No Filter: Samira Wiley Is Bound And Determined To Bring You A Ham

Welcome back to No Filter, where we examine the private lives of a bunch of strangers as though that was a completely normal way to spend one’s Wednesday afternoon. This week, we are very interested in what one celebrity bought at the grocery store, and a couple of other people we don’t know wearing matching shirts. Is this normal? What are we even doing with our lives? Anyway, Ruby Rose is pretty nice to look at, probably time to get to work.

First off, I noticed this week that we have been criminally negligent in this column for not focusing more on the antics of Beth Ditto and her wife, because their Insta game is strong. I promise to correct this in future columns.

Samira Wiley took her Thanksgiving ham very, very seriously.

Jasika Nicole never disappoints.

Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey are climbing up the chimney in search of extra presents. Is that how it works? How does Christmas work?
Ruby Rose doesn’t know what a cell phone is.
Julia Nunes came, saw, represented.

For what it’s worth, Lena Waithe sent Alana Mayo some really beautiful flowers, but Alana sent Lena this picture of mac’n’cheese. To be totally honest I’d probably prefer the mac’n’cheese.

I thought it was important that I include this very cool comment from ariasteilachantel, who is picking up where Brendan left off. Sorry, Samantha, guess you guys aren’t really the cutest fucking couple on earth after all.

Join us next week, when Ruby Rose expands her data plan and hopefully receives some weird messages from Drake.

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  1. Samira Wiley, why you be making my heart sing? Her use of colloquial slang sent shivers through my private regions, even when talking about ham. And Ruby Rose… thank the sapphic deities for her! How effin’ gorgeous.

  2. this was AS exciting as I wanted it to be, but also, I’d love to see the image of samira wiley bound and bringing me cooked meats. even though i probably wouldn’t eat said cooked meats.

    • The uproar, cuz:

      *Her accent
      *Her adorable LA Lesbian Eco Power Couple relationship with the granddaughter of my favorite childhood author
      *Her openness about her past mental health struggles
      *Not to be a creeper, but: her body

      And straight women saying they’d “go gay” for someone doesn’t bug me. Those old “I’d go gay for” conversations with my straight friends about Angelina Jolie gave me a tiny window of hope back when I was just a baby. Turns out I’d go gay for…well, most women. ;-)

  3. Mac and cheese sound to me like the ideal romantic gift.

    Also, someone please make me an alarm clock that projects that Jasika Nicole video on the wall. I think this is the ever-elusive key to me and mornings getting along!

  4. I deleted my Instagram and it was stressful for a while but now No Filter makes it ok. It’s like just a tiny little taste of things so that I don’t have to go completely cold turkey. Thanks, Stef.

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