeur de Pirate) on stage in Toronto and it was pretty adorable.

You know… Just kicking it with the 2 Pipers! #taysteetuesday #season4

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Like, I know objectively that Taylor Schilling and Piper Chapman are two different people and that Piper Chapman isn’t real (and that that’s Piper Kerman, OKAY I KNOW) but there’s definitely a part of me that’s rolling my eyes like, “Of fucking COURSE you have a stunt double in prison.”

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I have never watched Rizzoli and Isles but I would start if this became the theme song.

Well these two are really cute.

baby's breath

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The composition of this picture is insane, like I don’t understand why Amandla’s Instagram isn’t in a museum.

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Resident party animal Carly Usdin found a quiet place to relax at VidCon.

Parking lot. Styrofoam, hair, and a cigarette butt.

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St Vincent is working really hard to match Amandla’s Instagram game and it’s working.

Peace and blessings on this beautiful day! ❤️

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Queen Latifah wonders what she’s doing in this column.

Join us next week, when Amandla Stenberg probably branches out into Instagram sculpture, somehow.

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  1. Remember when Poussey was like “Accent à droite, bitch,” but still we never spell it that way?

    Also I’ve been thinking about it and if Samara Wiley doesn’t rub her head a lot in her new show I will be the very saddest.

    • About the “accent à droite”, I’m quite sure she was refering to the phonological realizations of “é” vs “è” in french (french speaking native + linguist here :-)), not to the spelling. That being said, it still didn’t make any sense, first because we never say “accent à droite” or “accent à gauche” (I don’t even have any idea which accent would be which…), and also because, well, “Poussey” has never been pronounced neither “Poussè” nor “Poussè” in OITNB.

      But who cares. I’m so gonna miss Poussé. Sorry, Poussè.

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