Boob(s On Your) Tube: “Transparent” Is Back and Lucy Lawless is Lesbian-ing Again

Every TV show is crawling toward winter hibernation (or is already tucked away in its cave, fast asleep), so let’s check in on the few shows still winding down — and gear up for an all new season of Transparent!


On Amazon Prime

Written by Mey Rude


For those of us who aren’t patient enough to wait until the December 11 premiere date of Amazon Prime’s second season of Transparent, the first episode is up and available to stream, something I wholeheartedly recommend doing. We pick up shortly after last season with Sarah and Tammy’s wedding, and don’t worry, the entire Pfefferman clan is just as selfish, immature and horrible as ever. Maura looks like she’s much more settled into being an out trans woman; she’s not as fidgety or unsure as she was last season.

We see hints at potential storylines like Maura’s relationships with Shelly and Davina going through some changes and, in what looks like it’s going to be a tearjerker, Maura wanting to come out to her mother (when Maura tells her sister that she wants to visit their mom, she replies, “Oh really? You want to see mom? Don’t you dare, Mort. You let that woman get off this planet without knowing about… this.” Ouch). We also get an exciting flashback to what looks like a very queer party in 1933 Berlin, a time and place that we’re going to be returning to throughout the season (that’s new writer Our Lady J playing piano in the scene). In this flashback we get to see our first look at newcomer Hari Nef, who is frenetic and magnetic already in her minute on the screen.

The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was that I couldn’t immediately watch the next five back-to-back.

Once Upon a Time

Sundays on ABC at 8:00 p.m.


I tried to start watching thing again when Mulan came back, I really did, but where is she, huh? Where is this promised gay storyline? Are they just going to trot her out every three years and give her four lines of dialogue, and in between all that it’s just men ruining everything and getting redeemed despite being irredeemable? I have Pretty Little Liars for that, thank you very much, I don’t need to add Hook to my Ezra Fitz nightmares.

When Mulan comes back, gentle KaeLyn will guide us through. It’s true, it’s true, I believe.

Jane the Virgin

Mondays on The CW at 9:00 p.m.

Yvonne started watching Jane the Virgin and she loves it! Maybe she’ll be all caught up in time for the midseason finale in two weeks!

Fresh off the Boat

Tuesdays on ABC at 8:00 p.m.

Written by Laura Mandanas

Last week, the Huangs hosted Thanksgiving.

Eddie is excited to hang with cousin Justin and listen to Pearl Jam, who they’ve identified as musical common ground between Eddie’s love of rap and Justin’s love of grunge. Unfortunately, Justin is now into straight edge ska, meaning Pearl Jam is out. They decide to look up sexy ladies on the internet instead.

Since it’s 1995 and pictures take a long time to download, Eddie and Justin have to pick a sexy lady to look at ahead of time. Eddie’s interested in Janet Jackson, while Justin wants to see Janeane Garofolo. They compromise on a smart, talented female musician with lots of opinions on social change: Tracy Chapman.

“Sensible vest,” says a visibly disappointed looking Eddie.

Jessica’s gay ex-boyfriend Oscar Chow also makes an appearance this episode, bringing his new NPR-listening boyfriend, Michael.


Wednesdays on Fox at 9:00 p.m.

Written by Carolyn Wysinger


Carolyn is experiencing some technical difficulties but will be back for Friday’s Boob(s On Your) Tube with a double-doozy Empire recap for you!


Wednesdays on Fox at 10:00 p.m.

Pippy and TMI almost broke up last week, y’all. Pippy gives TMI a key to her place and all heck breaks loose. Remember how TMI’s parents completely disowned her for being gay? Well, it turns out she’s been putting off a wedding date and putting off moving in with Pippy, hoping they would come around and support the most important relationship in her life. They have not. Pippy thinks TMI doesn’t want to move in because she’s not committed to being with her, but really it’s just that TMI doesn’t want her mom and dad to miss out on her wedding. Finally, though, she calls and leaves a voicemail for them and tells them she’s in love with Pippy and they’re moving in together and they’re getting married and she hopes they’ll call her and love her again, but if not, well, she’s not living in purgatory for their approval anymore. So brave!


Tuesdays and Thursdays on YouTube

Written by Karly


U by Kotex released the last episodes of season 0 back to back! It turns out Perry did accidentally set Tythia free from her bloodwood statue. Whoops. She tries to put her back in, but doesn’t think she has the power to do it. Tythia appears off screen in a glow of green light to grant some wishes. First she grants Mel’s wishes to be a warrior. Mel takes off that horrible sweatshirt, and now she’s full of Summer Society confidence and has those great season 2 biceps. Tythia turns to Carmilla and predicts that she will find her match in a shrill of a girl. Carm laughs this off, of course. Lastly, Tythia offers Perry all the power and magic to smite all the people who doubted her and together they will rule the faerie world on earth…she just has to sacrifice LaF. Perry literally takes one second to decide that’s not going to happen, so she puts Tythia back in the statue, ending all her spells and returning everyone’s periods. Ugh. Perry tells Carmilla that they will never speak of this again, and that’s how she became the Be Normal!Perry we knew.

Back in present time, Laura avoids the elephant in the room (shrill of girl, true match, etc.) and instead offers to show the tapes to LaF so they can see that LaFerry is totally canon. The passageway in the room magically opens and Laura runs out after a fox with nine tails; Carmilla follows after her. The tape starts again after they leave, and it shows baby gay Laura’s campus tour last year. She’s wearing this ridiculous polo and headband, full of hope and dreams. She says Silas is going to be the best school ever! The End.

Season 0 was pretty good, but it lacked the angst and drama of the other seasons. And I didn’t realize how much the show NEEDS Laura, not just for story purposes, but to balance Carmilla too. Carmilla was not nearly the sarcastic jerk she was in the beginning of season 1, but Carmilla even being moody in the background was entertaining mostly because it’s a contrast to Laura Hollis in the foreground. Perry and Mel tried their best, but it can’t be anyone but Laura.

Still no word yet on season 3 so #SaveCarmilla!

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Saturday on Starz at 9:00 pm

Lucy Lawless is at it again!

See you Friday, my kittens!

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  1. No. NOOOOOOOOO! Ruby on “Ash vs Evil Dead” is my scoop!…….As is Cassandra on “The Librarians”.

  2. I’m home sick so I just watched the season premiere of Transparent and I am SO. EXCITED. There is just something about this show! The music, the pacing, everything kind of casts a spell. (And I know they’re self absorbed, but I’ve never gotten the “horrible people” vibe so many people get off the Pfeffermans. I mean, they make a lot of bad choices, but…) It looks like this season is going to be more layered, and I love Ali’s wedding undies. Ok, that is all, back to bed.

  3. Wow, as happy as I am about Transparent returning, looking at that picture made me vividly remember just how viscerally I genuinely loathe almost all of the characters on that show.
    Except for Maura of course.
    It really speaks for the writing, that I’m actually looking forward to this.

    • Last season I just wanted to scream at them, the son in particular. Actually I wanted to punch the son in the face.
      But, yeah, great writing

  4. I met Lucy Lawless at a Greenpeace benefit once and we talked and she said I reminded her of herself at my age and every time someone brings up Lucy Lawless I bring up this story because it was THE. BEST. TIME. EVER.

    In other news, I only got into Carmilla like last week and then I binge-watched everything and I really really really need a third season! How do we help make this happen?

  5. Come on, Lucy Lawless was already lesbianing after those 5 seconds in the first episode.

    And this could be my teenage self talking, but doesn’t Ms. Lawless looks HOT as hell?

  6. OUAT is so disappointing. That whole episode made me want to tear my hair out. I really just wanted Rumple and Hook to murder each other because that would make the show 10x better.

    WTF. Mulan and Ruby just show up for 5 minutes and disappear again indefinitely. Great. Cool. Way to go. Ugh.

    • I tried. I tried to watch again. I couldn’t. I’m glad to report that I’ve finally broken free of the OUAT spell! Thank the lord.

      Please wake me when the gays return?

  7. WAIT, BREAKING DEVELOPMENT: IS THAT TONI FROM “GIRLFRIENDS” THAT XENA IS HITTING ON???? I think my black nerd girl fantasies just exploded.

    Also, that’s twice that Mara Brock Akil show reference has snuck into the Boob(s) column this month. Once, when Carolyn name checked “Being Mary Jane” a few weeks back during her “Empire” recap– and now one of her most famous characters from her 2000s sitcom “Girlfriends” (also starring a young Tracee Ellis Ross, “blackish” fans) is going to be Lucy Lawless’ love interest!?

    This is exciting for me because even though Akil has yet to write a central queer lady, and therefore falls out of the realm of these recaps, she has consistently been writing 3-dimensional dynamic black women across all tv genres for nearly 2 decades now. And she’s the most prominent black female showrunner this side of Shondaland. So, I’m excited to sing her praises whenever I get the chance.

    OUAT- Hook is the worst cis straight white male character written since Ezra Fitz and his new found central prominence in the show very well may make me quit after 5 seasons of torture. Alas, Lana Parilla’s face keeps making a strong counterargument against changing the channel. <– Related, but excellent photo selection for OUAT this week, Heather.

    Empire- I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF COOKI AND VIVICA FOX. Divas of the highest order.

    Jane the Virgin- Looking forward to hearing Yvonne's thoughts after the hiatus!

  8. Oh, I forgot, my super straight mom has decided that Pippy and TMI are the best parts of Rosewood. She’s deeply invested in the storyline between TMI and her parents. Like, she set aside a portion of our Thanksgiving to discuss it. Which is adorable, and I thought yall would appreciate it.

    • This IS adorable!

      I also watched the latest episode of Rosewood over the holiday with my family, and I thought they did a great job on Pippy & TMI’s story. I especially liked seeing Pippy’s mom be a supportive sounding board for her and help her understand what was really happening–so great to see a queer character get that kind of family love!

        • So first they cut Person of Interest down to a half-season. Fine, we knew they wanted to get rid of the show because they don’t own it, fine. So fans were hoping that another network would pick it up.

          Then, they didn’t schedule said half-length S5 for its normal fall slot. Okay, CBS has always been shit about promoting the show, obviously they’re going for a mid-season premiere in January to replace one of their new tanking shows.

          Mid-season schedule just got released and PoI is STILL unscheduled.

          This is undeniably a complete dick move, pushing S5 back to summer premiere. Not only has CBS already signalled that they’re going to cancel the show by slashing the episode count and pushing back from its original intended timeslot, now they’re actively trying to sabotage the show’s ratings (which they already do by not promoting it, and the show still gets great ratings despite that!) so that other networks (like Netflix or Amazon or WGN) won’t want to pick the show up.

          Not only will this probably tank the ratings, (similar fuckery in delaying episode broadcasts of S4 did cause a hit in the show’s ratings) by delaying the premiere, we won’t get a cancellation notice until probably after all of the actor contracts are up. If the actors decide to move on and get other work, then the show is tanked anyways. So this makes it even harder for WB to convince another network to pick the show up after CBS lets it go.

          If CBS just didn’t want the show anymore, (and they’ve shown year after year that they don’t) they should just cancel and let the show go its own way. This bullshit is actively malicious.

  9. Maggie and Sydney (an adorable, slightly younger version of Callie and Arizona) are back, too. If you’re in Canada, you should watch Saving Hope this Thurs! The ep was leaked, so it’s online already, but it’d be great for the pair if ratings were good for this ep.

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