No Filter: Listen, I Need This Picture of Samira Wiley and You Probably Do Too

Welcome back to No Filter, a thing I do. This week in queer celebrity gossip, Demi Lovato admitted to being into multiple genders and also played with these puppies while answering questions (it’s as adorable as it sounds). Additionally, Paris Jackson went to a lesbian wedding:

And here is an additional rabbithole I am more than willing to go down with you (It’s a thread):

Anyway, back to Instagram.

Ohhhhhh riiight

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This just makes sense.

Just for consistency’s sake, Kristin Russo is also channeling her inner Buffy character with excellent results. Also, Tegan and Sara like her Tegan and Sara bag.

Brought to you by popular demand, jasika in curlers, Rosie in fur, pre-walk.

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It isn’t fair that this is what Jasika Nicole looks like while she’s getting ready. Also, I’m pretty sure this is Rosie’s first time in No Filter and I am praying it won’t be the last.

More like Mr. Boners Pumpkin Patch. (I had a great time.)

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Gaby Dunn is feeling festive.

#nothingbutlove #spreaditplease

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Lately, I come back to this picture and look at it while practicing my breathing before I click on any news headlines ever. I’ve found it enormously helpful.

surrounded by talent, brains, and beauty, inside and out. unapologetically here to stay and #FiercelyLatina

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#MASSEDUCTION vinyl. Order now at or your local indie record store.

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Some kind of fashion leopard would like for you to listen to the new St. Vincent album.

Happy #nationalcomingoutday to all of my lovely queer humans❤ all of you who have stood proudly in your truth, I am so proud of your courage to love yourself in this world. And to all who are still unsure what that truth may even be, you are not alone and I am proud of you for being exactly who you are. Everyone's journey is different. We were all indoctrinated with so much hatred of our true selves finding them and loving them sometimes takes a lot longer than we even want to admit. Just a quick little post to let you all know you are loved, important and valuable. You are not who you choose to love but you are the amount of love you give. Keep giving that love to everyone around you, even those that reject you, and keep standing in your truth. We change the world by being ourselves and not allowing others to tell us who that is. BE GREAT! Have a great day! And also! Happy international #dayofthegirl to all my beautiful women out there standing in their power, strength and truth. Remember you are not defined by anything anyone else tells you you should be and to keep breaking those boundaries they set around you. You are limitless energy of healing and love and when you understand this and bring other women into that light with you, we are unstoppable. LOVE YALL❤??❤?

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We are now entering a serious portion of No Filter, in which famous queers we love a lot are using Instagram to share actual messages. The world is just like this now, I don’t know what to tell you; maybe you needed to read this today.

Laura Jane Grace played for a bunch of kids at this rad event thrown by the Gender Is Over folks.

Your terrible son is at it again

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Aaaand we’re back.

Center ourselves or the name of the show? A decision had to be made.

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Invite Brittani Nichols to your party or event.

Join us next week, when I just wanna look at pictures of Samira Wiley and forget the world.

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  1. I would appear Jaye Hunt and I are on a similar wave length. I’ve long suspected Tessa isn’t straight and Janelle has always been vague about her sexuality. That said, I don’t think either one of them is ever going to make any official statement about their sexual orientation or talk publicly about their relationships. They just don’t seem like that kind of celebrity that likes to share their private lives.

  2. I don’t know if you follow her or not, but Cat Cora and her fiancé are always posting cute, lovey dovey pictures together. They would be perfect candidates for Vapid Fluff (if you are taking nominations, that is :))

  3. I am curious to know what songs Laura is singing to kids. Two Coffins(which is about her daughter), songs about her transness, or is she singing kids song. There is a weird precedent of punk & riot grrrl musicians singing a song about a serious topic on a kids shows(saw a video of Sleater Kinney singing Youth Decay from a Chicago area children’s show) or at a children’s event.

    Is that Rosario Dawson next to Stephanie?

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