No Filter: Rhea Butcher Crashes The Rockford Peaches Reunion

Welcome back to No Filter, wherein we dissect the most important celebrity social media moments of the past week. This week, we came to finally accept that the love affair of Soko and Kristen Stewart has come to an end, which was great news for me because following Soko on Snapchat was making me want to smash my head against the kitchen cabinets (for what it’s worth, Soko seems unimpressed with the whole ordeal). In the meantime, Kristen was spotted out in West Hollywood with former girlfriend Alicia Cargile, and then the two of them went out for coffee somewhere in Silverlake. In the last couple of days, she finally jetted out to Cannes, where she’ll be promoting the 3453 movies she made this year, but she also took the time to have this enlightening conversation with Variety. Kristen never actually came out and said she was gay, as per ushe, but she did say things like:

“When I was dating a guy, I would never talk about my relationships to anyone,” she says. “I feel the same way now.” She doesn’t use the word “girlfriend,” though she’s been photographed in public with women she’s reportedly dated. “I’m not hiding shit,” she says. “And I’m very obviously …” She leaves the last word of that sentence in ellipses.


Anyway, on to the Instagram!

This swan is trying so hard to be friends with Hari Nef and she’s just not having it.

Did you want to watch Jiz Lee swimming laps across a pool? Of course you did.

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I guess Kate Moennig’s dog is a model for these wigs for pets that Leisha Hailey made, and Leisha and Kate spent the past couple of days hawking them at RuPaul’s DragCon. Floyd looks very natural here.

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These two jerks.

This is what your girlfriend Lena Waithe looked like as a little girl and she looks pretty much exactly the same, just smaller.

I cannot believe this A League Of Their Own reunion, or that Rhea Butcher got to hang with Dottie Hinson, Queen of Diamonds. If you’d like to see more pictures of this reunion, including Anne “Has Anybody Seen My New Red Hat?” Ramsay (aka Robin from The L Word), Vulture has some very excellent photographs.

Uh, I guess Angel Haze is looking for single moms, so. Also, not sure how long that neck tattoo has been there but… yikes.

Ellen Page reached peak cute in front of this helicopter.

Join us next week, when hopefully Tegan and Sara’s cats get ahold of those wigs.

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  1. I have a lot of feelings about this Stef

    Okay so

    1) HARI get away from this swan please, swans are asseholes who will attack you for no reason (my campus used to have swans, they would attack students going to class all the time, they’re worse than geese!)

    2)Clearly Rhea Butcher is better at lesbianing than I am…

    • Second the swan advice. The swans at my uni would hang out outside the SU and were addicted to nicotine from all the cigarette ends on the ground, they would regularly attack smokers and snatch cigarettes from their hands. They attacked most people any way because they were extra cranky from not having a smoke.

    • I never had a swan attack me(most just fly away), but the offspring of an Egyptian duck(not legal in America what bird watchers told me) and a Southern California duck did. Grabbed on to my pants and didn’t want to let go. I found it worse than geese attack.

      If that doesn’t prove nicotine is addictive and bad I dunno what will. I hope it at least made people think twice?

  2. Soko and Stew seemed headed for disaster from day 1. Soko’s a huge oversharer, and I can imagine that the very private Kristen got sick of that quickly.

  3. “wigs for pets” sounds like the business plan of a goofy supporting character in a 2000s rom com

  4. I’ve been a fan of Kristen Stewart’s for a while and can see why she’s an autostraddle staple, but I wonder if you’ll continue to publish stuff about her/implicitly support her after her public support of Woody Allen recently? It never fails to confuse and anger me how many actors continue to work with him after Dylan’s allegations, and sadly Kristen Stewart is just the latest in a long line of people who think we ‘can’t know all the facts’ so shouldn’t judge Woody.

    • Yep. Woody Allen and Roman Polanski are A-Okay with most of Hollywood. They have different standards for different people if those people are influential enough to help further their own careers.

      • Yep. What’s disgusting is that these actors and actresses aren’t starving artists needing a break. They can find other jobs. The truth is they fantasise about playing in a Polanski or Allen movie for the awards and the press it will get them. I wonder how they do it tbh. I’d be showing up on set and as soon as I would find myself in the room with one of these guys I’d be like “aaaaaaaan nope can’t do it I’m gonna puke”

      • Yeah it’s bloody sad and all of her flowery, floundering excuses for doing it anyway is bullshit. Kristen Stewart looks out for Kristen Stewart. I’ve lost count of all her bad takes tbh. (Although, ‘People who take antidepressants just need to FEEL THEIR FEELINGS, dude’ comes to mind.)

    • yeah, I would happily not think about Cannes at all given he’s made the opening film. just read Ronan Farrow’s recent article and the ability of wealthy and powerful men to get away with horrifying things just makes me want to vomit.

    • i think it’s gross that woody allen exists and is still making movies with young women, but i also have to imagine there are a whole lot of people helping kristen with her career who probably mentioned that she doesn’t want to be known as ‘the girl from twilight’ forever.

      not an excuse, i sure wish she hadn’t done it at all.

    • I agree with everything you’ve pointed out, but I think it’s OK to talk about her progression as a publicly out actress (NO LABELS THO K) whilst also acknowledging that she occasionally says really dumb shit. That’s what this awesome community here is so great at!

  5. Yes, waiter? I’ll take one lesbian remake of League of Their Own, please!

    (Kirsten Wiig can come too)

  6. I actually feel the same as Kstew? Or did when I was a wee babe, I’d never tell my Aunt if I was dating a new dude(and/or lady, but definitely later “or” lady) I’d just mention someone different than usual was picking me to go places and do things. I like to think she found this reticence hilarious.

  7. Stef, thank you for helping me realize that was a video of Jiz Lee swimming laps. I scrolled past it too fast when they posted it and thought it was a still image. 10/10 would view again.

    Also Jiz Lee has one of the most courageous smiles I’ve ever seen. And may inspire me to actually exercise with all their triathlon training photos. I meant to say contagious smiles but maybe courageous works too?

    • Also Jiz Lee posted an IG photo of themselves in a pair of black wings and not much else. I’m not sure what exactly is going on in that situation but I’m very into it.

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